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  1. Thanks @Buzzsaw, wishing you guys all the success you deserve. Maybe one day or another way to get the planes I'd love to see in game.
  2. @Buzzsaw Assuming Tobruk works out well for TFS, what are the chances we could see the Tobruk map expanded east/west to cover the furthest advance of Operation Crusader and Alamein for the full Western Desert experience in the future?
  3. Do-17 and Blenheim Mk. I would be a good first DLC combo, both exist as AI already. Right now my wishlist is Italian aircraft, C. 200, Sm. 79 and I know this is a huge pull and may be impossible given how hard it is to find documentation but I'd love the Breda Ba.65 despite it being a godawful aircraft, it fits perfectly into the 40-41 Western Desert theater and gives Italy its only ground attack aircraft, inferior to the Stuka and hell to fly, really niche but I feel that's the strength of Desert Wings, it's not afraid to do things WW2 sims don't usually do.
  4. Sorry for the late reply, but thanks guys. Shame about that but fingers crossed one day!
  5. Maybe another aircraft the French used? Incredibly niche but I'd love the Hawk. As for bombers, maybe something more in our current time frame like the B-25, though a four engine would be incredible. I'll admit I'm drawing blanks on what the RAF is missing currently for 40-41 North Africa/Channel that would sell.
  6. I'd prefer they avoid any theater BoX is already covering, and I'm particularly keen on more North Africa/Mediterranean maps, Tunisia, Malta, Sicily, Monte Cassino etc. These places are often ignored in Sims. DLC planes would be nice if possible, to expand our stable within the existing theaters. In the near future I'd love to see textures updated to 2 or 4k standards. In the far future I'd love working radars for night fighters that had them.
  7. Has TFS thought about doing so-called "premium" aircraft dlc for the existing two theaters in between the big dlc releases?. For example I'd absolutely buy the Macchi C.200AS as an addition to Desert Wings. And maybe an AI SM.79? 😉
  8. Hey, loving Desert Wings so far, I was just wondering if the radar in the Beaufighter NF was viewable from the Observer seat? The display is there but nothing is clickable. If not would that be considered as a feature in the future should TFS 5.0 and Desert Wing be successful enough? Thanks for your time.
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