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  1. I should be, just not at low altitudes. Tempest is fastest at low alt, griffon is fastest at high alt
  2. yes finally my favorite aircraft of ww2 (alongside the d-9)...love me some muthafuckin griffon spits...the best of the spitfire and mustang in one plane...and with 150 octane...ho boy...as if the griffon needed it...this is gonna climb like a spaceship...and absolutely walk many things in the speed department (at least at high alt, we all know the tempest reigns supreme down low)...cannot WAIT to bully K-4s and D-9s in this thing😈 edit: also super excited about the option of both the c and the e wing...which naturally leads to the point: like the mk. IX in game, will the XIV also h
  3. It is already in the game, but I wonder if it is slightly oversaturated compared to real life...perhaps a version with darker greens and looser transitions between the green and white with more weathering could do it even more justice?
  4. I'm not sure if this is the right thread for requests, but here's an interesting KG 51 skin (Witzmann). Love the green over white swirl pattern
  5. Thank you guys...gonna have to fly out the G-14 more now!
  6. Hey guys, so I was looking at the screenshots of Det's G-14 skins on page 6 of this thread. Turns out the download links to them were removed. Any chance anyone has them backed up? There were photos of three really nice skins, two of which I believe were JG 77 skins.
  7. Where did you find this skin? Looks dope!
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