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  1. Are you saying two devs, one cup? (Cup as in throphy)
  2. New recon mission with U2VS "Eye in the sky". It requires Tank Crew (uses Prokhorovka map). Recon - U-2VS - Eye in the sky.zip
  3. Seems like they are aware of it. I would also like the .50 cals reviewed but we need to understand there are many factors that go into their workflow. You can't expect them to drop everything to work on the feature YOU want added/changed. They have a development plan, a schedule, producers and deadlines. The dev team has more than demonstrated they go above and beyond and listen to the community. I have no doubt they will come back to the modeling of HMG at some point when its feasible.
  4. Fine looking Spitfire, can't wait for it to be released. The first pic with the 5 blades and big ass radiators is glorious. I still don't understand why they still used the C wing with 4 x 7.69 guns though. I'd imagine at this point of the war the would have been rendered useless. AA truck also looking great!
  5. Thank you! There is a Hurricane campaign coming up. It's about 95% done, just waiting for the AAA truck to be released and also need a few weeks since just had a baby and time is really scarce at the moment.
  6. @JV44HeinzBar I have those three books, I definitely recommend them.
  7. Or, you know... just walk away without deleting it and come back when you are ready.
  8. The G6 late is a core Normandy plane, so you won't be able to buy it individually. The G6 in the collector plane section of the store is the "early" (?) version, which lacks the Mw50 and Erla canopy options among other things. Roughly speaking, the G6 Late is closer to the G14 from BOBP.
  9. Updated the main post with new versions: Included the Bf109 G6 Late and Fw190 A6 (which are similar to G6 and A5). Added dive recovery information for Ju88, Ju87, Pe-2 Completed the rest of the planes with additional landing angle, Stall and Dive speed information:
  10. Out of curiosity, I'm assuming that those A3 models in 1944 were just being used for training? And the fluctuation (especially up) means that some were out of order for a little and when they are repaired they start counting again?
  11. Nice update!! This one in particular is great, since it's sometimes hard to tell from the pilot's perspective:
  12. It's already planned, but no clear ETA. They first thought it could arrive with BOBP, but it looks like other things took priority. I am looking forward to it, especially once the channel map is here 🗺️
  13. A bit of a delay in releasing the campaign, just had my first child. It will be good as im still waiting for the AA truck for one of the missions.
  14. Claims to have read the discussions here, opens up the same can if worms regardless...
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