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  1. I don't have any problems when I'm in game, but i cannot launch the game in VR unless I have manually launched SteamVR first. Otherwise it results in IL2.exe task not responding in the task manager.
  2. Pulled the trigger as well. I have the index and I've really been feeling the poor colors and the screen door effect lately, particularly when looking beyond the cockpit into the landscape. I get to keep my lighthouse and controllers and upgrade the headset. Happy camper.
  3. How is Great Battles Series Tank Crew a flight sim? To answer OPs question, i think they have been thinking about a full engine change but they've only vaguely hinted at it. Personally I don't think they will port the entire game to the new engine, they will start a fresh with a new battle and a new series will start. They might close the cycle on the current series, perhaps do one more expansion like late eastern front. Once that is done, move on to the new engine going forward. That is just my opinion based on "reading between the lines", there are no official stateme
  4. The Fuel trucks are the ones that can refuel you. There are some near the middle of the runway where the fuel tanks are. You need to turn off your engine. Then you will see a technochat message saying you can refuel. Then keep the refuel key pressed until you fill up the tank or have enough to keep flying.
  5. It's a combination of boost and rpm. Make sure your rpm is not over 2600 to stay in combat mode. But i agree the griffon needs to have a bit more leeway between modes, it seems very strict with the boost around 9.
  6. "I don't do any of these things because nobody tells me what to do but how come it's not working perfectly when i do what I want outside of how it's supposed to be used?"
  7. Long time request of mine, current brakes seem insufficient. On the other end DCS are ridiculously effective. Something intermediate would be ideal.
  8. That was my understanding as well (based on what others said, no research on my end 🙃)
  9. 1) Agreed, especially near airfields 5) infantry is coming. It will be limited, so dont expect anything extravagant. 7) Agreed. I would like a few more static objects and maybe some ground units and people.
  10. You can map rockets and the fire group 2 to the same button but you can't do it only for the Mk103/101, it has to be for all group 2 for all planes, including other planes with rockets and separate group 2 armament like the IL2, Yak1, etc... There is now a Fire group 3 that was created for a Flying circus plane (dolphin?) but it has not been implemented for the Hs129. IF that was done, then you could carry your plan fairly successfully.
  11. I think it's a matter of giving the enemy a different command: There is the Attack order (presumably the one being used right now) that will result on the enemy incessantly attacking their target. There is the Attack area order that makes the enemy attack targets within a designated radius (e.g. 5000m from where you placed the attack command). Once you leave that area the enemy should turn around and stop chasing you. Although there might be more work when implementing this, the high level solution would be to swap these two commands. However, there cou
  12. @itsbillyfrazier thanks for the feedback. I can certainly add rearm refuel and repair to St Toropa for the last mission. I thought about it but by the time one gets down there and back up the enemies would be gone. What could be done is adding another wave of enemies if you take of from St toropa. Regarding replayability, I intentionally randomized a lot of the enemy attacks so if you fail the mission or you decide to replay the campaign, you might encounter different enemies from different directions. Hopefully that helps making it less repetitive. Re
  13. I'll check again but they should start taxiing as soon as you start taxiing to the right.
  14. I just added the 14lbs to not make it too underpowered against B109s. If you really want a challenge you can always customize your loadout, or change them in the Mission editor. Will do. Thanks! With the exception of the first mission, the soviet loadout is used by default the rest of the campaign. 2*0.50 cals and 2*20mm. I believe the frontline shows up in mission 3. Before that the Germans were not in the area. I try to take into account interesting planes in my campaigns and showcase them a little bit.
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