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  1. I noticed that the heavy flak is now showing the yellow tracer. Was this change intentional? Did the Flak 36 and equivalent high altitude AAA guns have a tracer in real life?
  2. Yes, it would be great to upgrade them, after all it's what you see most when playing.
  3. Why not? A lot of people are happy, seems like they must be doing something right. You dont like it? Stick to the auto engine management, which is what you are asking.
  4. Who would have thought that adding a tiny step in the startup procedure to make it a bit more engaging would bring all the drama queens out screaming? I think it just triggers all the people who thought they knew how to fly with CEM but in reality they were just barely doing it right and this was the last straw.
  5. Yes, i think this was a very good first step because it's on the ground, so you dont have to worry about extra management in the air when you are in the middle of a fight but you get to be more involved with the engine. Thumbs up from me. Next, simplified drop tanks.
  6. Only did a very short test but I'm very happy with the formations and wingmen keeping up! 262 is a beauty! Edit: Shoutout to @ICDP and @BlackHellHound1 for the great 4K skins they look great. I had an error trying to load the Schentke skin on the F4, but everything else works well!!
  7. Wow, looks like a huge update! Other than the new planes/tanks I'm very eager to try the new AI formation behavior. Will be testing it all in an hour or so, very pumped.
  8. Not a civ flight sim fan but that looks incredibly good! I could see myself in one of the bush planes or an acrobatic version. The eye candy is top notch!
  9. Looking great! Monday or Tuesday sounds excellent!
  10. Never took off due to the oversized payload.
  11. Good post! I would see the above as "recommended skills", definitely not minimum. In reality, this is what I see in servers like WOL: 1. be able to taxi your plane without ramming airfield structures or other players. 2. be able to take off and land 3. be conscious of airfield traffic so you don't collide with other players. 4. be able to operate your plane in flight. 5. be able to identify friend or foe (on most servers, there are no icons). 6. For some servers, be able to navigate (this is actually not as hard as most people think, as our maps are perfect representations of the landscape. it just takes practice).  Jokes aside, the bar to get started online is pretty low but dont expect to be an ace overnight, you will die in most engagements until you get the hang of it. If I could offer just one piece if advice to novices online: Fly 2Km higher than you think it's necessary.
  12. Are you playing with Mouse and Keyboard? Ideally you would map the main commands to a Stick/HOTAS, not memorize 100 of them as keyboard commands. No, clicking switches with a mouse does not make things any more real than actuating the switches witha key on the keyboard. Yes, I absolutely agree. The screen should be centered to the gunsight, maybe have a slight margin of movement when turning but not the current black screen where you dont even know where you are aiming at anymore. I hope they address that as TC gets closer to full release.
  13. Easy, just use the ground durability slider in the gameplay options menu. 😝
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