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  1. I used tinypic but it went out of business, I have not found a good replacement. Also interested to see what people use.
  2. Have an upvote, well organized and laid out nicely. We need more quality posts like this.
  3. Took a closer look at the screenshots, I just noticed those two vents around the sight. Is that a heating system for the pilot?
  4. It's meant to be a hard mission, since the B-25 is the bomber with the best defensive armament in the game (thanks to the 360 rotating turrets). Be more careful, take shots from a longer distance and take different angles to attack the bombers. The goal is to attack the bombers, your fighter escort can take care of their escort. Worst case go into the editor and tone down the bomber difficulty to low, that might help.
  5. Both flyable, the 127 (Yak 1 b) is a collector plane and it has a bubble top instead of the "razorback". The gun config is also different.
  6. Excellent news, looking forward to the patch, the sim keeps getting better and better. Based on Jason's video the damage and kills will probably feel very different so please give it a few days before freaking out.
  7. The new carrier deck operations video was pretty impressive I must say.
  8. P51 had one, I'm assuming most Americans had one. I don't know about Soviet/German though. I would think so.
  9. I was referring to a master arm switch for guns etc. in fighters and what not.
  10. I would love a working master arm switch when applicable. Should be relatively easy to build.
  11. Yes if you have a Valve index you already own the game
  12. All objects can be destroyed but it might take more firepower than you can carry individually.
  13. What part of redoing the entire DM is NOT fixing what we already have?
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