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  1. Makes sense since the number of stuff that needs to be loaded probably increases with some patches. It's not gonna get faster unless there are some specific optimizations.
  2. Tank crew release. Just creep on Jason's post history.
  3. The main difference for the G6 late compared to G6 and G4 is the 10 min of emergency engine if MW-50 is equipped. Not worth republishing all the docs again, it will come with the next plane's notes.
  4. Is that the very specific one you were dying to fly?
  5. Quick hurricane mission based on a faux Battle of Britain. Requires Bok. Fighter - Hurricane mkII - BoB.zip
  6. Enemy AI is definitely more aggressive, I don't have many observations on friendly AI but I assume they would use the same logic once they start an engagement.
  7. I think you were used to the previous model and need time to adjust. You will soon realize that just because you don't insta-blackout (grossly exagerated in the previous version), it doesn't mean you dont pay the price of "stupid and unrealistic maneuvers". Regarding the main topic, I would not be in favor of adding those factors into IL2. Realism is great but if you really wanna get exhaused from the noise and vibration, then get on a real plane.
  8. Updated for 4.502 since the file was incompatible. For those who resaved it no need to change anything. No new missions in the original download page, there will be a couple coming in soon.
  9. Updated first post with Hurricane notes and some small improvements (dive speeds, flap speeds, etc for some planes).
  10. The hurricane is fantastic but the real winner for SP players is how well the AI can dogfight. Great update!
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