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  1. Jade_Monkey

    DD today?

    I would like to see some updates on the smaller objects that are not that important as planes/maps but add a lot in terms of immersion. I am talking of American, British and German vehicles, (jeeps, halftracks, motorcycles with sidecars, you name it), AA units for US, UK, GER (Flak38?). Additionally, as a mission builder, I sorely miss the static objects for BOK planes. The low-poly versions of planes for BOK were never released, so we don't have Hs129, Spitfire, A20 or any new plane in the static version which would add a lot in terms of airfield ambiance. I have zero 3D modeling experience, so I won't be of much help but I know Jason said he was open to people submitting their models if they meet some quality standards.
  2. Sorry i think i misunderstood your question before. Have you tried using the clone tool?
  3. Jade_Monkey

    Open letter to Developers

    So now it's the devs duty to make multi monitor comfiguration because Nvidia settings are not of OP's taste?
  4. Just select the paint layer, select the paint area, then select alpha layer and change the alpha for the paint area with slightly darker grey.
  5. Jade_Monkey

    When the P51 will be available?

    Seems like you didnt read a single bit of what you quoted me on. Im in favor of 150 octane fuel. Im not in favor of asking the devs to include anything for the sake of balance alone. It needs to have a better argument than balance, that's my only point. Also, I dont agree with your definition of balance, you are describing allies catching up, not "balancing". Finally, the ratios of planes in MP servers have nothing to do with the devs. Go to the WOL or KOTA threads and make your case there. The devs won't be able to solve that problem other than in career mode.
  6. Jade_Monkey

    When the P51 will be available?

    To be clear, I'm all for 150 octane fuel, it's been well documented and established that it was widely available during the time period of BoBP. I'm against using balance as an argument for pretty much anything. Balancing should be a responsibility of mission designer and server owners, not the devs.
  7. Jade_Monkey

    When the P51 will be available?

    Yes but... do we need balance?
  8. Thanks Mungee. There are definitely a lot of details that could be added, but im going to try to keep it clean and not overcrowd the tables. My idea was to have a quick reference for numbers for those of us who wont memorize every engine setting. It's not meant to be a complete guide for a new pilot, I assume some familiarity with the planes regarding torque and flaps and did not include those.
  9. Jade_Monkey

    When the P51 will be available?

    Thanks a lot for sharing the roadmap! Really looking forward to the remaining planes and maps, the BoBP planeset is pretty exciting across the board. I called the 262 coming after/with the Dora (not a difficult prediction based on the work they showcased with models and compressibility).
  10. Thanks @Falcon41, i hope that can help other pilots with the taxiing.
  11. Jade_Monkey

    The Game Screenshot Thread

    It's truly a beautiful game, together with Origins. They both bring the player back to a very idilic version of the ancient world. The best part is that the world is alive, and there are a million things happening around you. It's not just a pretty landscape.
  12. From the outside it seems like a relatively simple implementation. Probably not too high on the priority list at the moment but things like this sometimes add more value than new content itself. It gives a new life to the previously released content which is great.
  13. Jade_Monkey

    Post Your Screenshots / Vids Here

    Personal skin for Spitfire Mk IX. Subtle
  14. Updated with Polikarpov U-2VS as well as some minor fixes. Link HERE or in first page.