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  1. Good luck getting it to 5ghz in an-all in-one. Again, coming from someone who currently has a 7700k with a full custom loop with plenty of radiators, I do not recommend you to "upgrade" to the K version. It's a waste of money.
  2. Interesting. I'm also a HLL guy, the amount of detail in the maps is incredible. Very immersive scenarios.
  3. I have a 7700k with a custom loop. Its not my favorite CPU. Not a great overclocker. Depending on your budget I would suggest upgrading to a new CPU/Mobo. Personally I don't think the upgrade to an unlocked K model is worth any of your money.
  4. Other than the empty countryside, one of the things that bother me about the new map is the use of modern data to represent the 1944/45 era. Using Veghel as an example, it makes no sense to have those waterways and not have any docks or industry around them. If those are post-WWII then they just need to be removed. This is just one example but it happens all over the map.
  5. @FoxbatRUHere are the Russian translations, just dump them in the same folder and replace the originals. Thanks again to @=IRSS=CV72 for the hard work! rus_1.rar
  6. You are probably using max RPM at 3000. Bring it down to 2850 for combat.
  7. Yeah, I just tried all three options and none of them have it. I remember someone telling me over MP chat that 150oct had it or was the only one that didnt have it. It doesnt seem to be true.
  8. Sorry, that part was a leftover from the Butcher campaign readme. However, there are la-5FN sking by @FoxbatRU in this link. They are integrated to the LA-5 FN missions already if you install the skins.
  9. Yes I see it in the files. They must have been wiped out with the 4.001 update. Let me see if I can find the transalted files from @=IRSS=CV72
  10. It's only gone with the 150 Oct fuel, and still there without it ( or vice versa, can't remember)
  11. The P-47 is my favorite WWII plane, but I rarely bother with it in game. It's a real pity. The 3D model and the sounds are great in IL2.
  12. Officially released campaign, go to first post for download link. I've done as much testing as possible, unfortunately I've been very busy and time is only going to be more scarce with the holidays coming up. Since there are two collector planes required for it (U2VS and La-5FN2), I will be gifting a key for each one of them. Just post in the thread if you are interested in any and I will pick at random next weekend if there are multiple requests. Cheers!
  13. You won't see them in your folders. Maybe with ungtp tool but not by just navigating to the game folders.
  14. You are not providing any details here, is it just a venting post?
  15. My guess is there will be a Q&A soon.
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