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  1. Your performance should not depend on being connected though. That makes no sense. Check that you have updated drivers for your gpu, something else is going on.
  2. Oh mama! Looks like it will be an aircraft with a lot of character. Definitely not a top performer but decent for early war scenarios. Looking forward to flying it!
  3. Eventually with the next batch of missions. In the meantime you can use the game tools to upgrade the missions as descibed in this post:
  4. Excited to see these come true. This development opens up a whole new side of the game and hopefully in the future the 88 and other AAA can be manned as well. I don't see the need to poo poo it, if you don't like it or think it's too expensive then don't get it.
  5. I loved the audio clip they used for the BoN announcement. Despite being obvious in retrospect, lots of us didn't really know what the announcement would be for till it happened.
  6. From what I've heard it will be a VR only "cockpit simulator". It won't have much in terms of simulating the rest of the world outside the cockpit, although we don't have many details yet.
  7. Please see the main update thread for instructions on updating missions. You need to resave the folder with missions using the editor tool.
  8. Very interesting video of how they programmed and tweaked the AI in Forza:
  9. The RTX 3090 starts at $1499 while the 2080Ti was ~$1200. Also the non-founders editions might be even more expensive, so definitely not the same price.
  10. Thanks, that should help. I am taking a long break from IL2 so I won't be looking into it immediately. In the meantime you can progress through the campaign by taking off and landing again.
  11. I like the current model a lot and I think it needs only very slight tweaking making it a tiny bit easier. I'd prefer no changes at all vs making a big change.
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