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  1. Flawed poll, cannot submit if you choose any option other that 1 or 2 because you should not be answering the second question
  2. Looking great!! What was the role of the hurricane around the BON timeframe? Ground attack? Home defense?
  3. Please post in TC forum. You might get better answers.
  4. Why not? The 3D model of a V1 is much much simpler, let alone it doesn't require multiple skins or an interior. The FM should also be relatively simple. You are comparing two very different types of work that are not equivalent in terms of resources.
  5. Hull with no turret in the editor is normal. Once you fire up the actual mission it should be there, with all its parts.
  6. 4- Thanks again @ICDP for your work! 5- transition to sea waters looks cool! 6- Thanks for updating the non-playable models to a higher detail. Looked at it in the editor and looks much better!
  7. "This is a feature, not a bug" 😧 Are you telling me that someone intentionally coded the radiators in a twin engine plane to be opened at different settings when starting on parking? Why? I'm having a hard time believing that. Either way, thanks for going over the outstanding bug reports.
  8. As others have said, the difference is not the AI but the orders they are given. My guess is the commands in QMB are probably different than in a scripted campaign and the AI has different behaviors for them. Additional speculation: I have a feeling that in a furball like QMB, the AI has trouble focusing on a target when they have someone on their 6, so they cant really attack well because they keep going back an forth between offensive and defensive behavior and fail at both.
  9. In that case you'll have to get it full price after release or wait another year from release to start seeing discounts.
  10. Yes, I'm having the same experience. Look away for 2-3 secs and it's completely gone.
  11. No, you need to buy BOS in Steam for that. You can create a shortcut to non-steam games in your library but that's about it. The game would not be updated using the steam updates.
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