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  1. The devs will be adding female pilots, i guess it's possible they might change their voice too.
  2. @hetstaine, which item is your entry for?
  3. @=FEW=Hauggy , the API ammunition work has been mentioned before as part of the fuel management work, so I'm not expecting it with the Razorback but it sounds like it's in the dev's radar. Regarding the interview, I really enjoyed it, especially part 2. Some thoughts: I wholeheartedly agree with Jason that going to Normandy to keep some sort of continuity in the western front added value beyond just the content itself. Exciting to hear about infantry development to complement the TC and give it some more immersion. Mannable AAA and mobile AA, hell yeah. If someone is vulching in MP, instead of taking the risk of spawning, why not get on the AA and try clearing up the airspace? "Additional announcements about potential future projects currently in early design phase".Needs agreements with a 3rd party to build them. I'm very intrigued. Tanks? Something completely new?
  4. @Ala13_UnopaUno_VR please remember to say which plane you want.
  5. The other day I found myself in flight sim nirvana, when I was flying in VR with buttery smooth solid 90fps, proper set of HOTAS and pedals, and a bass shaker connected to telemetry thanks to sim shaker. Although one always has ideas on improvements, I felt like at that moment I could not complain about anything, it was just right. As a form of appreciation to the devs effort and hard work I am giving away the following items: IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Bodenplatte - Standard Edition @parasxosg Spitfire Mk.VB @Puarma La-5FN series 2 Fw-190 A-3 @Ala13_UnopaUno_VR Fw 190 D-9 @Geoweb35 Hs 129 B-2 @=TLP=Arkanno To qualify share your most memorable sortie in IL2. The winners will be chosen with a random number generator but those with no tale of a memorable sortie will be skipped. also, you must not own the item being requested.
  6. Oh god, don't tell me they nerfed the P51 again 🤡
  7. Are you referring to the Game update notes, or the discussion in this thread? Nobody is forcing you to read the latter.
  8. I don't think it's been set up in career mode yet. At the moment you can use it in MP on servers/missions where they enabled it, as well as in custom SP missions where it has been enabled.
  9. Excellent news! Also very excited about the FM refinements to the existing model. The P-47 is my true love in terms of planes, so this DD could not be better.
  10. The funny thing is that the sound samples are really good in IL2. But once you add that to fmod and "do the magic" to make them work with the game and camera movements, it seems to muddle and downgrade the sounds a lot. I agree that there is lots of room for improvement there and I would love to hear sounds that are much closer to the already great samples we have in the game.
  11. They already said it's not going to be hyper realistic, so I would not expect shut off valves. Drop tanks, selectable tanks, and better modeled damage to fuel tanks, breaking them out into individual tanks instead of a universal tank that we have at the moment. I believe API rounds will also be added as part of that work.
  12. HOTAS and VR will make it interesting although gameplay may be too arcade. Definitely will keep an eye on it.
  13. They have made multiple changes to the zoom in VR, the binoculars are now much more powerful than max zoom, etc. Not sure what you are referring to but your comment is pretty useless, comes off as just whining.
  14. It is a well known fact that allies sprayed the Normandy roads with Flubber at night, so when they shot .50 cals they would actually gain speed and penetration after bouncing off the ground.
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