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  1. Jason mentioned later on that there were some drawbacks to having a demo and implied there would be no demo. I'm a bit rusty on the details.
  2. Not sure if you were aware but two of your items are already announced:
  3. I know these things tend to end badly, but gonna ask anyways: Would it make sense to share a shortlist of more feasible planes and have the community vote?
  4. Has a nasty stall though, not something to overlook when flying low and dirty. I think the A20 is probably the highest when sorting by fun factor.
  5. The modeling is further along than i imagined, looking great! I hope these can enable the development of other collector planes for the soon to be officially released Bodenplatte map!
  6. Potential topics: -Air marshall. Still a big mystery. -SP career. I have no idea if there are any new features in this area, or just a 1:1 continuation of existing career mode. -Fuel management. There have comments sprinkled here and there. It may be a feature that comes later, probably not with the official BP release. -Tank crew and FC release news. TC campaign details. -Moar 4K skin upgrades. -Collector planes? It might be way too early for any details yet on the Yak9 and Hurricane. I think they said they would come early next year. -BIG ANNOUNCEMENT OF NEXT MODULE. Probably will come as a separate announcement, not a DD. Either way we are getting close to it, and it's very exciting. I know some people will be disappointed because "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all the people all of the time". However, those not getting the map/expansion they hoped for, remember that no matter where we go next the sim keeps getting better and better every patch and the core mechanics and feel will be there regardless. Just remember before BP was announced we all thought the Pacific was next, yet BP happened and I can't say i regret the change of plans. Sorry for the long ramble!
  7. Its been reported a few times here and in the test forum. If you find one of those reports it wouldn't hurt to comment and say its happening to you too. Seems kind of random and hard to trace.
  8. Im sorry to hear that. I think at this point you might have to contact support.
  9. Im at work so i cant look much but im pretty sure i have the steps laid out in this thread if you go a few posts back.
  10. Is it expected to have the whistle on takeoff? I assumed you need more speed for the whistle to be noticeable.
  11. I think it was commensurate with his warthunder comment.
  12. Once you get stutters just press Ctrl+E for the frametime reduction. That should bring a gust of fresh air to your performance.
  13. Same! I saw it in the email and did not recognize it from anywhere else. Looks really nice!
  14. That's related to the submarines and their different guns/turrets. Looks like you are missing a bunch of objects. Maybe its time for a clean install, or file verification if on Steam.
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