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  1. I have been craving for this. You are doing great things for humanity, my friend! Thank you so much!
  2. I was ready for this before my birth and have been waitig just as long. Like Fox2-looooooooooooooooooooong!!!! Ferdi looks great & I can hear Normandy coming.....Hooorah, Sturmovik, Hooorah!!! #mywalletisopenforyou247
  3. Jägermeister & Team, RULE! I had my hawk eyes on this from the first day! Thank you so much for your outstanding work. Never saw the skin package until I read about it on Stormbirds. Gorgoues! Striegler´s wallet is open 24/7 for you guys. Much love & always on the lookout for more*
  4. Hi there Quop! It works perfectly now! Thank you so so much! This is such a good and necessary work, my deepest gratitude for this outstanding effort!
  5. Hi everyone, I just stumbled upon this gorgeous looking mod and wanted to give it a go, but unfortunately the link from the lead page of the thread just leads me to an open white page with nothing happening...any ideas? Cheers*
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