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  1. Ok, will run the files and PM you soonest. Thanks
  2. I’m still shopping around for RAM, so, yes, I can wait till I hear back from you all before I buy anything. All my drivers and video card are up to date. I’ll check the MS Net Framework and re-install if needed. Thanks again
  3. All - Again, thanks for your inputs and suggestions. Just to be clear, while I value all your inputs and recommendations, the final decisions for my actions are mine. I’m old enough in time and grade to be responsible for what I do. I also feel confident enough to get into the computer to remove and replace the RAM sticks. And I even have a grounding strap ;). I would still value your all’s opinion as to the quality and value of the Crucial Ballistix 16GB (8GBx2) RAM sticks. The price on Amazon has increased to almost $90.00 but now it’s offered at 3600mhz vice the original 3200. Sti
  4. The more I look into it, the more the RAM mismatch becomes questionable. I did not get a helpful response from the HP Tech when I raised the question of mismatched RAM on my new computer. He down played it as not being relevant to any particular problem I was experiencing. However, doing some on-line research (as well as all the good counsel I get here) seems to indicate that while maybe not directly related to specific issues, it’s not the ideal or optimal configuration. I looked on Amazon and found the below replacement RAM for about $80.00, free shipping and returnable. There’s also
  5. Got a chance to try out the latest recommendations. Before I made any changes, I got into the game and flew a mission. It crashed after several minutes into the mission. Following the above instructions, I then disabled Steam Cloud, Steam Overlay and created a controller file which I loaded. Three attempts and three crashes after hitting the fly key. I could have done something incorrectly but don’t think so. It just didn’t work for me l then re-enabled Steam Cloud and got into the game to fly a Single Mission profile. Half way thru the mission (which I was enjoying), the game crashed a
  6. Thanks you all, you’ve all been just Super helping out a new guy. I’ll give this a try first chance I get today and report back.
  7. I’ve disabled Steam Overlay but not Steam Cloud (not that I know of anyway). I thought you need cloud to run CLODB. How does one disable the Cloud?
  8. I’ve tried various combinations- Spits, Hurricane, F4F, Tomahawk, Bf-109f, Bf-110,- and it really doesn’t seem to matter. I have attempted to fly missions with these aircraft and the program crashes. I re-start the game, set up the same mission with the same aircraft and it works.......or it crashes again. This is such a great FS, it’s a shame, and a disappointment, that I can’t get it to run reliably.
  9. Try to play back a track, via Extras, Track, Select - select a track in that window, open it, and hit Play - it will probably also crash the game... I Tried these tracks: The first track -Spitfire vs Bf-110.trk crashed The second track - Hurricane vs He-111.trk played The third track x Landscape Flyby.trk played but with sound problems, the sound was intermittent The fourth one - Black Death, crashed Does this tell us anything more?
  10. ok, I’ll try that. Just for info, last night I tried the game (after I had made the profile change to the video card that I posted previously) and the game crashed again. This morning, having done nothing to the game, I tried it expecting it to crash again. It didn’t - I flew two successful Single Mission missions. The first one was with the default settings and the second one, different from the first, with changed mission settings. Both flew just fine. Just now, as I am typing this, I tried the game again and got a Steam warning box: “Steam Warning Steam was unable to sync
  11. As advises, I checked the Windows Event Viewer and looked in the Application and Service Log. Under the HP Analytics heading there were eight "!Error" indications, the most recent being 2/2/21. I had many program crashes since 2 Feb, with Missions that I successfully flew just minutes before, so I'm not sure what these indicate. There were no other Error indications in the other categories. All the errors are HPTACClient as the source. The details are copied below. Sorry but this data means nothing to me, hopefully it does to you all. Again , many Thanks for your help: Log Name:
  12. Family priorities have kept my busy the last several days, but I did have a chance to check the video card settings on the AMD Radeon RX 5500 card. There are several different operating modes for this card, one of which is GAMING. The card was set on STANDARD. I changed it to GAMING, then loaded the program. I was able to get into the program and fly a SINGLE MISSION profile mission. I ended that “test” mission and started a new one with changed settings - changed number of aircraft, switched sides , loaded a Custom aircraft profile - and was able to fly the mission from takeoff to landing wit
  13. Would there then be a log of the few successful mission that was flown? If so, the log file is empty. Would that indicate anything?
  14. Only found one log file - log,txt. Opened that file. The log.txt file is empty. Blank. Nothing. The conf.ini file already has LOG=1, so I didn’t change anything. Thanks for trying............
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