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  1. Battle of France would be so cool - historical and alternate history. So many unique and new aircraft to fly. Yeah ok, Fusion would need to build them first .. :D
  2. When they build a flyable Boulton Paul P 92 - twin "tiger moth" engines, 4 x 20mm cannons in a large turret. Large tail, easily shot off by one of those 20mms.
  3. I've just found the P 92, twin engine with a massive turret with 4 x 20mm cannons. That would be SO COOL to fly ! :D Top speed - 100 mph, ceiling - 100 feet, range - 100 feet.. joking
  4. I looked at the cockpit of the pilot and gunner of the defiant (from the outside), and found them very detailed. So obviously someone had put a lot of effort creating them. I don't care if they aren't high detailed. I don't care if there isn't any working switches etc. Rough & working is fine. yes, but gunner is only working class, not like noble pilot, so doesn't matter ... :D
  5. excellent video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wXHnSduf7g
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