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  1. Thanks. Maybe i just had a bad day flying. I play on the Expert server so i know how to handle the AC properly. I just feel like I'm someones biatch every single time.
  2. I love aviation. I'm a pilot in real life. However, the online aspect of this game is just not fun for new people. I'm sitting here competing with people with 5+years experience in online fighting. I can fly around and do BnZ all day, however my aim is crap, because you have to sit down and play this game for a good amount of time just to get your aiming to a somewhat "respectable" hit ratio. I'm a "pick up and play" type of guy due to real life and I'm finding out the hard way that this game is not one of them. I guess i will just stay in the single player mode and get what $94.00 bucks i can out of this game. Sorry had to vent.
  3. Fw-190 can make a tight turn if you drop the 1st notch of flaps for a couple of seconds. I use it to do tight loops or get that extra "lead" on the target while doing a high speed attack, while they are banking either right/left.
  4. Just got premium package. I decided to fire it up and try some 1v1 with ai. However, after about maybe 5-10min of gameplay i crash right to desktop. I tried to FAQ respone but it was already unchecked. Need some help here. Deleted topic please. I saw the technical dissicusion forum for early access. Sorry
  5. I know that. I'm just saying Hartmann flew the 109's like how your supposed to fly the 190. He never liked dogfighting (like you shouldn't do in the 190) and would fight in a BnZ style majority of the time.
  6. I will probably be flying the 190 99% of the time online. I just love the plane and it suits my flying style perfectly. I like to model myself after Eric Hartmann. He very rarley dogfighted with a plane and would always go for the kill up close and personal (below 100m convergence). That roll rate/dive rate is just to sexy to pass up.
  7. I read this http://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/1988-welcome-early-access-stage/ and from what im reading in note 1 is that premium planes are not going to be offered in the game copy's as of nov 12th? Thought about buying premium, but if the same items are not available in the copy's post nov 12th, shown on the main page of the webside, then there is no point in spending 94.00. Can someone clear this up for me please. Thanks
  8. So i take it P-Factor is modeled correctly in this game if you increase engine RPM and not compensate with rudder, while starting your takeoff?
  9. Thanks for the input. I just dont want to throw down 90+bucks and have the game run like crap.
  10. I really want to get the premium version, however i feel i might not enjoy the best this game offers with my graphics card and i just need some input. GPU= gtx 580 3gb CPU= i7920 OC to 3.8 GHZ Mem: 6gb When i played warthunder I had no trouble with the game on the highest settings, would it be the same with this game or more graphic intense? Thanks
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