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  1. Concordo, il Folgore è un gran progetto, peccato solo che la sua tecnica costruttiva fosse derivata dalle costruzioni lignee applicata alle leghe leggere e quindi non al passo con le tecniche costruttive più moderne. Anche l'armamento non lo aiutava..... Dal punto di vista della simulazione credo sia, in box, un gran prodotto, ben fatto e curato. Il pannello strumenti è eccellente. Non ho Tobruk e quindi non posso fare confronti con quello simulato nel teatro nord Africano.
  2. Mi ponevo la domanda se questa mod fosse indispensabile per sfruttare al meglio il collimatore. Altra osservazione che faccio in generale, forse sono esagerato, ma come mai nella possibile scelta degli armamenti sarebbe possibile montare le rastrelliere per le bombe, quando secondo Wikipedia questo fu possibile solo dalla versione XI in poi? La versione modellata è la VIII?
  3. Ho trovato alcune info e di una mod da applicare
  4. Io faccio fatica a contrastare in virata soprattutto il Polikarpov Irata. In generale perdo molta velocità e quindi...... Approfitto per chiederti se hai informazioni sul funzionamento del collimatore San Giorgio e soprattutto a cosa servono quei riferimenti che ti ho cerchiato nella foto. Grazie
  5. Grazie, il 109 è il mio preferito. Invece sul 202 ho poche ore e lo trovo più difficile da gestire, nettamente più nervoso e instabile in virata a bassa velocità. Una sfida.
  6. Una domanda.... Ma come comandi i radiatori? Grazie
  7. I would like to have the Fiat G55, the only aircraft, produced in the war period, capable of competing both for performance and armament with Allied fighters. It was probably superior to even the best German fighters of the period, as the Germans themselves admitted. Unfortunately, its use was practically limited to the strenuous defense of the cities of Northern Italy from the USAF and RAF bombers, an unequal fight for the number of vehicles in the field, which the heroic pilots of the ANR supported. So in our simulator there would be no context to frame it. And so, given the current maps
  8. The Il2 aircraft underwent a constructive change from the pre-war state to the war. This evolution from the metal rear fuselage to the 1942 style with wooden rear fuselage. This information I found on the web. The photo I have attached represents an aircraft with a wooden fuselage. Here the developers have modeled the structure of the aircraft correctly and therefore the tail is a weak point.
  9. Yes, I found hitting the rudder or stabilizer really effective. I try 5 or 7, not six. I agree with you if the type is 1943.
  10. Hello everyone, I have a suggestion to ask you. Over the course of various duels, I have always found it difficult to quickly take down this plane as it is very robust. I fly with the Bf109 F2 and have to rely on my aim and the 151's 200 shots. Several times I have searched for the shot by attacking from behind, looking for the air intake. however I found it very effective to hit the tail planes, for me the final solution. What tactics do you use?
  11. Hi guys, this is my latest video. I am interested in reducing the size of the videos. This is about 264 MB and I made it using the Xbox tool in windows 10. Do you have any advice or criticism to suggest? Thanks
  12. II received an error message while I was reporting on a mission. It had never happened to me before switching to the new version. Barbarossa202103302203381.zip
  13. Thank you. I will try your update as soon as possible.
  14. I have a problem with the type of bf109. Initially I selected the bf109 f2 as I only instalated the battle of moscow. My group is the II jg52 initially composed of bf109 f4 and bf109 f2. I saw that progressively the number of f2 decreased and now after 43 missions in the group there are no more f2. How is this possible if I only selected the f2 model? Shouldn't the program always guarantee me a share of f2 being the only one I own? if I now perform a mission by necessarily selecting the f4 model I actually always fly on f2?
  15. By updating to the latest version, do I risk losing the current campaign? Thanks
  16. Last patrol mission I was the leader and my wingman flew to my right. By now we had been flying for 20 minutes at an altitude of almost 5k. Just by chance I turned my head to the right, just in time to see that the wingman left the formation with a nice turn ... Hey man where are you going !!! There was no bandit in sight and I assumed he had decided to return to a nearby airfield. I continued the mission and after ten minutes my wingman reappeared at my side. So he hadn't landed, he probably saw a target but not visible to me.
  17. Well! My campaign has reached December 23, 1941, fighter role, with some parachute launches, no Ironman, I hope to arrive in August 1942 !! Thank you
  18. I didn't express myself correctly. I mean that at the start of the campaign I am asked to fly with Jg52 first and second group and Jg51 first and second group. How come there are no other jg's?
  19. The campaign generator offers me only two jg to belong to from the axis side. The proposal based on what criteria or rules is made?
  20. Thank you. It would be useful if in the airplane menu, there was a subdivision by version of the simulator (bos, bom, BOK etc) that contains them. What do you think about it?
  21. I have created a campaign that historically takes place during the start of the Barbarossa operation. I therefore selected only the aircraft that were present from both sides, excluding in particular the bf109 F4 as I fly on F2. The question is why does my I / Jg52 group still have both the F2 and the F4 model in strength if I didn't select it? . Furthermore, as the campaign continues, I see that the number of F2s available in the squadron decreases in favor of the F4 model. But I use Bom and therefore the F4 model is not available; should i also install Bos?
  22. In my experience with COD, radio communications are a problem and cause stutters in my elderly PC.
  23. During the Second World War, the Regia Aeronautica did not have radio equipment on board the fighters capable of ensuring reliable communications and the pilots preferred to disassemble them to lighten the aircraft. So the pilots used gestures. I don't know if the RAF or the Luftwaffe or the Russian army were in better shape. In my case, even if the developers introduce serious more communication features, I would only use them if in reality they were used. In any case, however, I would not like to lose performance in the simulation as a result of greater radio functionality.
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