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  1. Type of improvement: Control Explanation of proposals: Macchi c202 Folgore has an automatic system that when the landing gear is raised, the tail wheel locks at the same time. This prevents the error if the pilot forgets to lock it manually. Benefits: Realism
  2. I thank you very much. You gave me some useful information. Ciao
  3. Hi guys, I'm using the mission generator with the Regia. The aircraft is the Macchi 'Folgore'. Why doesn't the squadron number appear on the fuselage? Do I have to select any parameters that I missed? Ciao
  4. Hi guys, I am attaching the screens of my opentrack setting. It could serve somebody. Thanks for your advice. Ciao
  5. According to some sources, it is confirmed that the 21st CT group also operated from oblivskaja and this could be useful for placing the mc202 on the map of Bos. During the German advance, in summer 1942, 21° Gruppo Autonomo C.T. transferred to Makeyevka airfield, and then to Voroshilovgrad and Oblivskaya.
  6. Type of improvement: game play Explanation: I know for sure that in case of bailout of the plane, for example powered by DB601, the pilot must overturn it on the left side. If this is not done, the centrifugal force prevents pilot from leaving the pilot's seat. In the simulator, on the other hand, you can bailout with any attitude. Benefits: Greater realism. Thanks
  7. Do you know any mission created for the Royal Air Force on the Russian front?
  8. Startrek66

    Short duel

    you're right, in fact the enemy didn't have many chances. Thank you
  9. Hi guys. I purchased the MC202 add on and would like to know if BOK can be the most suitable historical context. Thanks
  10. Startrek66

    Short duel

    Thanks for the comment.
  11. Thanks to your advice, I have almost finished Edtracker tuning. Thank you and best wishes to you and your families. https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/57259-short-duel/
  12. Hi guys, thanks for the help you are providing, I really need it. I'm used to moving the pilot head with hat switches so I have to find the right parameters in opentrack. @scg_Erwinp I will try your settings
  13. Thanks for reply. Wich version of opentrack you use?
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