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  1. My PC has an I5 2400 CPU with 8Gb of ram. The graphics card is a gtx1050 2gb. The system is not powerful. The graphics settings of the simulator are on balanced, vsync off and fps not limited. The Nvidia panel is on global setting except for maximum performance power. I use the Moscow map as a scenario, with a rapid mission consisting of eight bf109f2s and eight B25 bombers. Briefly I tell you that with Rtts I get 60 fps and a frimetime of 17 ms. Without rtts with vsync disabled the 60 fps are not stable and the frame time is variable with peaks of 30 ms. However, data can be collected
  2. I agree with you. For now I am experimenting with rtts in the background while using the simulator and I easily found the positive result. However, I do not exclude making a comparison with the NVIDIA panel.
  3. It is not true what you write. It is easily demonstrable. For example if the simulator runs at 60 fps it is NOT SURE that the frame timing is 16. 7 ms as it should be to have the right fluidity or smoothness. With Rivatuner using the Scansyncs function you can get it.
  4. I can tell you that it is a very light and non-invasive software. I'm not going to explain its characteristics, you can find them on the net. One useful feature is scansyncs, which allows for consistency of frame rate and frame time between card and monitor. All without overclocking! Great!
  5. Is it possible that none of you know and use Rivatuner? Too bad I didn't find out earlier for me.
  6. Mine was a statement based on a duel between opponents without, however, that there was a friend in difficulty. In this case it is obvious that the friend must help himself
  7. I discovered Rivatuner server software and I am trying to use it to optimize the graphic setups of IL2Bom. Do any of you know him and want to share his experiences?
  8. Google translate is my friend 😆. In my opinion the performance improvement involves the CPU.
  9. I didn't want to write it, but maybe it's true ... Like others I have noticed an improvement in the performance of my old PC. Greater fluidity.
  10. Thanks guys great update! The sound is very nice, the 50kg bomb doesn't explode in the water, great! Improved temperature instrument in cockpit bf109f2 !! Tested on BOM
  11. You are absolutely right. I hadn't noticed this. I must have inadvertently changed the value.
  12. Very strange, never happened. Are you sure you are the protagonist of the mission?
  13. This is a solution that I share. It would be interesting to know in order of importance which are the parameters of your mission generator that load the CPU
  14. I try. I took the parameter from 30 to 60 I assume seconds, but nothing has changed. I will have to start from the parking area
  15. With the above setup I got a substantial improvement in CPU load. In your opinion, can it be done even better?
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