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  1. thank you thad i shall get familliar asap
  2. ah ok what is this oat wilson campagin generator thing?
  3. hello everyone so im a more single player flyer and was wondering if any details about a possible single player auto gen campaign in the same vein as the currently eisting camapgins for stalingrad/moscow/pokorovka etc? if we have any ifo has a possible date been talked about?
  4. hello everyone so with the sales on and me looking to purchase some new aircraft and get back into flying single player campaign what in your opinions are the best axis and allied aircraft for each campaign and why? this should be only the aircraft you recommend for single player not in a multiplayer environment and can be a specail edition aircraft but must not be modded to be used in a campaign 9so no bodenplatte aircraft till their campaign is out).
  5. you could always nock together a set of trains either oving or sitting still in the mission builder and use those as trget practice
  6. hello everybody think i should introduce myself as im just getting myself back into ww2 and ww1 (thanks to flying circus) era combat flight simming having spent much if not nearly all my last year or two on dcs world flying modern jets (a10c and more recently a lot of the fa18c). im really enjoying learning how to fight properly and loving the constant and awsome updates to the sim plus i dont know any other sim where i can drive around in a tank and get shot up by an ai aircrft and know that that aircraft is as detailed if not mroe then the tnk im fighting in (i brought tanks expansion). looking forward to my journey forward loving the feeling of this sim even with normal difficulty each aircraft has its own feelign and dynamics to it
  7. hello everyone i mostly (read totally for now but will go online soon) play single player campaign and qmb along with random custom scenarios and really enjoying the game as im trying to get myself back into ww2 and thank to flying circus ww1 era combat flight sims and was wondering what peoples views are on the spitfire MKVB and the other specail edition aircraft whther its worth picking up any for single player or when i get on it multiplayer flying? i own all the expansions along with flying circus and bdenplate plus becasue i love ww2 armour i own the tank pack. special aircraft wise apart from the ones from bodenlate and flying circus i only own the p40 as in single player its the most worth the cost i feel (usable in 3 theatres) so im wondering in your opions is their any other specail edition aircraft i should buy for single player for now and for learning to fly for multiplayer?
  8. so im not sure if its just so rare ive never had it occur or a change in the ai behaviour but the ai and i (plyaing quick mission against a p47) decided to go head to head and play a game of chicken neither of us broke and i ended up with my first ever (after 40 hours flying) head to head crash from a fighter (had a few with the big slow bombers but never a fighter)
  9. so really liking this new update especially when on the ground in a tank you notice the new damage model on the "simple" vehicles. knocked the axle of a truck with my mg fire beore getting killed by tank rounds.
  10. thank you guys and gals this updates notes looks amazing. going to lodad up soem tank scenarios and then replug the joystick and pedals to allow me to fly later. looking forward to purchasing the boddenplate and flying circus soon
  11. Good afternoon all im wondering as someone trying to get back into the flight simming world i already own the base games (all 3 released) and tank battles pre release but was wondering if the collectors planes and the other pre relases are going to be experiencing a black friday deal?
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