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  1. Had Eagles Nest been around, I'm sure wed be seeing a looot more people.
  2. I get this error message when trying to play, what does it mean? Thanks
  3. I stopped playing for 3 reasons. First, they wont let me change my in game name which happens to be my real name. Second, they reduced server sizes (15 vs 15 in such huge maps is just meh). And lastly as Feathered mentioned, theres only 1 mission.
  4. Sorry if this has been asked before, but I saw about a month ago the main thread that was taking about reviving it and asking for funding, it seemed like more than enough people contributed. It feels like its been a month now, and the server still isn't up, and I cant find the thread on the forums. What happened?
  5. People have been asking this for months and they still haven't said anything about it, I pretty much just gave up on it and stopped playing online with my real name because of it.
  6. I lost it at the part where he shoots the dragon and it explodes.
  7. Same thing happened to me and I just stopped playing. I sat at my computer just repeating the same missions over and over and over and over, and would crash either on my way back to base, or right after leaving the mission. I cant express how frustrating it was, ill prob play campaign again if any of it gets fixed. I also have the exact same setup as you OP, i7, 680gtx, win7 64, 8gb ram
  8. they do have crazy good aim, sometimes I get away with shooting them from behind, but I got shot down so many times that I just started using the boom and zoom tactics, but never getting towards the back of the plane. You can dive the plane horizontally, or shoot at it from under (which can be tricky) and you shouldnt get shot.
  9. Like Jason refered to, most of us feel like multiplayer is completely dead anyways. I rarely go online and see servers with more than 15 people in them (apart from that SYN server that only gets packed for a small amount of time in EU time). The 33 people limit sucks, but its not like theres even ever 33 people to fill these servers in the first place.
  10. It will improve your computers boot time significantly, along with most programs you might install on the ssd that require a lot of loading (like photoshop, or 3d software). As for games, I have hardly seen a difference, if there is its very minimal. Windows on the other hand boots easily twice as fast if not more, and those editing programs open twice as fast too.
  11. It looks like the He 111 would make a great dog fighter
  12. In all honesty, I don't think were ever going to get the chance. People have been crying for this for months now and they hardly ever said anything about it. Its been ignored and will probably continue to be ignored.
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