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  1. Internet is full of guys who couldn't install windows installer and net framework 3.5. I guess I will have to reinstall windows
  2. So, how about computer not being able to locate and download needed file? it searches and searches and finds nothing. Or gets stuck with download after about 15% and stays there.
  3. Ok, game is completely unplayable. Firewall disabled. This message keeps showing up any time I try to run single mission. And than plane is uncontrollable and than crashes.
  4. Ok.... reinstalled the game, but she problem still persists... same message #10032 error... Any solution?
  5. Hello, just bought the game, was huge fan of Il-2 1946. Tried playing quick mission, but always get the message that the files are missing, and at that moment game starts loosing frames, chopping, studering, mouse goes from head control to a cursor and at the end I crash. Tried downloading suggested files but the software never finds them, starts a download and than freezes or never finds them at all. Here is a screenshot of tonight's problem.
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