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  1. We play the 9th card! How much more?!
  2. Great job! That was May 5th. LeLv8_Archi expertly used surprise. He shot down 4 aircraft. We remember that))
  3. Maybe. There were no problems with other sites and servers yesterday. This is the first time.
  4. = LG = Kathon Question! Throws all day from the TAW server. There is no information about technical issues. Why is this happening?
  5. Excuse me! I am writing through a translator. You can’t sit at the TAW air gunner ?! If there is a violation of this, and intentionally. The TAW flight ban for 20 hours should be applied.
  6. =LG=Kathon If you don’t want to shoot at TAW as a shooter, can you apply a ban for violation for 20 hours ?!
  7. I do not deny that I am destroying partisans ... Since while you are walking without covering fighters to tanks or a steam train, you meet a bunch of separate detachments, sometimes there are just a lot of them and there’s nothing left to do but spend time on them. Sorry did not notice in TS
  8. More accurate composition: 12 IL-2 and 12 fighters. Four squads: 72AG, 19GvFAB, Skv and - = RedS = -...All from organized squads. No random
  9. Just believe ... There are skills))
  10. Yes, I found in the last war 20 TAW on the 7th map was a draw because both sides ran out of tanks .. Question: Will the blue tanks appear again on this map?
  11. Respected! What fairy tales are for you is a story for Russians. Learn Russian history so as not to repeat the mistakes of 1612.
  12. Russians have a tradition of winning ...
  13. I’m saying that the reward for 0 deaths is doubtful and does not support the activity of flights to TAW, but encourages people who are not very brave in return. Flying on statistics, afraid to spoil it and not get a reward.
  14. Historical rewards in the virtual world must contain virtual status. These rewards are used in the game itself. If you switch to real ones, you need an award design for this project. Hold a contest for the best version of the award. As a result, it will be recognized by the majority and will have a status. I don’t understand how to reward for 0 deaths ?! ... SCG_Fenris_Wolf = 56 sorties ?! = TY = Anaconda-Samkis-WT = 61 departure ???))) Where is the logic? Want to get the reward you need to fly less so as not to die? The reward must receive the fittest ... Best: II./JG51Castell 223 personal victories, 107 group victories 149 hours of raids = 232 sorties, 15 deaths. 666GIAP_Chimango 143 personal victories, 105 group victories, 192 hours of raids = 417 sorties. 18 deaths ... Cpt_Siddy 131 personal victory, 80 group, 137 hours of flight time = 384 departure, 10 deaths
  15. Thanks ... Maybe it's time to update the manual for the project? Too many nuances, every time, something new or forgotten old))
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