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  1. Thanks very much for that update. jaygee485. I'm afraid that massive 20 Gb download will kill any chance that I can invest in one or more of these battles. I assume that Bodenplatte will raise this 20 Gb figure even more, and even though it is an early access version. Or does it come as a "single battle" download without the others because it is early access ? Can anybody tell me how big the download for Tank Crew is at present, or is that also treated as a battle for download purposes ? Thanks very much for the input so far, ro
  2. I have been a user of the disc versions of "Il-2" up to "1946", and of the non-Steam verion of "Rise of Flight", but so far have not tried any of your latest incarnations within "Greatest Battles". I may try to use the opportunity of this summer sale to do so, but have a number of fairly basic technical questions which need answering before I can commit to a purchase. 1 - the Steam and non-Steam versions of "Rise of Flight" were not capable of living together within a single installation. Does this restriction still apply to the Steam and non-Steam versions of the "Greatest Battles" ? Or could I for example run the Steam version of "Stalingrad" together with the non-Steam version of "Kuban", as if they are a single installation ? 2 - How large are the downloads involved ? I am interested in "Bodenplatte", and really interested in "Tank Crew", but have no idea of how much of my monthly download allowance either of these would take if I made a purchase. 3 - I saw a comment on your store webpages that driving tanks in one of the "Greatest Battles" is only possible in a multiplayer mode game. Does this mean that it is just not possible to even practice driving a tank in a single player scenario ? 4 - Is it possible to obtain a copy of the user manual for one of the "Greatest Battles" games before buying it so that I can see whether my keyboard and mouse will give me adequate control of planes and tanks, or whether some other device would make this much easier for me ? Being new to this forum and this product range, I really was not sure where to post my questions - I hope this is sufficiently close to the correct target sub-forum. I hope that some kind soul here can give me answers that will allow me to make a decision about buying one of these games, or even maybe two. Thank you in advance for any help here, regards, ro
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