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  1. Hello! so i was searching for the Ar-234 in the wiki because i am very excited with this addition to the game, and i came across some variants like C-2 a copy of the B-2 but with 4 engines, and the C-3 with 2 mg 151/20 on the nose. BUT i don´t know hom many of these were built or if they maneged to get to the frontline, if someone can write on the comments anything you want to add do it, you will help me learn.
  2. Hello! first of all i wish good luck to every participant! In my case i wish the hurricane i love all the mods it has since i love planes that can be used in any role it´s my favourite
  3. With the announce of BoN some of the new planes are heavy/night figthers, i have seen pics of Ju-88 C6 with "lichtenstein" radars on the nose, i would like to see them added, i think they are not in mind because the work it would take to make them funcional, but if they are only "cosmetic" i like it anyways
  4. yeah i know is too much to the devs but i wanted to post it, so they can maybe do separated things that they think is more important, not all the things i said there need to be put in the game at the same time.
  5. Hello, so i was thinking about new things to add to this excelent game and i think (for me) they are good ideas. I know you maybe already heard about these, but i think i can add more to the list so here i go. TANK CREW- Battle of Berlin This is nothing new but i tought some things to add if this module is seen in the game. First of all this expansion will add things to the tanks that are in the game right now and this is going to be a Hull and turret modifications, like tracks, sandbags, logs, zimmerit and camo nets, obviously this is going to add more weight in the case of t
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