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  1. i having launch crashes evey time whit sli I7 4790K 4.4 GHz x2 980s drivers 385.41 It happen on the driver before this one too If i stop sli it works once then if i stop playing and then go back to the game it crashes again Also did a new install still the same Any time i leave the game iv to turn off sli and then turn it back on so it will work FIXED problim was Gforce experience
  2. I only went and joined the Russians because there was to many Germans on the sever and the i16 is not tge best fighter in the game but still the Germans arnt playing the ground attack game its all got to be 109s looking for fights in my opinion unless the mind set off some people change then the sever will fale
  3. They coud put all 3 islands in a map just make the Ocean smaller it would be a pain to have so much ocean in the game. Probably be disorientating as a game.
  4. I found ir works on both types of ps3 eye you just cant put a flopy disc in front off the camera and your room needs to be dark so it tracks your head bought types off camera work
  5. I love this launcher makes BOS so handy to run everyone should download it
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