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  1. chilli - interesting discussions and I think you made the right choice - however would have also considered the reverb (if you can actually get one!) I have both index and reverb - in terms of ease of use and plug and play index is easily the winner (use it for all non-sims) but for sims reverb gives the best and sharpest cockpit (provide you can get it to run with enough fps) - use it mainly for DCS and its amazing...……………..
  2. Playing tank crew in VR with a valve index and finding sometimes when in an external view and I pan around some of the other tanks around me simply disappear (depending on the range) - then later will pop up again if I change view - any idea whats causing this and how to fix?
  3. thanks will try to combine everything also to clarify many missions have an "audio" folder or "media" folder in their sub folder while some look to have no audio folder? - however think your recommending moving all the media and audio files from their mission sub folders into a single "audio" folder which I already have in my "missions folder? hope my understanding is correct?(also note in my "data" folder I also have a separate "audio" folder - assume I leave this untouched?
  4. yes have tank crew and simply dropped the "fire ranges" sub folder into my missions - when I go into missions in game and select the tank and try to play it (as you would a normal mission) it refuses to load up just takes me back to mission page?
  5. is this still working - downloaded and installed but it won't let me start any of the missions (tried across all the tanks)?
  6. Think I get it thad! have created sub folders for all my mission files - final question is I see an audio folder sitting outside any missions and I notice some missions that already have a sub folder for them have their media/audio folder within the mission sub folder! does this work ok? (seems very messy!) - how should you deal with the audio/media folders which some missions come with?
  7. Thanks! so for 3) for each individual mission you can create their own mission folder and drop it into the generic mission folder? would you have to follow any naming convention or can you just call the folders 1,2,3 and drop all related files/folders into it?...……………………...also assume the "tank" folder that my game comes with and sits within the mission folder must be the default missions the game comes with?
  8. thanks for the excellent guide think I get it now..... 1)I believe my tank crew must be active as I can select to play some missions as a tiger 1 is this what you mean by active? 2)To get all the latest missions assume I just have to use your download posted in june (this will give me everything such as the tiger missions) or do I also need your file from April? 3)On a more general point - I can see how your installing your mission now and its simple and clear - but it seems many other missions I download are not in their own mission folders - but are simply a collection of folders and files that you dump into the main "generic" mission folder so you end up with a mass of different files mixed together for all thse other missions - is this a correct understanding? what doesn't everyone just create an individual folder for the mission that can be dropped easily into the main "generic" mission folder and also deleted easily if you don't want the mission anymore?
  9. not exactly sure what you mean...……..….but of course I don't move it file by file - would also never extract something into a folder and potentially overwrite files if I don't understand what its doing...…………….. so what I do is extract everything into a new folder then once I am happy with everything cut and paste everything (the folder and the 7 or 8 files) into the mission folder - have to say though I find this whole process for adding single missions to Il2 tanks very unusual - with some missions being made in different formats ( i.e some missions look to have their own named "folder" which you just paste into the generic mission folder others seem to have many loose folders and files which you simply move into the "main" generic mission folders - so you could have a mass of different files relating to different missions and all mixed together in this generic mission folder - unless I am misunderstanding the process...…)
  10. got it still think it looks very messy - but as long as it works...……………….. so golden rule get a mission .zip and simply extract everything into the "missions" folder above - then the mission should show up in game? (simple!)
  11. have Tanks installed via steam - can someone talk me though how to install a mission into my install have a Il2/data/mission folder already with a folder called "tank" then many _gen type files - trouble is all my downloaded missions follow different conventions some even having theor "audio" folder!
  12. thanks it seems a total mess! - normally I expect my missions all to have there sub folder within "missions" - but many different missions seem to use different conventions - some have a standalone mission folder for all the files others just have there files sitting in the missions folder all mixed up with other missions game files? is this understanding correct or am I missing something?
  13. thad - thanks for the reply but still a bit confused (perhaps you can do I step by step guide?) Note this is the first mission I have tried to download and install hence the questions...………….. Currently in my steam directory have a Il2 Stalingrad folder within this is a /data/ missions folders - assume this is where you want me to copy the games files and audio folder? - note I have already in this "mission" folder a "tank" folder and then outside it many files with the prefix _gen (_gen.eng) for example is one of the files - from your instructions I think I just copy the audio folder and the game files into this mission folder? (only concern is if I add other missions and they all have audio folders do you collapse all the folders together into one "audio" folder or do u need to create a single mission folder for each separate mission I want to install? Update : just noticed in my IL2 file structure I also have a data/audio folder and many of the downloaded missions I have a audio folder or media folder which contain some speech - assume they go into the data/audio folder or do they sit in the data/missions folder?
  14. just downloaded and extracted the files and want to install it (have an "audio" folder and then a lot of "btl tiger at the gate" files outside this main folder) - do I just drop all of these directly into the IL2 data/missions folder (note running tank through steam)…...
  15. struggling to get this to work! - so can I just ignore the file posted in april and just use the one you uploaded in june? or do they need to be combined? when I extract the june one it gives me the following (can't seem to get my screen shot to paste with the snipping tool into the forum so will describe what I see!) 1)With june - (panzer marsch zip file) when extracted gives me a media folder and then outside this folder lots of separate files beginning with panzer_vor 2)The April file (veteranenmission fixed zip file) gives vetarenanmission folder inside that is a panzer_marsch folder and inside that I have the media folder again with lots of files with the panzer_vor prefix outside the media folder 3)perhaps you can post a screen shot to show how its meant to be installed? 4)also more generally in terms of other missions for IL2 tanks how are they meant to be installed?when I download them i usually get a media folder (like WG-2 media) then many separate files outside the media folder with prefix like "WG-2.eng" - assume I just need to copy and paste the whole package of files and folder directly into the Il2 data/mission folder and it should work?
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