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  1. Can’t wait for the next release. Those moving fronts will be awesome and very realistic.
  2. We understand why you make limits on the extent of the map but if the edges were level and smooth, we could then add airfields that we wanted (for historical missions) which were outside the extent of the map (such as Bodney in the East Anglia area of England).
  3. Will the unpopulated extremes outside edges of the Normandy map be level and smooth enough to be able to place additional mission maker made airfields? All the other map edges are unpopulated but are very rough and un-level. And Happy Birthday!
  4. Thanks, Jim. I appreciate the help and advice.
  5. I’ve placed a zone trigger to activate an image when the first allied planes within the zone. The image calls up an Intel photo from which bombing assignments are given to the rest of our group. But unknowingly when returning from the bombing mission, when the first plane again entered the zone on its return to base, the image was again displayed. My question is, how do I allow the image to be displayed when the first plane enters the zone on the way to target but not have it displayed after that for any reason?
  6. Is there a video or some kind of instruction on using the bomb site in an A20?
  7. I’ve made a 30 mission “dogfight” campaign for my group which we are “flying” now. It spans a time period from about a month before to about two weeks after D-Day. Many missions have tanks and planes that can be human “piloted”. I just wanted to announce it since we are testing it now and may release it afterwards if there is enough interest. I’ve used the Rheinland map since it has geography similar to Normandy in the northern portion. I even made another custom airfield way north to be used as if it was England. I intend to keep adding missions to encompass the events up through the
  8. We have used individual spawn points for many months now. If you are flying/driving with your group as opposed to an open server, you should have no problem since all members would be on the “honor system”.
  9. As a suggestion to the developers of the Normandy map - would it be possible to make the area that extends beyond the map, level and flat. Also allow us to fly to and from these areas. In this way , we, as mission makers could make additional airfields in England or France, without any additional effort on the developers. On our current maps there are very large areas that extend beyond the populated areas made by the developers. What difficulty would it be to make these areas flat and level as opposed to the terrain they now have?
  10. I’ve put the mg34 and the lfh18 inside the bunkers and they work. You must have a lot of the muzzle exposed.
  11. Tip, I tried to open the Market Garden Phase 1 in the ME to see if I could increase the number of planes to unlimited for our group. There was no mission file only the msnbin file along with all the language files and the list file. Where is the mission file and is it possible to open it as your others were when wanting to change the map to winter or whatever? Also when will the rest of the missions be uploaded. Thanks you for your efforts and missions, they are great.
  12. How did you get multiple pictures on the dash?
  13. Yes, you are correct that, when looking at the map, I’d like to be able to select any of the airfields not just the three the tool has a button for. I didn’t know if it was possible. I also understand that it must take a great deal of time to add them. I appreciate your efforts to accommodate all requests by the entire forum family. Thank you, again, for your fantastic generator and the patience in dealing with our requests. I’ll be patient also in waiting for your changes. Thanks again.
  14. I'd like to be clear on the instructions for the install. I use JSGME. First I'd install the cloudsV13 and then Clouds13_greysky and finally the presets. Is this correct?
  15. Vander, please first let me say I feel your generator is fantastic. My suggestion is in no way a complaint. What I wondered is if we can choose whatever base we wish to spawn upon. Right now there are three choices for each side in the dogfight selection (which is all I use as a mission maker for my group) I have a workaround as I adapt each generated mission for our use but if I was able to choose the exact airfield from which my group would spawn, it would make the generator perfect for any group’s dogfight missions. I hope I’ve explained my suggestion adequately.
  16. Would there be a way to choose which base as your home base on each map as opposed to selecting one of the three pre-chosen ones offered?
  17. Maybe you were too low and the delay you set was longer than it took for the bomb to hit the ground. Try the same delay but at a slightly higher altitude for the drop.
  18. Somebody mentioned civilian buildings with machine gun or anti tank guns in them. I’ve placed machine guns and pak 40’s inside buildings with just a small portion of their muzzle exposed outside the wall and they have taken out passing tanks and trucks. Additionally if the opposite coalition tanks see them and fire into the building they can be destroyed.
  19. In the advanced properties screen, I see that NO plane or vehicle of any side has been checked as “TRUE”. Everything is “FALSE”. Could this cause the problem in either single, coop or dogfight mode?
  20. What are other settings after I choose overcast and what level of overcast should it bet set for snow?
  21. What are the exact settings in atmospheric conditions to get snow? I’ve tried many and can’t seem to get it right.
  22. Here are some screenshots from the Kasserine Pass. They really don't do it justice. The roadway has massive hills and/or mountains on each side of it from its entrance to the end. the best way to evaluate it is to just make a mission with the tank on either end and go through it. The first is looking East from Sidi Bun Zid. the second is looking East from grid 1624kp9 and the last is looking West from grid 1625kp4 just before the entrance to the Pass.
  23. I realize that the Kasserine Pass was further from the coast but it was perfect for any ambush and also when making missions for my group, the mission had to allow tanks to travel whatever distances within a reasonable period of time. I had them off loaded at the coast and then traveling inland to staging areas in missions before an action in further missions around Kasserine and Faid. But as I said, any mission maker can change or adapt it any way they choose. This area worked best for my group. Meplanes, I’ll post some shots today.
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