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  1. It was on a mission I made for our server. I've made many missions using the repair vehicle and they have worked. I got the message that I was in a service area. In fact I was very close to the vehicle. Like I said it repaired the damage to my plane but when I tried to refuel or rearm,nothing happened.
  2. While my plane can get repaired within the service area, pressing Rght Ctrl + A willnot rearm it and pressing Rght Ctrl + F will not refuel it. I've checked my key settings and that is what is called for and I've had it set up before on other missions and it worked. Just recently, probably after one of the latest updates, it has failed. Missions were re-saved also so that's not it. Any ideas or is it a bug?
  3. How do you use the terrain editor and what is accomplished through its use? I've seen it but didn't want to try something of which I knew nothing. I'm looking to flatten a few areas to make new airfields.
  4. While making a mission in the ME, I saw within the Locations section, a "TerrainLeveler" and I'm wondering if anyone has used it and how it works?
  5. Why not just put a couple more gmc trucks around the field at various points to achieve your goal of the entire base being a RRR zone?
  6. SAS_Storebor, when you get a chance could you please post a screenshot of your in game graphics settings? Thanks in advance.
  7. Have you re-saved your missions after an update before trying to fly them?
  8. The gpresets are supposed to be loaded last after V12 and cumulonimbus? I thought they were supposed to be loaded first.
  9. Thanks for the explanation, Flashy. I got it to work and now it's just taking the time to make a base. Thanks again.
  10. Flashy, I tried to move that "secret" base in 2535:1 to 0804:6/3 by selecting it and then importing it to file and then selecting it as a group. After placing I selected the "leveling' icon to make sure everything was at ground level. The runway texture did not transfer and it was very bumpy and rough. How did you move the base on the Kuban map and did the runway texture transfer also. When I selected the Sochi group it was just the "buildings" of the "airfield".
  11. Can the two of you who have made new airfields please discuss in a little detail how you used those texture overlays. How you placed them on an existing map, etc. I'm pretty good at making missions but some instruction here would really be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. I've d/l'd the graphic preset,the grey11.1 and now the cumulonimbus. I never had a problem with the first two but when using the cumulonimbus I get a missing file when I try to save. It is the graphics/SKY/Summer/Light2.bmp My question is this - should I have both the grey 11.1 and the cumulonimbus activated via jsgme at the same time?
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