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  1. BornToBattle, what is that? I've seen it before but can't remember where. Where did you get it?
  2. I'm not asking for these all over the map either. Just four of them, one in the NE of England, another in the NW of England, and two in France wherever it is easiest to make them.
  3. With the new Normandy map being developed and the limited portions of both England and France being shown, would it difficult for the developers to make leveled areas in various places so that the purchasing public could make their own home bases? I am specifically requesting an area in the northeast section of England so that any bases which were in the East Anglia area of England could be duplicated as best we could except for the exact geographical position. There are sufficient "blocks" and "buildings" within the mission builder right now to do this but we would need leveled areas of about one mile by one mile to allow for runway lengths. Thank you, developers, for considering this since I don't believe it would take very much effort on your part to offer a couple of these in both England and France.
  4. Looking at the Normandy map, it doesn't extend to the East Anglia area of England where many pre-D Day and D Day airfields were located, especially Bodney. Is it possible for the developers to make a flattened area in the NorthEast portion of the map of England for us to make our own base? I have a copy of the actual blueprints of the base at Bodney used by the 352ndFG and would duplicate it using whatever blocks are available. I just need a flattened rectangular area about one mile by one mile. Additionally it could be used by other groups to make their home bases also in whatever design they wish. Sort of customizing the map to a group's particular need. Thanks for the consideration.
  5. I'm having a similar problem on a straight bombing mission with two groups of B25's. I can get them drop bombs on the target via the Attach Area command perfectly. I can't get them to fly to the first RTB waypoint after bombing. It is att the same altitude and speed as the one before dropping bombs. The bombers don't circle they just drop their bombs and fly straight afterwards. I even lined up the first RTB waypoint with the waypoint prior to bombing and each waypoint has the lead bomber object linked to it. There is no target link from the prior waypoint to the first RTB waypoint as seen in many missions and in the FMB. I have the second RTB waypoint at a different direction from the first RTB waypoint as I'm trying to get the bombers to turn toward home in a gradual circle not severe. The attack area command get deactivated via a complex trigger via on bombs dropped so the bombers fly straight after dropping as mentioned. I only have two prior waypoints before dropping and these are fairly close to target so as to make testing easier and less time consuming and the bombers adjust positions to form up and fly for a number of minutes perfectly toward the target so that is not a problem. It is just after bombing that is driving me nuts. Any suggestion?
  6. I've already made a "Legend of Y29" for the 352ndVFG, my group. It is multiplayer with the 47's having already formed up and coming over Y29 on their way to their bombing mission. You spawn into one of three areas, taxi your plane to the runway and warm up your engine. But you know what happens then. The EA are air spawned in two close groups and announced by the Jugs as incoming to Y29. We were to fly it near the 75th anniversary of the actual event but due to real life interfering with a number of our pilots, will fly it soon, probably this weekend. If the timing works out as I expect with guys loading and spawning in at various intervals close to me hitting the start button, I'll post it for others to enjoy. It isn't completely historical since our members are assigned to the three fighter squadrons, 328th, 486th and 487th and as such will spawn in at three different but close areas. But with expert settings, you'll need to get in and start your plane quickly and taxi quickly to the runway so as not to be caught in the ground with an ice cold plane.
  7. I am trying to add another pilot to a campaign. He is already listed as a user but when I try to add a pilot, after I have completed all the steps , I get an error. The log is attached. Please explain what I am doing wrong and how to correct it. Thank you in advance.
  8. Thanks Pat. I finally got to see that you tube video and it explained everything I needed.
  9. I'm having the same problem as Sgt. Hulka. Anyone I add is listed as a "Host". And the link you posted for "add a coop user or persona" seems to be broken so I can't follow exactly what you want me to do to add users before adding them to a mission.
  10. I met and talked to Buck and Bill a couple times at 352ndFG reunions. They were both down to earth guys, readily talking about their service. And both retired generals, one a three star the other a two star.
  11. We had that bug of freezing right after repair starts last night on my machine in which my squad was flying. It occurred in two different missions and I had to task manager out and shut down the sim. Is there an expected fix upcoming?
  12. Thanks Jim, but it was a silly mistake on my part and all my missions are there
  13. Make sure your anti-virus program allows IL2 Great Battles.
  14. I have been making missions for many weeks so I know how to save them. Recently I have a few Dogfight/Deathmatch missions like always and put them into a folder like I always have but when I go to select them in the game, they don't show. Other missions I have made and saved in the same folder are there and can be selected in the game. I have checked in the folder structure to make sure they are there and they are. I have re-saved all the missions in the folder after each update, no matter how small. In fact I made a mission just now and it isn't showing up in game.????????????
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