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  1. We had that bug of freezing right after repair starts last night on my machine in which my squad was flying. It occurred in two different missions and I had to task manager out and shut down the sim. Is there an expected fix upcoming?
  2. Thanks Jim, but it was a silly mistake on my part and all my missions are there
  3. Make sure your anti-virus program allows IL2 Great Battles.
  4. I have been making missions for many weeks so I know how to save them. Recently I have a few Dogfight/Deathmatch missions like always and put them into a folder like I always have but when I go to select them in the game, they don't show. Other missions I have made and saved in the same folder are there and can be selected in the game. I have checked in the folder structure to make sure they are there and they are. I have re-saved all the missions in the folder after each update, no matter how small. In fact I made a mission just now and it isn't showing up in game.????????????
  5. As the title says, can PWCG be used to set up a campaign for a group of human pilots in a dogfight setting. What I am looking for is a vehicle to make a series of missions for my friends.
  6. That is not too smart. Makes testing mission fruitless. Why can't that be corrected in the next patch? It's a shame many of us spend hours making missions that we want to fly with our groups and we can't test some of them beforehand, only to find out during actual group night that those hours spent were wasted.
  7. I've made some of these groups within the mission part of various templates. I've gotten the planes to fly toward a target I made rather than the target within the mission. I did not change the attack command area mcu's in any way other than to move them to cover my new target area. They are still on the original waypoint routes. They fly to my targets but don't drop bombs. This was also within a multiplayer environment as opposed to single.
  8. Thanks so much. I gave it a good test and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.
  9. Nobody is perfect. You made a mistake - big deal. The first person who has never made a mistake, raise your hand! Dont beat yourself for being human.
  10. Hamaha, Thanks for sharing your work. It looks great.
  11. Does anyone have a good track ir profile that they would wish to share? Also please explain where it should be placed in the folder/file structure. Additionally explain what it should be labeled to distinguish it from any others in that folder. Thank you advance for your help.
  12. Where did you get the template?
  13. I've tested the re-arm/re-fuel with both the spawning base and using the new GMC truck. Both work fine for re-arm/re-fuel. I've d/l'd the latest hotifix of today (476MB's) prior to testing. The problem I've discovered is that after the re-arm and re-fuel, when I tried to take off, my P51 would get to 50% power and then reduce itself to 10% no matter how many times I tired to give it fuel 100% power. It would continually go to 50 and then reduce. There was no damage to my plane as I landed fine. Is this a bug or is it something particular to my setup?
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