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  1. I'm sure you will all enjoy the next one. Both sides are supplying me with their radar and AAA positions which will make things very interesting and very very realistic. Since both groups will now have to try and think like the enemy and try to counter each other's planning without knowing what or where the enemy will strike or how it will be prepared.
  2. Nice video Ripper. We all had fun in this joint session. Looking forward to the next one. I'm making the mission and getting input from the CO's of both Allies and Axis as to what each would like or need.
  3. If you know how to open the ME to make a mission or adjust a mission you are working on, then you just add the village lights like adding another effect or object. If you don't know how to use the ME, then download and read Jim's mission editor manual. But be patient, mission making takes time and experience along with a lot of trial and error.
  4. You would need to open an older mission in the ME and then add it to whatever or wherever you want.
  5. Great mod ! I've used it in a few missions. Place the med light inside a rounded brown hanger and the light shines through the windows for a great effect. Great mod, really ! Thanks LizLemon.
  6. If it is a dogfight mission, you can hit the escape key and choose the last selection on the list which I believe is finish spectate and you will be back on the map screen with the ability to choose your home base and plane. That is assuming that the mission builder allows more planes than pilots or has made them unlimited. Other than that, the mission builder would have had to placed a special type of vehicle within a radius of your crash.
  7. Beebop, Can you please zip up and post the Group and Complex Trigger setup that you have made? It will definitely help others having similar problems have certain planes spawn in.
  8. We have a joint mission coming up with the 361st, VBF12, a group of pilots flying German planes and also possibly the 332nd. Now ive got to figure out how to make two briefs - one for the Allies and the other for the Axis pilots. Looks like two separate emails and just a general description in the briefing screen since this is a dogfight type of mission.
  9. Stoopy, Where did you find the Rheinland_Airfields.Group file? In what folder?
  10. What settings should a mission builder use to increase the effectiveness and rapidity of AAA. Also what settings in the waypoints and also the advanced properties box for EA. I've tried low and high for the AAA and neither seems to send up enough in amount or how fast no matter which aaa I choose. Additionally with th EA, I've tried ace in the advanced properties and low and medium in their waypoints but they sometimes just fly rather than attack opposing aircraft. I know the effects changed with the recent update. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. How unique! Developers that listen to the complaints of those who purchase their products and then fix them. That's why this is the greatest sim out there. Congrats to the whole team for a great job that just keeps getting better.
  12. I've found some areas in that portion of the Kuban map mentioned that have altitudes varying between 6-7.5 meters. If these could be made level to all the same altitude, then an airfield could be placed there. With the varying altitude trying to take off bounces planes too much that you get prop strikes at least. With that thought of "leveling" then any area on any map that has a small variation could be made to accept a runway. That is what I wish could be achieved. Is that possible and how could it be done?
  13. Deacon352nd

    Flatten an area

    Is there any way to flatten an area on any of the maps so that an additional self made airfield can be inserted. On the most NorthWestern portion of the Kuban map in the 2D view you have a very large area that is unpopulated on which additional airfields can be built by mission builders. All that needs to be done is to flatten areas for runways. If that becomes possible then any map could have an area flattened for a mission builder to add his own self made airfield. So can the flattening be done? Even if only one area could be done then why couldn't it be made as a group and inserted wherever you want it.
  14. Do you need to save all 7 files or can you just save the Group file. I've just saved the Group file on a few and they worked fine. What reason would I need the other six? If I do, then I'll get them back.
  15. Thanks, Jade. You just opened up a multitude of new missions with these.
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