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  1. Thanks so much. I gave it a good test and it was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again.
  2. Nobody is perfect. You made a mistake - big deal. The first person who has never made a mistake, raise your hand! Dont beat yourself for being human.
  3. Hamaha, Thanks for sharing your work. It looks great.
  4. Does anyone have a good track ir profile that they would wish to share? Also please explain where it should be placed in the folder/file structure. Additionally explain what it should be labeled to distinguish it from any others in that folder. Thank you advance for your help.
  5. Where did you get the template?
  6. I've tested the re-arm/re-fuel with both the spawning base and using the new GMC truck. Both work fine for re-arm/re-fuel. I've d/l'd the latest hotifix of today (476MB's) prior to testing. The problem I've discovered is that after the re-arm and re-fuel, when I tried to take off, my P51 would get to 50% power and then reduce itself to 10% no matter how many times I tired to give it fuel 100% power. It would continually go to 50 and then reduce. There was no damage to my plane as I landed fine. Is this a bug or is it something particular to my setup?
  7. There are 5 dead at the present time. Took a ride on the plane 7 years ago and just two weeks ago I toured it along with 4 others from the Collins foundation when they were at a local airfield. I spend time talking to the co-pilot and he informed me that the pilot had more than 7000 hours flying this plane. With that amount of experience, I can't believe it's pilot error. There was definitely mechanical problem that forced a return to the airfield. The only thing left is the tail/rudder and the elevator sections of the plane.
  8. My whole group can't wait for the template to be released so we can make our personal skins.
  9. My original question related to vehicles, not static objects. My intent was to have moving columns re-spawn at their original starting point a few minutes after they had been destroyed.
  10. I think I understand what you are saying. My next question would be if we use the mode of Cooperative Coop, is dead, dead? My group is composed of players with varying degrees of expertise at flying and fighting. If someone is dead, either by being shot down or crashing, and then can't rejoin the session, that puts a damper on our session. We don't want to leave anyone behind and have them waiting until the rest of us finish our session before starting another. Suggestions?
  11. Can PWCG be used for multiplayer? This would allow a group to use this for their sessions.
  12. While making a practice mission for my group that has objects that can be destroyed, I'd like to have them re-spawn after a certain period of time while the group is off to another area that has targets. In this way I can make fewer areas with targets and stop the need for flying all over the place. So how do I get them to re-spawn? Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.
  13. I read the wiki article listed above and it doesn't even list the 352ndFG having been at Y29. I have pictures of the base and have talked to pilots stationed there during the "Legend". I hope the rest of that article is more accurate than the portion listing Y29.
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