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  1. In the advanced properties screen, I see that NO plane or vehicle of any side has been checked as “TRUE”. Everything is “FALSE”. Could this cause the problem in either single, coop or dogfight mode?
  2. What are other settings after I choose overcast and what level of overcast should it bet set for snow?
  3. What are the exact settings in atmospheric conditions to get snow? I’ve tried many and can’t seem to get it right.
  4. Here are some screenshots from the Kasserine Pass. They really don't do it justice. The roadway has massive hills and/or mountains on each side of it from its entrance to the end. the best way to evaluate it is to just make a mission with the tank on either end and go through it. The first is looking East from Sidi Bun Zid. the second is looking East from grid 1624kp9 and the last is looking West from grid 1625kp4 just before the entrance to the Pass.
  5. I realize that the Kasserine Pass was further from the coast but it was perfect for any ambush and also when making missions for my group, the mission had to allow tanks to travel whatever distances within a reasonable period of time. I had them off loaded at the coast and then traveling inland to staging areas in missions before an action in further missions around Kasserine and Faid. But as I said, any mission maker can change or adapt it any way they choose. This area worked best for my group. Meplanes, I’ll post some shots today.
  6. Stonehouse, If you look on the Kuban map, here is where I placed the Kasserine Pass: Grid 1624 kp 1,2,4 and grid 1625 kp 6, 9 I have a template mission with all the "Tunisian" cities around the Pass that we use but any mission maker can use what they want. By template mission, I mean this is the basic mission setup on which I place anything else that I want, i.e. planes, tanks, blocks, etc. Kuban North Africa City layout.rar
  7. Thanks so much Rob. Like I said this mod is fantastic. My group is back to fighting Rommel in the desert again. I’ve adapted the Kuban map and found the perfect place for the Kasserine Pass and this time he gets the surprise.
  8. The colors are fantastic. You can feel the "heat" of the desert just by being outside your plane or tank. One comment though - I was not able to see, although I chose< my personal tank skin. It defaulted to the one you made and it had a British flag on the back with the "995" on the side. I was able to choose and see my personal plane skins but not the tank skin. Is there a way I can substitute my skin for what appears to be the default?
  9. Thank you. This mod has allowed me to make a series of missions about the Tunisian Campaign for my group.
  10. When will this update be released. Us old guys need a Christmas present!
  11. What map and season should we use this mod?
  12. Heliopause, What map and/or mod did you have for this last picture? I see desert with a small amount of trees.
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