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  1. The 352ndFG is always looking for a new member who fits into our group.
  2. Can't wait for its use in MP missions. It works so great for coops. Thank you for all these great efforts.
  3. As CO of the 352ndFG, it was nice to see those blue-nosed 51's flying with other planes. My group can't wait to get our hands on the Mustang and start making our personal skins duplicating those we have been using for 15+ years in IL2 46. Blue skies, gents.
  4. What plane is in the you tube video that has the nose art " Buffalo Dave" ? B25?
  5. I re-installed everything. It only took one hour and now it works perfectly. Thanks to all who helped.
  6. Thank you to all who helped with correcting my update failure. I re-installed everything and now its working perfectly.
  7. Having so many problems with the update (I've tried many times and keep getting the same message - "failed to load the backend library" ) how would I re-install everything? I got BOS as a gift. BOK, BOM and BOB (all premiums) I purchased. I have activation codes for all and they are all from the website, not Steam.
  8. If I ever get my sim to update, I'd like to continue making missions with your great mission generator. Thanks for a great addition.
  9. I tried to update my game and it failed. reading the forums I tried the suggestions of backing up the startup.cfg file along with the Input directory and the lua scripts/snapview directory and then emptied and/or deleted the updates folder and then tried the Launcher.exe. I got "failed to load the backend library" before anything else happened. any suggestions?
  10. I did delete the "updates" folder not the updater folder. I have since restored it from the recycle bin. The startup.cfg file is dated today 7/24/19. So if I now backup the startup.cfg and the other directories mentioned and then delete the updates folder again, I should then try the launcher.exe or just try to start up the game?
  11. Where is the cfg files that I need to backup? Also after deleting the updates folder and then clicking the Launcher.exe, I got a "failed to load backend library" Now what and how do I update?
  12. As CO of the 352ndFG, at this time we are actively investigating a switch to BOS, BOK, BOM AND BOB when it is released. We would be switching from the old stand by, IL2, or possibly incorporating it into our regular flying schedule.
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