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  1. 1st mission of a new campaign on the Kuban map.......patrol.....attack targets of opportunity, etc. 3 of us are flying Yak-7B's...... our flight leader is in a nice, shiny new Yak-9T. He shot down 2 planes that day, but maybe his plane was a little too shiny and he was blinded by the glare because one of the planes that he shot down was mine. Luckily for me there was a friendly airfield very close by and I was able to limp in for a landing......my plane however, was a write off. The worst part was when I arrived back at my home field just in time to see my flight leader receiving a medal......maybe he's related to Stalin.
  2. No target when we reached the target area......maybe our intel was bad. Lightning202006131606519.zip
  3. I think the devs need to look at the Stuka flight model. They turn better than Zeroes and climb faster than G-14's.
  4. April 1st, 1942. Home field is Kalach (east of the Don River). The front lines showing on the briefing map are just west of the Don River.
  5. I did create a campaign and the mission briefing map looks ok. The generator obviously doesn't want me playing on the Stalingrad map. I tried it about a dozen times.....different countries, different dates (always 1942), different squadrons......East1944 every single time.
  6. When I choose the Stalingrad map is it supposed to say East1944?
  7. 3 missions (1 in each of 3 campaigns) flown with the beta. No problems to report.
  8. That's why it's so hard to shoot the tail off a 109.....it's made of solid granite.
  9. 1. RX570 8GB 2. 20.1.3 3. Looks kind of like a flickering ring that starts at ground level, becomes a flickering spot as the altitude goes up, then it disappears just after I reach 900 feet (see screenshot). 4. Using MSAA. (With FXAA I get the blocky pixel like stuff) 5. Haven't tried. 6. No graphics mods.
  10. Deleted everything, installed 8.7.3, problem solved. Thanks.
  11. Beautiful skins, thank you!
  12. Every Russian campaign on the Stalingrad map is like that for me. Here's the file. Test202005020005330.zip A little mission info - 3 planes in our flight. 1 shot down half way to target; pilot listed in AAR as "Captured". 1 damaged and made a forced landing trying to reach an alternate field; pilot listed in AAR as "Captured". I was the only one to return to our home field, landed successfully, couldn't find any bullet holes in my plane; pilot listed in AAR as "Seriously Wounded".
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