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  1. I'm seeing the same thing in my single player campaign.
  2. OK, thanks for confirming. It's good to know that I'm not crazy......at least no more than usual.
  3. When flying inside the cockpit, I don't seem to hear bullets hitting my plane anymore. I just got hammered in a mission (holes everywhere in the plane and canopy, engine shot out) and I didn't hear a thing. Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me? Thanks.
  4. -UPDATE- OK, it looks as though a bad/corrupted file may have caused the majority of the problem. Steam file verification replaced one and things are now more normal. All IL-2's now fire weapons (prior to verification, 2 would fire occasionally, 4 not at all). Now they fire rockets first (sometimes in pairs, sometimes they'll salvo all 8 at once at a single ground target), then bombs, and then guns. Sometimes they'll make an attack run and not fire at all. They still have the synchronized thing at the end though. After 4-5 attack runs, whether they fired on them or not, any remaining rockets/bombs will be fired/dropped without a target and then they all turn for home. Apologizes for the rant, but thanks for listening anyway.
  5. Flying a career mission; escort ground attack aircraft. Prior to the update, I remember IL-2's making repeated attack runs with rockets and bombs. After the bombs and rockets were gone, they'd make gun runs. Now they make repeated attack runs but don't drop bombs, only fire rockets occasionally, and never fire their guns. Then, there's a synchronized salvo. All IL-2's will salvo all remaining bombs and rockets at exactly the same time at nothing. Then they turn and head home. I just finished a career mission that was listed as a failure because 6 IL-2's only destroyed 1 ground target. So, am I imagining things, or did something get broken in the update? Thanks for listening to my rant.
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