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  1. Salute, 15 v 2 works for me. Hang
  2. J30 flew along time without seeing any allied planes. Why it not say who shot down who? Hang.
  3. wtf, We all are not that great with computers. Now you want me to save that delete that. all i will do is screw it up .Thanks
  4. I need a Hangman d7 I think.
  5. Hi Larner, I am not real good with computers so if I download The US103 Squadron Skin Pack: will it install its self or will I need to do something else with it after down loading? Regards Hang.
  6. Thank you all for your help. Got it working. Salute Hang.
  7. Salute all, I'm new to this game and my TracKIR don't seem to work. Any idea's? Hangman
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