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  1. @DD_Arthur, Indeed, your post also sums up the reason why FC is the way forward ! I never tried RoF, so can't comment on that, but because I love FC so much I personally see no reason at all to check it out nowadays. Unfortunately FC until now only 4K, no VR for me yet ... but that sure won't be for long. I too am hoping for FC2... instant buy.
  2. Indeed Tank Crew is unique ! No looting boxes ... you get the tanks from the very start. There are older and basic looking (great though) tank sims, but AFAIK nothing as modern looking (4K textures) as Tank Crew (looking at Tank Battle simulators, not arcade-type gaming). Making it a seperate game because of Steam ??? ... IMHO not a good idea ... the perfect integration into the IL-2 BOX world makes it all worth so much more !
  3. People here have made great single mission packs for FC too (I use those most of my FC time) ! You can also use SYN_Vander's incredible Easy Mission Generator to create as much FC missions as you want, the way YOU want in no time ! IMHO ... Don't skip FC.
  4. Thank you Varibraun to make my day! I love to read Comprehensive and positive feedback. Nobody could have worded it better than you I guess! I would like to add one name to your list... SYN_Vander with his super Easy Mission Generator for Il-2. It generates single missions (unlike the campaign generator) but is imho powerful and Incredibly easy to use. I wish I could read assessments like yours here every day, because I too feel about il-2 just like you do!
  5. The newest version works miracles too ! Being able to easily create coop missions for 16 (and more) planes to join in from both allies as well as the axis side is an incredible feat. In the DCS ME it takes me a great deal of time and effort to achieve such a thing and thanks to SYN_Vander s program it is done in a heartbeat. Maybe one suggestion (I realize may surely not be important for others) ... I have created quite a lot of missions for many planes and time periods. I like to adapt those missions from time to time, but there is no (re-)load option AFAIK, only mission save as ... Would be very usefull (to me anyway) as a mission overview list and/or update feature. But again, many thanks SYN_Vander.
  6. Supercarrier ... WOW ! Just hope Nvidia will release the RTX 3080 TI in time !
  7. This is true if you want it to be. That is an option. There are many controls that could better(?) be done thru a click-pit. If I look at the potentially needed/available keyboard shortcuts ... it seems far from DCS, but IMHO still ... a bit overwelming (according to the sim mode one chooses). The choice was initially made against those click-pits, but I, personally, would not object to have it nevertheless in a distant future. I am a bit used to the DCS pits, so maybe I am biased, but would not call it 'crazy' to hope for it in IL-2. But I agree with people here that there are probably more important features and improvements to long for !
  8. Hi all, I was so confused at first when I saw a different server list and forgot I still had MODS on, stupid of me because I thought for a moment there were different servers for Steam and non-steam users ๐Ÿ™‚ ! Thanks, Kind regards
  9. Best IL-2 related article/review I ever read ! Thanks
  10. Great ! But, what about the menus/UI ... the one of TF Cliffs v 4.57 is still "old fashion". Will it be made to look more like the IL-2 GB interface ? What about a better/nicer Quick Mission Editor (e.g. in IL-2 GB) ?
  11. @DetCord12B. I always thought these types of assessments were unique to the DCS 'expert' community, but I was wrong. Those Devs of 1C/777 and ED (a.o.) work overtime for years so that we can enjoy our hobby. I'm sure once FS 2020 is out people will start comparing that civilian flightsim against IL-2 and DCS too. AFAIK there is no way these sim-types can be compared. IL-2 gave me personally even more satisfaction than DCS, regardless of those supposed 'shortcomings' that seem to bother some ! Of course, as always ... YMMV.
  12. CFS ? Even Microsoft would spend many years to even equal IL-2 or DCS. The satellite big data streaming solution seems indeed only applicable for current-day civilian flight sims. But maybe the so called new Microprose can still come up with a true(?) challenger to IL-2 or DCS Modern Air War (but I personally doubt it !). I invested a lot of time and money into DCS and now (less) into IL-2 and a successor better be real convincing and ground breaking ! Many devs have tried to get into flight combat sims in the past, many have failed and probably lost a lot of money in the process ! My assumption is that these sims are incredibly hard to make (takes a lot of the very best software engineers and aviation experts of course) and it is far easier and economically more logical to produce the next PUBG or Doom. Microsoft itself won t risk it, but maybe they would be better off to heavily invest in 1C/777 and/or ED and that way at least get their name on the opening screens ๐Ÿ™‚
  13. @Blooddawn1942 Well, again, that's truly ... amazing... But maybe you have a background as a real pilot (unlike me) ? Problem for me is that I forget the many differences after a few weeks or months. I am probably bad at DCS but don,t really care ... I still love DCS as well as of course IL-2 very much (IL-2 being far easier to get to grips with). Sincere regards, Stefaan
  14. @Blooddawn1942ICloD Channel Map is indeed fantastic. It also means that the expectations for the Normandy map may/will be quite high !? So you not only own each DCS module, but also know how to operate each one !? That is really amazing. Personally I also own most DCS modules, but really know how to operate each as it should be flown ... no way ? Would like though, but to me that seems an almost impossible feat. Some DCS modules, to me, are more to "fly around" in, not really operate everything. In Il-2 I at least know where to begin ... take off, but in DCS even that is not always easy for me (like a cold start without a Youtube clip on second monitor) and I use a cheat - auto-start engines. Congrats Blooddawn1942.
  15. It is indeed liveless, but IMHO the focus of DCS is plane modelling, far more than IL-2 that offers me an all-in-one wartime experience. In general I personally love the IL-2 maps more than those of DCS but nevertheless the DCS Normandy map is quite detailed !
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