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  1. Indeed sallee, Clod graphics are still top notch, even after so many years! I feel just like you I guess delighted that this AAA title is still supported. Most good games, even sims, are abandoned from day 1 (thinking about a. o. Apache air assault) and we should be grateful this is not the case here!
  2. It seems to me they could easily have released this a long time ago but then the scope got different ... they wanted to put in so may new planes, boats etc, refine the game engine etc etc I, personally, am glad they waited until it had become as described (post Jason) and not released early. Now we can only hope it sells even better than expected and then ... even a VR version would be around the corner !???
  3. This news sure made my day ! Instant buy ... IL-2 GB BoN content incoming and now Desrt Wings : Tobruk ! much coming this summer ... but BBQ's and travel may have to be postponed anyway ! BTW I thought Tobruk would never be released b4 the 22 century, glad I was wrong :-)
  4. I can assure you win 2004 + the newest nvidia driver version work perfectly and smooth (letting Nvidia drivers directly manage the VRAM). Everything 'feels' better/faster to me in all sims I tried since then (my fps went up by about 1-5 fps, depending on game and settings). (BTW according to HW website's benchmarking slower GFX cards -like mine in fact - will benefit from this) I don't have a problem with this mod, except it does not load instantly at initial missions start ... I get a fuzzy cockpit for one or two seconds that may be due to texture loading (?) But I will never play IL-2 without this cockpit mod !
  5. The P47 will be great in DCS too as soon as there are good campaigns over the channel map for it and once it will be v completed. Until then I fly the DCS version only occasionally. IL 2 though is, imho, still unbeatable as a true immersive experience. That is the reason I left the WWII warbird experience for Il-2. DCS WWII still feels like a WIP.
  6. Indeed ! Unfortunately I read that this would not really be addressed in TFS 5.0. I do hope they will be able to correct the old fashion UI at least to some extent !? This UI was the first thing that struck me and it sure did not look as an AAA title to me. I got used to it in time, but still ...
  7. If Microprose can offer The Mighty 8 as described it is worth a thousand USD to me ! B-24, in VR, must mean ultimate immersion. But let's not forget we already have this experiece (not B-24, but A-20 etc) to some extent anyway. In IL-2 we can have MP in a bomber already, we can fly against those A-20 etc ! IL-2 already has that experience (not 10 MP mode though) and I do hope Microprose will be able to improve on this with this 10-player MP mode in one and the same B-24. Much is going to depend on the AI too ... I don't think the B-24 will get filled with human players all the time and therefore the AI should be quite capable. But, a lot to look forward too. In the meantime we do have IL-2 GB already to practice our bombing runs ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. I would truly wish for ... everything of that !? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Most important though ... Thank you for all you did for us !
  9. Posters are concerned about the FM. I, PERSONALLY, am much more concerned about the limited game modes! Afaik, no mission editor, no custom matches (were we could set up our own battles for our friends/squadron). Not many AI entities etc. Eve Valkyrie : warzone had most of these features though and was quite similar in concept... except for that unique 'star wars' setting of course! I hope I am very wrong about this, but if SW:Squadrons turns out to be a scripted, limited mp oriented game it can hold only my attention for a few days... at most!? I hope YMMV ๐Ÿ˜‰
  10. That is great news. However, there is also the issue of the UI ... most VR games that alse have a pancake version have a terrible 2D UI AFAIK. VR + NON-VR seems complicated to do right !?
  11. I just wonder though that with so many hi-res TFS 5.0 cockpits VR might be quite difficult and/or time consuming to implement!? VR means that 3D is needed in the cockpits for about everything, something I have no idea what that would mean for Clod!? If VR is not done right, would it not be a waste of time?
  12. Looks quite scripted and confined. A lot like "Eve Valkyrie : Warzone" in a Star Wars world. Eve also has trackir and tobi support, hardware that, Afaik has never been supported in any EA game! Looking at the visuals it becomes clear to me why the required Hardware specs are low ... cartoonish environment and 'cockpit' look. But at least people probably won't need to get a 3090 Titan to play this in VR ! As expected this is an Arcade title .. perfect for the EA target-audience. Back to IL-2 for me... Unscripted, true-to-life, real cockpits. I do intend to check this new EA title out anyway, but... Not expecting the world and... not to get disappointed.
  13. If you like a cheap spacesim with true Newtonian physics you might check out 'Astrokill' on steam. Unfortunately it may have been abandoned since 2019. It has great visuals and 'true' physics. IMHO It is quite hard to get used to such physics when coming from IL-2, DCS and Star Wars sims/games though. It always gets me frustrated and then I wipe it from the SSD (over and over again). Science is always great, but is it always ... fun !??
  14. The XWZ upgrade team have done a great job. However, IMHO, XWA update sill looks dated by today's standards unless it gets completely rewritten and I hope that is what EA has done !? [OTOH CloD TFS 5.0, seems to to feature state-of-the-art visuals and I am more looking forward to that more than a.o. SW: SQ].
  15. I am very suspicious about any flightsim/game without both first-person/cockpit as wel as 3rd person views. Most probably the so called cockpit will be no more than some kind of 3D overlay. As others have mentioned atmospheric flight like in IL-2 GB is most probably far more immersive than battles in outer space can ever be ! My personal bet would be that even EVE-Valkyrie : Warzone will prove more of a sim than this one. At least in Eve Valkyrie we can setup our own (coop - PVE) battles at least to some extent. It is not scripted in everything (like I expect this to be). If Everspace 2 ever gets VR it would surely blow this Star Wars title out of the universe. But of course there is only 1 true ... "Star Wars universe" franchise.
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