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  1. DCS Supercarrier for a mere 25 USD makes it sheer impossible not to get it ! 🙂
  2. Vulkan API sure does on my PC ! No Man's Sky Vulkan vs DX did make a positive difference in FPS. Hopefully if DCS implements Vulkan too (may take a while as does eveything DCS) it will do the same there (?). But "deferred shading" will be great as well for IL-2, no doubt ! (although it did seem to create some minor problems at first in DCS 2.5).
  3. Thank you all ! Fantastic, the new Tank as well as improvements for Rhineland map. And of course Deferred Shading tech, whenever it gets in, is quite some icing on the cake ! ... curious when we will see this version 4.004 🙂
  4. DD today ... I Want to Believe ! (didn't hear a thing, but The Truth being Out There and such)
  5. I use SYN_Vander"s Easy Missions Generator quite a lot. Hopefully, one fine day, it (similar functionality) can somehow be implemented into IL-2 GB itself !? In DCS we also have the Quick Mission Ediror and Full Mission Editor kinda integrated into DCS World. I read that in DCS 'MAC' (future more 'relaxed' flight sim) a more full featured, yet accessible Mission Generator would get implemented. Anyway, the DCS Full Mission Editor now is (to me) still quite difficult to use and so I am real glad something like SYN_Vander "IL-2 EMG" does exist because IMHO the integrated IL-2 QMB is not really sufficient (for my -coop-flying setup purposes).
  6. simfan2015 + BoN Wow ! ... Very generous of you !
  7. Looking at fs2020 I think that we are more likely looking at napkins and... Pong! With DCS World and il-2 maps we can at least interact in some ways, destroy, move stuff! The fs2020 maps... Wait and see if those are not only great looking placeholders. Dunno for sure of course, but I would not be at all surprised ! I have seen too many truly dead scenery in sims. At least the TC map is nothing like that.
  8. That is exactly what I would have guessed ! [BTW, TC seems different to me in so many ways as well ... not only the vehicle control keys] a.o. I downloaded a U-2VS (user made) mission pack a few days ago ... you may also find one for the Ju-52 !? (I would download that one too). Good Luck !
  9. Maybe ... But since DCS World will now feature 2 free maps, thus if you buy just one module, like FC3 or one study-module, you already have a complete sim/game. As you write, indeed, most DCS planes go on sale for a mere 25 USD. IL-2 BOS, BOM, BOK are even cheaper (too cheap in fact :-)). My favourite sims -those that still reside on my PC SSDs and as a whole- costed me between 1000 and 2000 USD. Not a lot if I look at the cost of all other 'gaming' software JUNK on Steam e.g. !
  10. Thank you so much ! BTW SYN_Vander, will you be putting TC into a future version of the EMG or will you maybe turn to a seperate program ?
  11. Afaik those promised systems will end up in the release version. I too buy Early in the EA period, but if I was planning to be upset about it not fully as hoped for I would simply wait a few years and then buy the modules (almost) feature complete at... half price or less. Same goes for il-2!
  12. People can never be even a bit pleased it seems !? Everyone is shouting for PTO, everyone wants updated planes, maps ... in DCS and of course IL-2. But no-one seems to be able to wait a bit longer and/or spent some extra $ to make it all happen ? I am also really looking forward to the new A-10C and KA50 ... finally 100 percent compatible with the new 2.5.5+ DCS engine. IMHO DCS as well is IL-2 is becoming a better experience each and every month and I, personally, am still willing to dedicate what it takes to improve my enjoyment. The free pacific map is probably the best decision ED has made in quite some time !
  13. Thank you Jaws2020 for that valuable and illustrated information ! It comes down to CPU multicore support and, probably most of all, about the ... GPU. I really believe longing for a 2020 next gen AMD or Nvidia GPU is a better bet than getting that new even-more-cores CPU ... for gaming only !?
  14. No other reason than for people wanting the most possible FPS in gaming only. But I personally also see no reason unless maybe one demands the highest possible FPS at the highest possible game settings (with an RTX 2080 Ti) ... that is what I gather from hardware + game reviews. "I bet then both AMD and Intel have new CPUs to offer. ..." : indeed ... battle will be continued.
  15. Only gaming? Then indeed Intel still seems best for VR and Ultimate fps... Until Ryzen 4000 gets released at the end of 2020!?
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