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  1. simfan2015

    LAGG-3 4K Cockpit

    I have tested this mod that was put/copied over Oyster_KAI's enhanced cockpits. Works out great, amazing ! Amazing !!!
  2. I personally like TC far more than DCS Combined Arms. TC is far more detailed and complicated IMHO. It all depends on what people expect, but in fact I sttill like both, even the bug ridden DCS CA. It is not that we have so many other options that grant us a Digital Battlefield ... War Thunder like games targetting another type of players !?
  3. I am so looking forward to these 2 vehicles! I also like the fact these are not restricted to TC! I already bought TC, but IMHO if turned into a bundle or sale together with TC it might be an incentive to get more people into this type of non aviation Warfare!? DCS combined arms is not up to TC at all and might never be and this is another opportunity to... show it.
  4. Also truly looking forward to the hurricane! Who wouldn't be!? So curious to compare it against the Clod Blitz tobruk versions!
  5. These vehicles were promised and will be delivered. Why not simply look at the fact this makes GB even more a true Battlefield experience. We have TC and now also get these... What can be wrong with getting more variety of gameplay!? Good call 1C and Jason.
  6. Anything added to BoX is a bonus and this is more than I, personally, expected about the introduction of new (collector-item) vehicles. I feared TC (and similar 'vehicle'-game modes) was over and done with, but not so. It is hard (for me) to be 'dissapointed' in any way when I get something new ?! Nobody is forcing me to buy (but did it anyway) any of of the collector items ... so I see no problem at all. Maybe with the upcoming "Air Marchal" it gets even more interesting/order/place(?) and/or to use these vehicles.
  7. I'm real glad TC is not abandonned after all ! Promises/features ... and more ... were kept regarding TC. Now still hoping for a TC2 ... Battle in France, Belgium, Germany ... (?) Thanks !
  8. I was so looking forward to squadrons till I got confirmation that TrackIr will not be supported !!! I am so sorry I preordered (at the time I got 5 EURO reduction because of steam sale). Even at 34 EURO I would *not* have bought it if I knew it did not get TrackIr support ... to me this means it is DOA ! I will just wait until I get a Reverb G2 VR headset to fly in VR. Flatscreen without TrackIr is so ... 1999.
  9. My personal(!) guess is that you might also just kill your (older) PSU if you upgrade to the 3080/3090. If you have a 2080 Ti with 11GB of VRAM it will surely be more than enough for almost any non-VR game/sim, even in 4K (except with ultra settings and +60FPS). For VR and the latest titles with a.o. the new VR Reverb G2 ... I think not even the 3090 will be enough to maintain 60-90 FPS (surely not in DCS) ! I have a very slow system and for me it is of course very clear I desperately need a new system with a insane powerfull 'special' 3080/3090 PSU of *at least 850W* (and who knows what the 4090 will require :-)) The 2080 Ti was an incredibly fast GPU and ... IMHO ... it still is, a 3090 can't change that ! I, personally, would not 'upgrade' from the 2080 TI to 3080 (it is a downgrade in VRAM!). However, if you could sell your entire system at a good price ... who knows and, later, get the 3090 ... Ti ?
  10. https://www.google.be/amp/s/stormbirds.blog/2020/08/17/planned-improvements-to-desert-wings-tobruk-from-team-fusion/amp/?espv=1 TFS is supposedly planning to use trueSky technology. Was a Buzzsaw post, written about on stormbirds.blog by shamrockonfive. I searched for videos on this technology and found that it also aims to help enabling transparant waters, ocean, under the sea scenery etc. Of course this is no turnkey solution and will at least still require a lot of programming using e. G. an SDK API or something like that!?
  11. It is very well possible CloD Tobruk will get it soon (?) because I read that TFS is planning to implement a new cloud system using a tool that also allows for transparent water and waves, better shorelines etc. Maybe one of the TFS Devs can comment on this. Never read anything on this for GB though.
  12. IMHO the biggest plus of Box now is... the best VR support of any flightSim in existence (elite dangerous being different genre). At least according to many. If ever the Clod engine was to get VR it would be a sure contender, if only because of the incredibly great performance of the 2d flat engine... needed for VR implementation. IL 2 VR and Clod VR will make me buy the hp reverb g2, regardless of the drawbacks of VR in general! I love bos and Clod and hope both will prosper for many years to come.
  13. Indeed, the Tobruk maps feels more real and looks great now! This was really needed but now it's ok! Thanks
  14. Yes, the Hurri is coming ! Great to also learn about TC improvements. Great DD, as always, thx !!
  15. TFS Thank you for even further improving this title and your continued dedication and believe in it. I sure share your enthusiasm.
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