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  1. simfan2015

    Future for VR

    It amazes me that some people think that properly implementing vr in a game that was not initially made for VR would prove to be a turn-key solution!!? Put in VR or I won't buy... that is sure going to help those Devs ๐Ÿ™‚
  2. TFS already indicated that *if* they went for a version 6 it would be ... VR. IMHO DCS World (new map and planes ?) and maybe the new Microprose (???) might be the better bet at this time ... at least if we hope to get any pacific scenario before 2030 !? However, I would, of course, be interested in knowing what the TFS Devs think about your suggestion.
  3. Indeed driftaholic, the new LG OLED48CX is my choice. At the end of May we can get it at around 1700 USD/EUR for about the same amount of money as the PIMAX 8K+. Of course there is no comparison because probably no flat screen (however big and/or curved) can offer true VR immersion. I will buy the LG though because that 48 inch OLED screen can be used for so much more content than the PIMAX. Also an RTX 2080 Ti gets us 4K up to 120 FPS (VRR + g-Sync) on that screen/monitor unlike any PIMAX 8K can do right now. 1700 USD is a steal if you compare it against true dedicated gaming monitors of the same size which are not even OLED ! This LG OLED48CX will probably be sold out immediately ... it will probably prove that disruptive !?
  4. Of course it makes a big difference on a ... large monitor that is. Starting from 32 inches, IMHO, 4K is a must (to me anyway). IL-2 and DCS are terrific in glorious 4K. 8K is another matter ... unless you have 20/20 vision as well as a 88+ inch screen it makes little difference. You can find most of what matters over here ... https://www.techhive.com/article/3529913/8k-vs-4k-tvs-most-consumers-cannot-tell-the-difference.html However 2K > QHD > 4K does make a difference. One big IF ... not all games are true QHD or 4K textured, optimized ... then playing those (older) games, even in Windows 4K, may make you believe it is played in lower resolution. Again, IMHO, I have played IL-2, DCS, ... in 2k, QHD as well as 4K and each time I immediately noticed real benefits.
  5. simfan2015

    Future for VR

    Dunno about BoX, but according to Steam Statistics this still seems true for most games/sims ! Indeed. Just take "Eve : Valkyrie" (space sim/game) as an example. The studio behind it reasoned long after release they needed a 'flat' version of the game after all and said it was as a 'gift to the community'. Maybe true, but I guess they also realized it is hard to make enough money from a VR-only title whereas this is still in 2020 no real problem for a 2d-flat game ... look at the upcoming DOOM Eternal with probably (one of) the most advanced flat-screen-game-engines in existance. I do know of the new very promising VR-Only (Valve) game Alex ... but that might just be ... the exception to the rule !?? I too hope for TFS 6.0 VR support of course but ... wouldn't dare to hold my breath for it ! An aftertought ... EVERY GAMER now seems to demand VR support ... or would not buy the upcoming title ! However, I wonder just how many of those protesters actually already own a VR headset themselves !??? BTW I am excited about TrackIr support in CloD as ... that is what most simmers seem to really have !!!?
  6. Is that not what SQ-42 is planning to accomplish by giving meaning to gameplay in the greatest challenge of all : saving the human race. Something like so many games are set out to do like even ... DOOM !? But this always seems to work ... it worked for Wing Commander too !
  7. Even if we don't die from it, if I look at the patient's suffering ... it's horrible !
  8. I hope Squadron 42 will change all this !? Been hoping for a spiritual successor to Wing Commander for many years. But Squadron 42 won't be a true sim of course and Everspace 2 won't be either.
  9. Indeed ATAG_SKUD, I'm afraid none of us is gonna have much fun for much longer !!! People start to panic here as well ... in Europe.
  10. Very brave of you, but we can't accept your sacrifice ๐Ÿ™‚ Unfortunately, just like in a war, an epidemic like this only brings out the worst in people !
  11. Agreed ... what better to fight Covid-19 than with ... Corona Extra ... Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚ However, here in the Old continent we are getting quite disturbed about it as it hits us too. You can't fight this ... at least in our World Wars we could fight like hell but this enemy is the most powerful yet biggest coward of them all ... it preys on the weak. We can only drink to forget hoping the spirit of this nice Corona (beer) will protect us !
  12. "Everspace 2" is shaping up to be the ulimate space-sim that will allow for truly rewarding gameplay in a Sandbox environment. It will feature a great cockpit view, superb visuals as well as 6 DOF Track-IR support. I have tried most space-sims but IMHO those are either utterly boring, too complex for spacecraft that do not even exist, too arcade-like ... Everspace 1 is great fun but a simple shooter. Everspace 2 was what the community really wanted ! To be released in 2021, but in EA this year. BTW it's not up to the sim-standard of a.o. IL-2 of course, but it does look worth it ... besides there are very few alternatives if you like to have some fun in a still believable space environment.
  13. simfan2015

    Future for VR

    Thank you all ... will try VR out asap. For PS/XBOX type of games I sure see the immediate benefits because controlling options seem more straightforward than for a.o. CloD, BoS and ... even surely ... DCS. But since the F35 fighter plane also seems to put a real VR-type helmet on a pilot's head is must be feasible ๐Ÿ™‚
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