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  1. At the time Xsolla indeed demanded a picture of my PayPal account as well. This is simply unacceptable. I never had any similar issue until that day. It only proves to me that Xsolla itself is doing something that is not acceptable by financial services. They should prove they are legit... not us, the 1C loyal customers!?
  2. Thank you all for these assessment of both il-2 and DCS. This sure is very valuable information for anyone trying to decide on one, or the other or... Both! Although I like DCS very much I, personally, always have the feeling I am fighting the game itself, far more than the enemy. Of course I am looking forward to the mossie and corsair too and as always... won't resist to buy those DCS modules on day 1. However, I keep returning to il-2 since that fine day I first installed it, simply because it is the only modern day sim/game that indeed gives one the impression to return in time and fight those fearful enemies in WWII and WW I. I hate being shot down over Normandy in a spit in 1944 by... a DCS F14B ! 🙂
  3. "authorises the card...." At the time I simply tried to pay thru PayPal, as I did many times before that day! Same issue, trying directly with credit cards did not work either... Until using the what I would call... Manual certification method. Very strange! About taking our business elsewhere... is not an option. .. There is neither an Xsolla alternative, nor anything as great as il-2 sturmovik GB!
  4. Happy 2021 for you and the team too Jason! Wish all 1C / 777 great Succes with sales and future development!
  5. A possibility is that whenever the Xsolla automated process does not get a swift response from our PayPal or credit card automated process it will block your email/login for manual review. That might explain why it seems to happen at random and to some people but not others!? Did 1C ever issue a statement that could explain why this happens at times???
  6. Ok, thanks, but at the time I tries PayPal as wel, and as far as I remember tried 2 credit cards. I guess my email was blocked or so... dunno, but I needed to contact Xsolla to get me 'unblocked'.The only reason I can come up with is the fact that in a few days I bought several products and collector planes and maybe there is some kind of limit... Still don't know what caused the issue!? Thanks and happy 2021!!!
  7. What do you mean by 'reset' ... not a single payment type worked for me at the time !? But I will try with another credit card next time it happens.
  8. May help, that's for sure, but from what I have read here and over at the DCS forums ... not even a ZEN3 5950X can keep up with the most demanding missions (like a great number of bombers and ULTRA settings 4K and surely not in DCS in VR it seems !)
  9. I had a similar problem with that Xsolla payment service, around a year ago. None of my payment methods were accepted. Never had any issue with any service or website before that. To get things 'solved' I had to disclose financial transfer information. Very fishy... they make it seem like you are the problem, but my guess it the exact opposite! I wished 1c would look into these matters because they are obviously losing money over this. What is this Xsolla? Why not use one of the more trusted similar services??? Since then I bought quite a bit thru them but still fear they can somehow refuse my payments again!?
  10. I have played CLOD and DCS for many years and the last 2 years IL-2 on mostly lower end pc's. Indeed playing mp is a problem, but sp is ok, surely for Il-2 and clod. The major performance issue (for the flightsims that I know of) is the CPU, not really GPU (unless you would like 4k ultra settings in il-2 or dcs in which case a higher end GPU is needed) . I have an (150 usd) MSI 1650 OC and play at 4K without any problem, high settings at around 60 fps... Unless a lot is going on in the mission and the cpu can't keep up. I write this to let people looking to get into il-2 know that even any (average) 8gb ram dell or hp pc with a mere 250 w psu can allow you to run il-2 without any problem in UHD, as long as you get an nvidia 1650 (or better the upcoming rtx 3050 or similar). The il-2 Devs have done an incredible job at optimizing this Sim!!!
  11. It might be simple... maybe it won't be a true flightsim at all. Heliborne uses UE4 and it is not difficult to spot the engine's limitations, at least in that game and the way it got implemented. If it turns out to be a cockpit only game like stars wars Squadrons then that too would probably make a huge difference. If microprose only selected the game engine at this time we are years away from it becoming available. UE5 might be the way to go!?
  12. [IMHO those 4K cockpits (and 4k SKINS) are such a major improvement that I won't notice the outside damage to my plane anyway ... looking too much at my nice 4K intruments 🙂 ] Thanks for this incredible holiday present.
  13. Indeed ...what an incredible improvement over the old FC cockpit !!! On my 48" LG Oled the sim now even challenges the incredible DCS World study-sim cockpits. (I only wish I had a PIMAX 8K VR headset ... even an HP Reverb G2) Are you + the IL-2 Dev team going to introduce all future FC 2, 3 and BoN cockpits with the same 4K detail level (I sure hope so) !??? Thank you so much !
  14. Thank you so much Jason and Oyster KAI for this cooperation and accomplishment!!!
  15. Thank you and congratulations for the official acknowledgement by Jason and the team of you valuable contribution to il-2 GB. We are all looking forward to your future accomplishments Oyster Kai!
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