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  1. 'This is usually due to Hardware limits' ... indeed a known issue. If I look at a sim (EA on steam) UBOAT ... had some issues with time compression too. Can also be ... the other way around... If you play an old game on a new system you can really see some strange things too, time compression, speed up or not. [If we were able to play games/sims of today on theorethically almost infinitely fast systems and resource unlimited, something like 32K graphics cards, in the year 2030 or so ... then game designers should have been taken into consideration that quite some limitations/restrictions/slowdowns had to put be in place or vice versa (support for ultra high resolutions like that, 1024-core 25-Ghz Gz CPUs ... !?). I, personally, would like to test that 🙂)
  2. $1500 ? Prices in the US sure are quite different from those in Europe ! The higher-end Build that I assembled (on a shop's website) would cost me around 3000 EURO (+3000 USD), especially for gaming at 4K Ultra (and a good 32" UHD monitor). Even if you can build a PC now for say, 1000 USD, 3 years from now it will be quite useless, for gaming @ +60FPS anyway. VR ... only best rig is OK according to everything I read (especially for DCS). RTX 2080 Ti 16 GB of fast RAM (e.g. 3200 CL15) ... only those 2 items already equal +1500 USD. Now, maybe for IL-2 @ 4K VR that $1500 may be sufficient though, dunno, but otherwise ... Regards Stefaan
  3. Thank you Sschatten, good to know ! IL-2 So only up to 9 GB !? Quite Nice. [OTOH DCS World, in 4K and heavy campaign missions it easily goes way beyond 16 GB of RAM... at least that s what I read. Will have to get me 32 GB of RAM because of DCS. In DCS more of the bigger maps are loaded on demand, dunno if that is still needed if a config has 32 GB of memory or more]
  4. JG77_Kemp, I fully agree ... no true benefit if not all the way. In fact I truly question whether it will ever be done in this gaming engine and in fact I can easily live with that. IMHO in DCS it is still not always easy even possible , for me, to locate any switch etc anyway while flying (if you don't have TrackIR, a 50+"-4K+ monitor, while plane shaking, turning ...) [But YMMV].
  5. Indeed, JG77_Kemp ... that's for a realistic mode. I did learn how to e.g. start the DCS P-51D by looking at Youtube vids. The Cheat OTOH (RWIN-Home key) is what I personally believe some/most people use after their own clicking-fest-novelty wears out (?). With the 5-10 clickable areas I meant Arcade-like-gaming stuff such as Start-Engine, Close Canopy, Propellor, Eject, Cockpit lights, Stop-Engine ... not increase left engine torque, throttle by 5% or dealing with even more in-depth engine specific features. I like to take off manually (not that hard compared to DCS), but wonder how many people would even like to use the Autopilot for takeoff instead ??? So ... "What "gives" a clikable cockpit?".
  6. Click-Pits are, IMHO, always great. But indeed no need to map every single instrument. Something like 5, up to 10 that are (mostly) about the same objects (but in different positions of course!) would suffice. IL-2 type planes would be perfect for such a simplified implementation (taking into account something like that superb IL-2 default keyboard assgnment) Making it even easier to operate than say, the CloD clickable cockpits. For non 'true-experienced-pilots' making every single instrument clickable is making it impossible (for me and in DCS, thinking of a.o. F18 and F14) to learn to fly (as intended) more than 1 or maybe 2 different planes/helis at the time. The few instruments that would be clickable could even be constantly illuminated (as an option of course) if so desired !? YMMV.
  7. .. P-51D and P-38 a.o. are iconic for sure ! [BTW I hope DCS gets the P-38 flyable later on as well ... incredible fighter that IL-2 gets first ... Yes !!!]
  8. DCS World is an alternative if you like ships (and of course the dedicated games like "World Of Warships" ...). Submarines ... there is the new "Uboat" in Early Access you can buy on steam. ... In DCS you will be able to perform carrier operations (dunno about the learning curve, the module is not out yet but on my bucket list). I would welcome naval operations in IL-2 as well though. Performancewise it would probably not be a good idea. Don't know how TC influences performance (if you fly above), but combined arms (more than tanks like ships, submarines, harbours) will surely require additional resources. But I, personally and FWIW, sure welcome the idea of such a "Ship Commander" module. Chances of this happening are most probably close to zero.
  9. I am quite new to IL-2 related matters so what I write about IL-2 is of little importance, but FWIW ... I, personally, will be very happy with whatever these Devs will come up with next ... So many (also very promising-) sims have been abandonned for mostly economic reasons. I sincerely doubt any sim developper is into it for the money (first), but if it doen't sell it has to be abandonned. Nobody works for free. We also have to keep in mind that not all customers are living in the US, or Western Europe. Therefore not everybody truly cares much about the Pacific, or Russia or Korea or ... I am really curious of course like everybody else but FWIW my *personal* preference would be WWII Pacific (YMMV!) I can't wait to hear about ... Post ? ...
  10. Thank you Jaegermeister for your valuable feedback ! I will surely check out some of your and other downloadable content. Sincere regards, Stefaan
  11. Thank you again Dev, Looking forward to the TC campaigns, altough I am enjoying TC so much as it is already. [BTW ... Count me in as an early adopter to anything IL-2 may offer next ... even as I have my hands full right now with eveything already on offer !] Sincere regards, Stefaan
  12. Thank You so much BlackSix ! That was the answer I was looking for. Thank you for your time answering this. I did look for this, but could not find an answer like yours. I can fully understand why the IL-2 Devs don't want us to mess with the Campaign files (meaning it might be shared for 'free' and so on). Still trying to figure out the IL-2 mission and campaign editor. It is great to know that I can still make progress in any campaign I paid for, even if I keep failing a certain mission ! IL-2 BOX is a gem I am so sorry I didn't try until now (only after 25+ years of simming). But ... better late than never ! Kind regards, Stefaan
  13. I hope someone knowledgeable can shed some light on why I can't find campaign files. In IL-2 we seem to get one free campaign available by default, the reset is to be paid for. '..\Campaign' folder on the disk is empty though. It seems the campaign progress is somehow linked to our accounts because I can't find a file for it ? Can we not get access to individual (paid- or free-) campaign missions that we have not yet succesfully fullfilled (like in arcade games ?) OTOH in e.g. DCS world any campaign mission (flown/succeeded or not yet-) can always be individually selected and must not necessarily be played sequentially. How is the the campaign system implemented in IL-2 ... linked to our accounts ? I read that 'Founders' can skip Campaign missions ... but becoming a Founder is unfortunately no longer an option. It great that we got a Dynamic Campaign in BOX like in RoF, but still ... Can't we simply skip (free- or paid-for) campaign missions we are not able to fly successfully or are interested in ? Thank You so much. Stefaan
  14. You are right ! Sorry about that !!! So much the better ! Thanks. Stefaan
  15. Sorry, I am still quite new at the IL-2 world and community. In IL-2 we seem to have one free campaign available by default. But the campaign folder on the disk is empty !? It seems the campaign progress is somehow linked to our accounts ? That means that as a non founder we can not get access to individual missions we have not yet succeeded (like in an arcade game?) However in e.g. DCS world any campaign mission (flown/succeeded or not yet-) can already be individually selected and must not necessarily be played sequentially. How is this -paid for- campaign system implemented in IL-2 ... linked to an account and kept and downloaded that way ? Can't we simply skip campaign missions we are not able to fly successfully ? Sorry, I ask a lot, I hope someone would be so kind to explain it in a few sentences. Thank You so much ! Stefaan
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