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  1. That is quite obvious. If not then that would also mean that *at least* 25% of the Steam users have a very fast PC ... this does not seem to be the case yet. But it is also obvious that, indeed, quite a lot of people that are into serious flight sims do have a VR headset. As soon as Apple gets into the VR/AR business with a small, but high-end headset (what I guess will be the case) VR for the 'masses' will really take off. [Don't forget ... Apple invented "Hot Water (TM)"]
  2. Very impressive ! This attention to detail is unique ! Thank You TFS !
  3. @dburne and orhers... Indeed "Jane's Longbow" was a true revelation in those days ! It was probably extremely easy to het into compared to ... what's coming from ED (at least what is to be expected from this DCS study-sim-module). I would love something like the original "Jane's Longbow" with the same easy learning curve but with 2021 'DCS-worthy' graphics. Apache : Air Assault was something like that (easy to get into), but was not really up to the "Jane's Longbow" standards. It has/had rather good graphics (even now in 2021 not that bad) but with *very* lim
  4. The DCS AH-64D is looking to become yet another awesome milestone for simmers all over the world. I cherish my 2 games/sims that already feature the longbow... Apache :Air Assault and the Arma 3 official AH-64D mod (this incredibly detailed 'mod' being free if you have the now - on sale- 6 usd Arma 3 game). It is as detailed as the DCS AH-64D mod that most here may know and fly once in a while!? . BTW quite a lot of the DCS planes and helicopters are also available to Arma 3 in mod versions as well as a few WWII war birds. These are, of course, not up to dcs or il-2 standards, but do offer tru
  5. These pictures sure look photo realistic. I dare say even better than ... DCS ! It again proves that Blitz/Desert Wings is still the masterpiece that was far ahead of its time when it was first released. After all the rewriting, correcting, enhancements and the Tobruk DLC it only got better. Looking forwards to the TrueSky implementation that will make it all even more yaw-dropping !
  6. I knew and do understand this, but why does a bank do such a thing when ... it never happened in so many other transactions on the exact same account with the exact same means (credit card, paypal ...) ? Anyway, each time I buy something thru Xsolla from that time on I am no longer sure I will be able to do so or have go through this procedure all over again. BTW I will keep on buying from 1C/777 nevertheless though since this issue never happened again since that one time.
  7. @davesax1965 ... that is the exact same 'solution' that I had to give the my exact same problem. However, I sure would not call this a real solution, because it seems to be Xsolla is the problem and not us ! They should produce evidence to the banks, paypal etc that what you call 'micropayments' is a legal/right way and for whatever reason they do this. If I had any other option at the time I would surely have used it because this 'workflow' seems very fishy to me. I know that e.g. paypal may block (regularly) some provisions on an account ... but never request somet
  8. The microprose B17 game is most probably far more detailed in every way, but still the way B17 Squadron looks reminds me of a simplified version of uboat... Up in the air though.
  9. Congratulations SYN_Vander and thanks a lot ! Couldn't imagine IL-2 GB and TC without your mission generators anymore !
  10. Incoming ... also " B-17 Squadron" on Steam with exactly that ... Crew/Squad management (seems to turn out not unlike the beloved 'UBOAT') ... Seems to be yet anothet B-17 experience simulator with indeed and especially a ... "management" part : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1502460/B17_Squadron/
  11. Since "War on The Sea" from Killerfish Games is going to be released in February I wonder how this is different from Microprose "Task Force : Admiral" ! It looks very similar to me except -technically/graphically- TFA is using DX11 whereas War on The Sea seems to be DX9 (older game-engine ?). *Both* look great but I, personally, would like to know in which of these upcoming game I would invest the time and effort to get familiar with !? Does anyone have any idea how these are different ??? Thank you.
  12. At the time Xsolla indeed demanded a picture of my PayPal account as well. This is simply unacceptable. I never had any similar issue until that day. It only proves to me that Xsolla itself is doing something that is not acceptable by financial services. They should prove they are legit... not us, the 1C loyal customers!?
  13. Thank you all for these assessment of both il-2 and DCS. This sure is very valuable information for anyone trying to decide on one, or the other or... Both! Although I like DCS very much I, personally, always have the feeling I am fighting the game itself, far more than the enemy. Of course I am looking forward to the mossie and corsair too and as always... won't resist to buy those DCS modules on day 1. However, I keep returning to il-2 since that fine day I first installed it, simply because it is the only modern day sim/game that indeed gives one the impression to return in time and fight t
  14. "authorises the card...." At the time I simply tried to pay thru PayPal, as I did many times before that day! Same issue, trying directly with credit cards did not work either... Until using the what I would call... Manual certification method. Very strange! About taking our business elsewhere... is not an option. .. There is neither an Xsolla alternative, nor anything as great as il-2 sturmovik GB!
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