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  1. Okay that's my bad I sped through that faster than the Stuka's over London..
  2. Have you not been around the forum? If we ever got access to being able to make our own aircraft in game, that'd pretty much render the DLC useless and mean that we can make mods instead of buying aircraft from the Devs. With that said, here's what Jason has posted here about mods and being able to make certain mods with what access we have: So, I'm sure you can put 2+2 together and figure out what I'm trying to say... And you've been a part of this community for longer than I have...
  3. RIP to all the massive amount of skin files (God knows how many and how much probably in near a TB or something) that need fixing. 💀
  4. Hi @jack333 - Do not worry about translator and etc - this is the beauty of the simulator ; bringing everyone from all regions and lands together with a similar goal/interest in topic. To the topic of the problem I faced - this was solved via nVidia Control Panel and not through Resolution Scaling factor as you had shown, but, I hope your post will help others who rarely face this strange issue. Regards and best wishes.
  5. Trust me, I had this game running on a GTS 450 with Medium Graphics at about 40 fps stable, with 25/30 on populated fields. Resolution did not affect this thing ; it would still happen if I cranked up my resolution or knocked it even more down to 640*480. However, I know what's the cause of it and it is in some way, resolution, but somewhere else. I will send you ( @jack333) a PM. EDIT: @jack333 - I cannot send you PM ; please change your Forum profile settings.
  6. @LizLemon - Lurking and following your work is always rewarding. This looks great. Keep it up.
  7. Yep got that answer and put it in the first post. Would have loved this answer ages ago honestly, not going to lie, cheers anyhoo!
  8. Bump as I've answered this question myself and posted the answer in the top, in case anyone manages to use the search feature and coincidentally asks this same question.
  9. @HR_Tofolo Wait, are those custom objects or something???
  10. Wow, the Me626 sounds real spooky!
  11. You're most likely trying to apply the code for something it's not intended for cheese the code system. Which amount discount code are you using for what store item..? EG - Are you trying to use the 75% off for Flying Circus?
  12. PS you don't need to post the same point across on other threads, just saying. A quick search would have given you the above.
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