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  1. @Jason_Williams, @Sneaksie - Can we please have a separate tab/subthread/thread for Change Logs/etc? I had a Steam update yesterday and posts just get lost and it would be really great to have one of those just for Change Logs/etc similar to how CS:GO has it's Change Logs/Updates section in it's Blog. Not saying a blog has to be made, but just a separate thread if that's okay. This page gets bombarded with posts left right and center... I was really confused as to what updated when I had a Steam update with no info section yesterday and there's so many people/programs putting Change Logs in dedicated places and it'd also help grow the sections on the forums in a good way maybe.
  2. I think it somewhat is supposed to simulate the noise/wind leaking in through gaps in the cockpit at joints and etc. Haven't tested the BoBp stuff as I don't own them but it's an assumption.
  3. Here I am just waiting for the sound bug to be fixed. 😁
  4. Turn your sound off. :)) Jokes aside, with a little searching you can find these nifty things. Maybe these will help? I mean they will, one's old, ones a newer version but that's for you to read up and see which you want and how to use them. Hope it helps.
  5. @TP_Fritz Whoop. I've posted you to my exact same question/thread. The answer is in the first post of it which I edited with direct links. I got mine/these links thanks to @FoxbatRU Hope it helps. PS you will have to login with your IL-2 account (this one) credentials since you'll be using the forum.il2sturmovik.RU site.
  6. Has anyone managed to get it working? Despite extracting the latest gfx files yet no success; still on a black screen... Trying to just use a simple, single DDS file with just the Sim logo on it... Disregard that, I've gotten it working and got an understanding of the values, what has to change and etc.
  7. @56RAF_Roblex - Erm, you do know, that you just have to log into your IL-2 account there and click on the -namehere-.zip file to download it, yes..?
  8. @FoxbatRU - Spasibo spasibo spasibo! This is perfect!
  9. Don't get me wrong; I didn't point that towards you, yes, while it's an absolutely valid link, it was one of the most common during my search, sort of how when you Google Image search something nowadays, the tops are usually consisting of Pinterest links, if so to say. That's a good one, I completely forgot about that, I have a few Zvezda kits, though, not with all the numbers, that'd be a good starting point, somewhat a brainfart moment which your idea hit me and reminded me that I do have them, time to dig them out of the storage.
  10. Something similar happened here; I was like huh? What? What went wrong? I can't se anything wrong here: Went to externals and then: Oh. Now this makes sense, but, wouldn't have I seen it..? Apparently not..? Until you turn your head a little then it pops back into existence. Same here: Poof! It's like magic! I don't know where to post this, but it's relevant and I have no intention of hijacking your thread; it's to do with things ghosting again, and my name isn't relevant to any of this.😁
  11. Hi all, sorry for the late reply; been busy trying to find work again, and it's been a pain. Been to that site many times, that was one of the sites I was talking about. Yeah, figured. I found the Luftwaffe fonts and RAF markings and USAF marking fonts and those worked good, somehow, the Russian ones seem to be the hardest to find... Since they don't exist online. True, but, kinda bums me out a bit that my Ruskie aircraft don't have as much of a historical/historically accurate numbering and etc as the rest of the planes do. My best bet is probably just using Adobe Illustrator to trace/generate a higher resolution of the numbers and such and then get those into Photoshop. Was hoping some skinners would have shared some stuff, but that's just Perfect World nonsense again. Might have to ask this on the Russian side of this forum and may get results there. Cheers all, thanks for the suggestions/tips. Ghost
  12. Welp, reading this tread may have been a bad idea and kind of ruined it already.. Not pointing fingers at anyone; it's my fault for reading on...
  13. Edit: You can find these sort of markings in fonts as shared by @FoxbatRU here: You will need to use your current forum account credentials there since you're on the IL2.RU site instead of the .com one, but it will work, but it'll be a whole separate profile. Just FYI. Many thanks for sharing this for those who can't search the Russian forums/key words! Old post: Hi all, I've some really great skins online with authentic looking/almost entirely accurate numbers on the USSR Aircraft on IL-2 BoS. I was just wondering if anyone has links or such to these numbers or a .psd graphics file full of these? I've tried searching online and I've found all the Luftwaffe ones and the RAF ones from sites like S.P.S. and etc but I just get thrown with either links to WWII photo references or just the star markings... Currently using a font to somewhat resemble the numbers but it's missing that WWII feel; especially since the other 30 skins I've made for the RAF, Luftwaffe and etc have all the correct markings and numbering stencils... Many many thanks in advance. Ghost
  14. It's a cheap budget LG monitor that's used as a mini TV for really economical use; I am aware of gaming mode and etc for all these things and am not exactly new, but again, this 59 FPS cap does sometimes provide help. I've enabled/locked my FPS to 59 using Nvidia Inspector for now and have noticed a difference in my control response as I have with CS:GO. Again, this is just a suggestion for them but thanks for the info though.
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