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  1. If the tail-section was a soft spot, Hans-Joachim Marseille would have not died lmao. 😂👌💯💯💯
  2. Same goes for the 109 tail too I guess. :^)
  3. Probably a mod that flies the 109.
  4. Played Combat BoX For the first time and it was pretty cool, just wanted to say a pretty nice experience (first time flying full expert controls since I don't have a HOTAS quarant) but it was pretty cool. Thanks to the Luftwaffles (109/idk) that saved me (110) that was getting picked on by a P51, who went straight into the ground (kek); made it back to base with one engine, - feels good.
  5. If you're using a force feedback joystick that doesn't work, like the Saitek Cyborg Evo Force, that might be it; use to have crashes with it with "Force Feedback" on.
  6. How can we get more people interested? Maybe not have half the forum consisting of members who are worse than Arma 3's/Dota 2/LoL's community for a start. Oh and fix the 109's tail section DM, of course.
  7. Does this including fixing the 109's OP Aldofium tail section made from the finest of invincible parts? :^)
  8. (My opponents are extremely lucky mind you... -rage- Whoops better not say anything because apparently it's all just me.) Thanks for the explanation
  9. I'm sorry, what move..? Literally just getting photos of Dolphins. Like dive and pull up or..? Cause I need to test this lmao
  10. @Trooper117, @BladeMeister, @Feathered_IV, @CountZero Welp there goes my left nut... No Hurri -crie-
  11. The Holy Virgin of course. :^) plz don't be anal about it.
  12. @Feathered_IV - Trust me you don't want to, I feel like it's dead and just useless tissue at this point. -crie- Not sure it even works :^) @BladeMeister - Might switch the bet to the right one, today the right one wants to play dumb. @CountZero - You really don't want me to have that Hurricane, do you..? 💔
  13. Betting my left testicle on this.
  14. Being a CS:GO player, I don't teabag teammates for fun; I Scout/AWP/D.Eagle them to the head for shits and giggles as do they. In BoX we do the same thing in a way... After the end of a sortie we shoot flares at one another for shits and giggles mid air or on the ground, pure harmless fun, but that's off topic... My response to this topic? C'est la vie. I guess @GOA_Karaya_VR is like me, don't want to shoot people in chutes (punssss).Ban or don't ban; that's the admin/server/host's rules/choice... This is one of those questions that'll have people pointing fingers/trash talking one anoth
  15. Hi @Sokol1, Thanks for the info and suggestion - trust me, once you've mucked with the Immobilizer/wiring for an E36/any car honestly, nothing is a mess to understand and screw around. As for Saitek/Logitech's quality, that is there, no denying it being an owner of a Cyborg Evo Force from Saitek... I may drop this idea as a member here has offered some kind help so let's see. -Ghost
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