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  1. We have been here the whole time but were starting the process of moving the campaign over to BoX
  2. A proper russian bomber would be nice pe8 or a tb3 would be nice (tb3 would be even better if i could get my mates to join me under the wings )
  3. Honestly i wouldn't even try bothering with anything but a joystick you can pick cheapies up for 20 to 30 bucks which are pretty good or just go for the hundred dollar investment my sidewinder FF 2 i have had since i was a little boy playing il2 1946
  4. So last night joined a server for about 3 hours and was just having fun jumping into deafbees HE111 with leaf and being gunners and my god its fun but really i feel for gunners in bombers the firing arcs are terrible and when enemies do come into the sight there not there for to long and 7.92 are not really that effective half the time we were dieing before they could be shot at.
  5. Adelaide hasnt had a f1 track since 1995 man hahah its melbourne that has it now And thanks All!
  6. I'm probably going to buy the game tomorrow or the day after and i have a couple of questions. 1. I want to know which is better the FW 190 or the La5 i know being 2 diffrent planes they are very diffrent but in your experince which is the better fighter overall? 2.This question is more towards fellow Australians but how is the online connection? Cheers
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