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  1. A little update on how this noob is doing. It's Saturday afternoon, my PC went on at 6am (I have a hang over and fell asleep on the sofa, hence the early start) and I've been taking off and landing in a, very kindly gifted, U-2VS. I jumped into various aircraft initially, including a Spitfire which I couldn't stop myself from buying, and whilst I was able to bobble about in them I thought it best to start at the bottom of the pile (or more politely; to start at the beginning.) It's taken me ages to map out my controls (and I've been sure to map everything that I may need in the future) and now I've forgotten what I put where on my HOTAS so will have to either put post-its everywhere or make a lot of little stickers for each control. This game reminds me hugely of Elite Dangerous and all the post-its, Googling, forum threads and YouTube videos it required just to get me from one situation to the next and I like that. A good challenge, some hard work and frustration and eventually ( I hope) a sudden realisation that 'I'm getting there.' Despite having a VR set-up I'm starting out using my monitor and using the free-camera/external view to check things like flaps are up or I'm centred on the runway whilst taxi-ing. I've read some very useful information from the "Beginners start here" thread which has enabled me to deal with stalling and even my first corkscrew spin though it was very close to me splatting o the ground. It seems this may well be a game that gets its hooks into me, just what I need at the start of what looks like a long, hot summer 😉
  2. You read my mind😀 Despite having a good knowledge of 20th Century history I’m clearly going to need to gen up on much here.😊
  3. At the moment I only half know what you're talking about, and I'm on the wrong forum for that.....but give me time - hopefully.😀 Yeah, I went in with the three big updates/dlc - but I don't know whether the MkIX is included in any of those. I'll have a good play around over the weekend (if I can get off the ground that is!)
  4. Thanks to everyone for your advice and tips. After a little play around before work, and just after posting this thread, my Google-Fu kicked in and I managed to track down some advice on getting my position set up so I’m set to go on this issue at least. Although I think I’ll certainly follow Alonzo’s advice and begin with my monitor simply so I can get to grips with the most basic of basics - despite being a sucker for the immersive nature of VR. You’ve all managed to fill the upcoming weekend for me, two days in front of YouTube and a HOTAS by the looks of things - my wife will be overjoyed 😁 I’m afraid I went straight in with the Steam purchase of Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban (its been on my wish list for ages but I kept putting a purchase off so this time I went all in.) Future purchases will go through the Dev’s website. One final point; I’m not a big forum user generally although the ED forums have been very useful, so any heads up on the ‘Like,’ ‘Upvote’ and so on type things used here would be appreciated - when people make an effort as you have its good to show my appreciation but knowing the correct or best manner always helps. Thanks again and I hope to see a lot more of you on the forums and in the air
  5. Hi everyone. So I'm an Elite Dangerous Cmdr who finally picked up IL-2 Sturmovik in the current sale having prevaricated for far too long over the purchase. As fans of the game you may be wondering why, or know all too well how daunting this game and sims in general can be to the newbie. I haven't played a flight sim of any kind (I'm not counting ED) since Microsoft's Combat Flight Simulator back in the late Nineties' on my old Sidewinder Precision Pro and whilst I loved it I was never a competent pilot. That's an itch I've wanted to scratch ever since and now appears to be the time to finally do it. So I've done probably the worst possible thing and jumped right in, only to have a quick look but I've immediately run into problems. I'm using a X-55 Rhino and Samsung Odyssey HMD and mapped the throttle, pitch, roll and yaw simply so I could jump into a quick mission and check out the feel late last night, having just downloaded the game, only to find myself sitting on the wing. I've been playing around trying to find the best way to set up my headset and reset the view nice and easily but the sheer number of 'snap to such and such view' is a little overwhelming, as are the volume of controls required to have full control over these aircraft. So, I'm hoping there may be an upto date tutorial or series of guides that may help in general and, perhaps, specifically for the X-55. Anything that explains what each control actually does will help me understand what I will need to map and to where or even if I need to delve into the dreaded Saitek software. Elite Dangerous has a similarly famed steep learning curve with little to no official guide so I'm certainly happy to start at the bottom of the pile and start a long slog....I just need to know where to start in terms of up to date info. Looking forward to starting my flight career again, after many many years. Thanks
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