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  1. First of all this is awesome and your work to keep it updated is appreciated! I'm fairly new to IL-2 and very new to multiplayer hosting. In a few months I've gone from having one battle to all of the Russian front and convincing 5 friends to do the same. So naturally we want to play coop together. I downloaded and hosted the Krech and Stalingrad Random missions the other night. I placed the files in my Dogfight directory, launched the game and created a dogfight server. Everyone joined and we had a great time despite a few oddities like enemies despawning after a time and enemy shipping with a destroyer not firing back. Today I noticed your very clear reminder. So I'm guessing any odd behavior encountered is a result of me creating a Dogfight server in game as opposed to running from Dserver. This leads me to a few questions: 1. Just to be clear, I should not create a Coop or Dogfight server in game for these files correct? There is no way to run this properly from the in game create a server? 2. Per your reminder I need to use Dserver. Your wording is "Independent Dserver." Do I have to have a whole separate server? Can I use the same PC for Dserver and the game? Assuming I can run Dsever on the same PC that I am also playing on I'l be off to figure out how to setup Dserver. 😃
  2. Thanks for all the help. It was mostly the Spit but I think my own abilities enabled me to spin others.
  3. Noob here. Playing coop with friends the other day and I can barely take off because I cannot lock my tail wheel. I hit LShift+G and no message on screen, no switches or levers move in the cockpit, nothing. Spin out as I throttle up. I've mapped and remapped the control. Never get a message. What am I doing wrong? Spit, Yak, whatever. Same issue. Not sure how I ended up in this sub. Maybe I'm just as bad at foruming as flying. Whoever can move please move. Or delete. I still need the help. Just didn't mean for it to end up here.
  4. Another new guy here. I bought BOS near the beginning of the summer sale. As a sim novice I really appreciate the approachability of this title. Immediately I was having a blast. So far I'm really liking the career mode. After about a week I was hooked and grabbed BOM premium as well. My only regret at this point is that I didn't get BOS premium initially. Told a few buddies about it and a couple have picked up BOS and are enjoying it also. I think I'd like to try multiplayer eventually though I'm surely at the sad end of the ability bell curve. However there seems to be good resources here and maybe I can find a squadron that does training. The last time I was this geeked about a flight game was Aces Over Europe or B-17 Flying Fortress waaay back.
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