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  1. Lots more Italian birds they could have there like the G.55 or Re.2001, but generally seems like a very real possibility, would be lots of fun I think.
  2. As the title says I'm just curious what the community expects from future content updates. So far we have: Western front '44 Western Front '45 Eastern Front '41 Eastern Front '42 Eastern Front '43 WW1 Western Front '17 Personally, here are some ideas I have for some future updates Battle of France '40 North Africa 1940-1942 Mediterranean 1940-1943 Eastern Front '45 Note: Really wouldn't offer much new German tech, would mostly just offer final variants of key soviet designs like the La-7 and Yak-3 Japan
  3. I tried the workaround, but setting that last number to "1" inverts the axis, so I end up turning left when I mean to go right and vice versa. If you wouldn't mind, could you send a screenshot of that part of your Notepad file?
  4. Yeah it only works one way, blame Valve for that, they want their cut of the profit
  5. I see, it hadn't occured to me that my tail may be in the wrong place but now that you mention it I realize I was hardly touching my rudder. Thank you for the tip! Thanks! I'll definitely check out Berloga then. I'll try to do some singleplayer missions with expert controls before I even try to do that in multiplayer, but that is my end goal.
  6. Howdy, I'm a bit new to this game and I was hoping to learn some skills by playing against a friend. He set up a private dogfight server but when I went to join my game would just freeze on the server select screen. I think it might have something to do with the way my game is installed, I have mine on my D drive but he has his on C, so maybe the game is looking for files in the wrong directory? How would I go about fixing this? To be clear, we just want some simple fun, just me and him with unlimited respawns and all the planes we own on a small empty map.
  7. Hey guys, bit of a noob here, just want to ask a quick couple questions: 1. Why do I stall during dogfights? I don't feel like I'm pulling the stick too hard, maybe hitting like 6G. Using full elevator trim helps a bit but I still feel like I'm missing something 2. How much engine management should I expect on multiplayer servers? I'm not super fond of managing mixture, rads, supercharger, propeller pitch etc, I'm just looking for a bit of fun. What servers should I be looking to join? Thanks in advance!
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