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  1. Patrick raises an excellent point about (lack of) opponent piloting skills. That's why I think the AI development should not exclusively be taken in the direction of better aerial gunning, since that often already hugely surpasses historical levels. Instead the AI should be better at being worse: More human mistakes, less flying the plane at its limits but perhaps more wingman cohesion and squad tactics out of a desire to survive.
  2. Tested out the Spit. It's a handful to handle, it feels heavy. I already stalled the plane multiple times. Going to have to work a bit on better AOA control.
  3. I was just thinking recently I would be happy to hear some development updates from time to time. I don't actually need screenshots or even semi-weekly dev updates like BoX but a few snippets of what's going on would be very welcome.
  4. I was wondering which games are the very first to portray (within their technical means) a realistic simulation of a named WW2 plane. 2D and 3D games apply as long as their ambition is to create a simulation of some kind. Looking at this list: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Combat_flight_simulation_game#World_War_II It would seem Ace of Aces, Battlehawks 1942 and Air Warrior (which actually released in ~1988) are among the first. Interesting article about Air Warrior's legacy: https://tagn.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/air-warrior-vague-memories-from-the-early-days
  5. At some point I am happy with gunnery skills and dogfighting ability and instead what I want to see are improvments to high-level decision making and flight and wingman cohesion and tactics.
  6. Curious, I want to say there is some kind of performance improvement in the update, noticably clouds cause less slowdown in VR. Am I imagining things?
  7. Latest version produces an error for me when trying to generate a mission using following campaign parameters: (New campaign: VVS) Map: Stalingrad Date: 1st May 1942 Squadron: 273rd Fighter Air Regiment (Yak 1 ser.69) PWCG Error Tue Feb 16 15:33:39 CET 2021 pwcg.core.exception.PWCGException: No definition found for request Country = RUSSIA Date = 19420501 Class = DrifterAAA
  8. I have not yet properly diagnosed the reason but I suspect it’s the strain of holding an unnatural pose for too long when either tracking s target or lining up a guns shot. I think you are right about the deadzone helping but this has frustrated me as well as small perspective corrections then become more difficult to judge. I am going to keep trying from time to time.
  9. I disagree with what you said strongly. I have detailed my struggles to make trackIR work for me in order to enjoy this fantastic game but it has ultimately repelled me as neck pain in trying to control the Camera makes longer sessions not possible for me. i would suggest thinking of VR not in terms of a graphics feature but as an accessibility option for people who have no other way in.
  10. I fear the answer is obviously "don't attack alone" but when going solo there isn't always the luxury of someone distracting ground fire so you can precision bomb. So how to best to approach dive-bombing a target that is defended by AAA? Do you go for a 90° dive? If it's a ship the AAA station is just on top of your actual target.
  11. This is likely a broad topic bit I would like a bit of advice on how to transition into a good attack position once you actually spot a Target down below. I typically run into this situation: - patrolling friendly defense objective (ie. in 109F4@5000m) and spot a target straight down below with fighter escort (~1000m) - straight dive results in overspeed and lack of attack maneuverability - extending and slow descent risks loss of target acquisition and leaves objective exposed - spiraling down I almost always get detected and the target assumes defensive posture.
  12. I suspect VFR navigation difficulty may be unrealistically heightened somewhat by a lack unique landmarks and textures unlike the real world which has more detailed scenery. Not to say that realworld VFR is easy, you can get easily lost up there.
  13. I've only recently begun playing Blitz in earnest but I love the game so far. Bought Tobruk too to support the project. Unfortunately as much as I tried I get a serious jolt of neck pain of playing via TrackIR in Blitz after 30 minutes. I just can't do it and it feels like I am just hurting myself. I don't have these problems in VR so I think my problem is trying to hold an unnatural head position for too long and straining my neck. I guess some people have better neck health but I am close to giving up as much as it pains me to forego this fantastic sim for now.
  14. MGs work perfectly again! Torched a couple of different AI planes and it's good to have the guns back. Thanks IL-2 team.
  15. Good news on the machinegun damage bug. I was just 1vs1-ing F4 vs Hurricane and Hurricane vs F4 and could not wrap my mind about how many MG hits each plane took with no damage to show.
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