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  1. Nice Rani! Just ordered my Rift S! See you in the skies!
  2. The JU52 was a static model in the game right from the start and people asked for a flyable version......they got it. Relax people, if all goes well I am sure the devs will make the B-25 etc flyable. I am pretty sure they will drop it in a surprise announcement. They often have a holiday surprise and I am pretty sure they are working on the B25 as we speak. This is why I think its important to support everything they produce because it opens up opportunities to create more flyable models and maps....including the pacific. If you all want the pacific so bad then you need to support the DEV team by buying the stuff they create. Don't sit and whine that its not fair and you've been deceived etc. You wouldn't be posting here if you did not care so exercise patience and think positive and show your positivity by supporting the DEV team. I hate tanks but dang it I am even considering buying Tank Crew just to throw cash at the team. OK, maybe when its on a sale. These guys are working day and night to keep their jobs and their and our dreams alive. The only way this will happen is if their products are a success. IL2 is the closest chance we have of getting amazing theatres recreated and for that alone I think they deserve our support. If you support a dream then there is a really good chance it will become a reality. If you sit and whine and radiate negativity you just make it harder for everyone to achieve goals and dreams.
  3. Those that want to be dramatic can do so. Throw your toys etc but when those razorbacks and p51B's spawn next to you, you'll gladly buy the game and these little rants will be forgotten. Onwards and upwards!
  4. Il2 game engine was already updated to DX11 so they have worked on the engine so who's to say it won't continue. They have already fixed and advanced a lot and I am sure that as things evolve we will get better and better...... just look at the massive jump from IL2 1946 to CODover to WT to IL2 Great Battles and DCS. Now that VR is here and as it progresses I think things will get even more immersive. I cant wait for HD or 4k resolution in a VR headset!! DCS is without a doubt a great product and the detail is boggling but in terms of visual detail and graphics IL2 is better than DCS IMHO. The price is indeed more for a module but you get an entire set of beautifully replicated planes AND a new (detailed) map so I believe its better value. Most probably also because I play Il2 many more hours over DCS. People can be pissed the Pacific is not announced but the reality this is a product that exists on a knife-edge. I am grateful there is any WW2 sim/game at all.
  5. I look at DCS and what they are producing and the rate that it gets produced.... I look at IL2 BoX and it is staggering what they have done and how fast they produce QUALITY models for us to fly. Yet people still complain. A whole planeset costs the same as a single plane on DCS. Someone even commented that BoN is 10USD more than BoB and wanted justification.πŸ˜–πŸ˜¬ We all want PTO, but as we all know it is just not possible at this stage. The current global economy sucks ballz so we are lucky just to get BoN and a team that is able to work on ANY kind of sim content. It's such a niche game that any kind of new plane is a blessing. I sound like a fanboy yes ..... the game has many problems but they seem to be sorting them bit by bit with the odd bit of progress sometimes going backwards but as I said above, I'm just grateful we have a product that is dedicated to recreating ww1 and 2 planes and the worlds that they operated in. (The winter dawn scenes still blow my mind). Thanks DEV team....supporting as usual.
  6. Oh *&^% ..... I said Lagg3.... I must have an agenda..... I am just lobbying. I must not be so specific. Is that a lagg3 in the video? S&^#, did I just say Lagg3? Should I rather say, "pixels depicting that of a man-made flying machine". Is that too specific? Am I lobbying too much? Lets rather call it a f-15 EAGLE then noone will know what plane I am referring to then we don't know which plane MIGHT have a problem and nobody knows exactly which plane that MIGHT be. Schwarz, even better idea.....can you edit the video so that the plane that shall not be mentioned be blurred entirely so that noone has a cooking clue what plane it is. Please, also change the title so as to not be biased if you don't mind. They might call you a LuftWhiner. Better safe than sorry. Ok so you ARE saying that there is nothing to see here, move along, its just a biased, whining LW pilot. Thanks for your input, very insightful indeed.
  7. OK Chimango you win..... your argue till death comes approach carried you through. But can you please just look at the first video and say, "there is nothing to see here, move along". Just pretend the Lagg3 is a german-made nazi aircraft and that the 109's were actually vvs designs. I'll do the same.
  8. Funny how the lagg collides with a tree and takes many many hits from at least 2 109's and just keeps on trucking. Then they argue.πŸ˜– The collision with the tree alone should be the end of any kind of discussion that there is a problem with the physics/DM. Scary thing is.....they walk among us.😬
  9. Awesome results so far...sooo happy for Wales! Maybe watch the All Blacks play.πŸ˜‰
  10. Good luck tomorrow Stumble! All Blacks rock!
  11. Goooood luck Russia!! I really hope Wales and Ireland can pull off some magic this year. Regards from South Africa!
  12. Please just fix the Hs129 trigger for god's sake. So tired of wasting 30mm shells on AAπŸ˜’πŸ˜’
  13. Sublime.... CountZero is one of the best out, don't miss the opportunity he is offering you. Nice one CountZero!
  14. Yeah its great.... I jumped on TAW last night with Justin and Hardekoning. Took out 3 AA guns in my 110 and was on my way to tanks. Got jumped by 2 ratas that promptly made mince meat of me. Oh well, I bailed and was enjoying the beautiful sunrise until one of them (Riksen or GIFTHART) chutekilled me.😬😬😬😬😬 I left and flew on KOTA with Shadow and Yorkshire.... there were only 3 people online and I still thoroughly enjoyed it. I can see why a lot of people enjoy single player missions.
  15. Oh hell....looks like TAW has become more cumbersome than ever.... I really didn't have the time to fly on it previously so I think I'll have to stick to other servers(KOTA and Berloga). Its a pity really because it is such a good server and the intentions and ideas are there but for someone flying as a ground pounder (which this server demands), you cannot fly alone. If you get shot down, you miss your sortie with your mates. Out of 2 hours available flying time Ill probably get 50 -60 minutes, the rest will be waiting for time penalties and flying supply runs which is not my idea of fun. What is great about this is you won't get rammers or vulchers and you definitely are not going to take a miscalculated attack on a ground attacker.
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