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  1. min 3h27 to 3h34....watch the plane diving from right to left just after shots fired....it shudders then disappears completely at 3h34 .Could be a youtube thing but it vanishes and reappears at 3h41 in front then turns under your nose. This is something that happens a lot currently in game especially with contacts below the horizon. Please check your recording, Jason and let us know.
  2. Most of the time the vis in VR is pretty crap but I would really be pushed to the limit to go back to a monitor and trackIR....I'll jump on this when VR is enabled. Good job to the devs. S!
  3. Weren't there also playable AA guns supposed to be made for TC? Looks fantastic!
  4. If you done fighting AI and handling your plane then go to Berloga and thrash it out,,,,don't worry about dying because everyone gets smashed in there ....A LOT. Keep at it till you start getting consistent kills. What makes it easy is you just restart and you're back in the pit in seconds like nothing happened. The other servers like like Wings of Liberty and Combat Box are much like berloga just with ground targets to attack and defend. They also have an average 5-10 min to get to the action(Wings is much closer). If you want to go hard and you have plenty time to dick around the
  5. Sooooo....last week after taking it apart for the 1000th time I whipped out the old glue gun. I disconnected the connector,then reinserted it. I left about 10mm space for an emergency and then proceeded to hot glue the wires down against the board so they can't move at all. Since I did this I have not had any spikes at all so this may have solved the problem. What I did realise is the wires seem to be squeezed against the case and the board in front....amazingly this pinching seems to have been causing the issue but now that the wires are stuck firmly under the glue it seems to have solved the
  6. Yeah so mine randomly reverts to twitches and spikes every couple of days....it eventually becomes unusable and I have to strip it to unplug the roll axis connector. It then works fine for a few days as it then descends into its next cycle of madness.
  7. Is your unit unusable or are you able to fly but just not able to modify the axes?
  8. OK... I will recalibrate. I have moments when the ailerons spike and then also where they go full deflection and then freeze.
  9. My aileron control spikes and sometimes locks up and puts my into a roll where I end up flying into the ground....anyone else having weird issues? I open it up and disconnect the connector on that board then it works ok for a while (a week or so) then it starts again.
  10. And I've seen you demolish tanks with deadly accuracy... Thanks for your input.
  11. Anyone have any thoughts/observations on how bomb damage to tanks works after the latest patch(4.005)? I am under the impression that a 50kg right next to (2-5m - I am guessing here) a t34/KV1 will kill it now, where you used to have to put it on (0 - 1m) the tank in most cases? As it lands further away the blast damage reduces rapidly. What about mk103 AP rounds...any differences on their effectiveness?
  12. I have a very similar pair.... Inherited from my grandfather who was in the artillery in N Africa and Italy (Monte casino ).
  13. Wow... will be nice if they can get all those planes done in my lifetime.😋 I am learning the f-18 and DCS with a friend of mine teaching me.....it is very technical and you need a lot of understanding how all the various systems work together. Waypoints....radio, JDAM, litening pods, bomb types, missile types - evasion, SAMS, flares/chaff etc etc etc...its a lot if you just a casual. The thing that DCS jets like the f18 does not do for me is that it is like flying a hectic computer that can blow stuff up.... I love the raw intensity of a WW2 dogfight....Up close and v
  14. Incredible work as usual. Thanks for everything Dev Team.
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