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  1. I have a very similar pair.... Inherited from my grandfather who was in the artillery in N Africa and Italy (Monte casino ).
  2. Wow... will be nice if they can get all those planes done in my lifetime.๐Ÿ˜‹ I am learning the f-18 and DCS with a friend of mine teaching me.....it is very technical and you need a lot of understanding how all the various systems work together. Waypoints....radio, JDAM, litening pods, bomb types, missile types - evasion, SAMS, flares/chaff etc etc etc...its a lot if you just a casual. The thing that DCS jets like the f18 does not do for me is that it is like flying a hectic computer that can blow stuff up.... I love the raw intensity of a WW2 dogfight....Up close and very intense. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ
  3. Incredible work as usual. Thanks for everything Dev Team.
  4. Yeah... I have a winter Lapino practice map and when I land my plane goes under the runway and crashes. I also skidded after pulling out too late and my plane burrowed under the snow like a mole.๐Ÿ˜ Same issue?
  5. Yes it seems to be much better (Berloga).... Ill be on Combat Box later today.๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. OKaaaaay.....so, what is hyperthreading good for....why do the CPU guys make such a big deal of it? Are you implying that our good old PC (IL2BoX) can become a shiny new PC with little bits of new hardware (code) upgrades without buying a completely new PC? Will a new game engine fix that or are we still limited by computing power?
  7. Thats a good point..... I tried the careers when they first came out a few years ago, it was unplayable because of the stuttering....I remember now how bad that was that I never tried again. MP is like that now for me. Masser, dude.....there is no need to get personal or insulting.............. and yes I do agree with you to some extent, BUT.....I will say it again.....I am not complaining but this is my way of understanding if there is indeed a problem and IF there is a problem I would like to know where the solution may lie. I've been committed and patient since the beginning and I will continue to participate, contribute and wait until things evolve again, even if it does mean a RoF to FC migration.
  8. I might be wrong but I think you are underestimating a great piece of tech that brings new immersion to PC's in general and more specifically to gaming. You don't need a huge monitor. 3 years ago the VR goggles were insanely expensive and I did not even consider putting cash toward it. Yes, the new top end units are VERY expensive but you know what.... the Rift S costs under 400USD and that's when I jumped at it. Again, its not as good and it was not cheap BUT, I wont ever consider going back to pancake. I often find myself flying to objectives just staring at all the bits in my cockpit and out over my wings at the scenery passing below (not so much in MP because I get a bit ill)....its astounding. Just a few years ago a 48 inch led TV screen was a big spoil and not many people had them..... they are pretty much mainstream now. Yes, you have a 100inch 4k led at stupendous prices and yes its awesome but it ain't that much better than a decent 48 inch led thats 1/10th the price. Nonetheless I understand what you are saying and it might be a fad like 3d TV BUT whether its VR goggles or holographic solutions I think/believe a led monitors days are numbered when it comes to simming and probably even gaming. I might be wrong but VR kits are more popular and bigger than 3d screens ever were. There was talk of streaming live sports events etc to VR.... I am sure those days are coming. It would be interesting to see how many of our BoX players are on VR, I don't think its as few as we all think. When coders, GPU's and CPUs align to accommodate VR (or similar tech) then I think it will arrive in force. Pls share your setup. They have already optimised the existing engine I believe? Can they just fix the netcode etc or is a whole new engine required is what I am asking? Do we need to redo all the 3d models/damage models/AI etc etc to accomodate a new engine or can you just put new components into an existing PC chassis? I can rip the guts out of my PC and leave a few bits inside....it looks like an old pentium but whats really inside is a i9 at 6GHz with a 2080Ti....if you know what I mean? Or is PC programming/coding just not like that, do they need bin the old C+ and rewrite everything in Java?
  9. No complaints that the devs are not doing their best.... that's why I have every single product they have produced and are yet to produce (BoN). Are you guys referring to SP or MP performance? My SP experience in a quick mission is great...it truly is a beautiful experience in VR. But most my time is spent in MP with my squaddies and other assortment of mad online friends. It is here that I am struggling to get any kind of satisfactory result as I mentioned above. It seems the MP is really having issues and again I see that Jason and co. are addressing the issue. One could also argue that the tech is designed to work on older pc's but has not kept pace to take advantage of all the new features of modern cpu's and gpu's. Or is it just that flight sims are just much more intensive than fps shooters like battlefield etc? I don't know. What I do know is that VR has completely changed the game for me personally. It is clearly more demanding on the game and I am expecting the game to work for it now because I am addicted. I suppose in all fairness I am jumping the gun by bringing the stuttering issues up again BUT...... VR will get better and cheaper and PCs more powerful and it will in all likelihood become the mainstream of flight simming. I just want IL2 to be at the forefront when it does get there. Essentially I am not complaining, I just want whats best for the game as well as the dev team. Maybe not, but then won't a game engine update fix the netcode errors and stuttering? Or does it just need to be refined and a new engine really is not necessary whatsoever? Or is the hardware and internet limitations going to hold any flight sim back regardless of its modern code? From my limited knowledge I get the impression that the engine is outdated/old and is not utilising hardware capabilities like it should be?
  10. So everyone reckons the game code/engine is old.....????... right ....wrong??? Sell us a new game with the same content so that we get the experience we want....heck, I'll pay for it. Guys are discussing 800-1000USD CPU's here on the forums, then you have not even looked at a GPU or motherboard. Its no wonder this game is struggling for cash....it needs a minimum 3000 USD PC to run ok at best and even then its struggling, because of the old coding and netcode etc. The VR is insane in this game but the experience is demolished with all the stuttering in that you start to feel seriously ill. Sad really because you know they are onto something but its just not there yet. I'd much rather spend 80-100USD on a new game engine rather than MS2020 purely because they have no ww2 combat planned. I'd pass up on BoN (I've already committed) and Pacific theatre just to get a new BoStalingrad with a new engine running it. I am clearly not a techie... but i have invested a LOT into my setup to really get into this game. VKB pedals and joystick, mounts, throttles, VGA cards, RIFT S.... ALL imported because you can't buy them in Africa. All I am really saying is this............Tell me I am wrong in what I am assuming etc but if I might be right that a new engine will improve things then you have my 100% commitment..... who else?
  11. Well then they need to sell us a new engine...and throw a couple of planes in. I would be happy to pay. If I could just have a smooth MP VR performance I would pay 100USD. It's far cheaper than buying the latest hardware and goggles to try and get a measly few fps and reduce the horrible stuttering. You guys are discussing 800-1000USD CPU's here, then you have not even looked at a GPU or motherboard. Its no wonder this game is struggling for cash....it needs a minimum 3000USD PC to run and even then its struggling because of the old coding. The VR is insane in this game but the experience is demolished with all the stuttering in that you start to feel seriously ill. Sad really because you know they are onto something but its just not there yet.
  12. Why don't the devs fix/update the game engine instead of bringing new titles? Surely this is going to solve a lot of their headaches - and ours - and make the game run a lot smoother.
  13. How much of a job is it to change the engine to a more modern one that utilizes more cores on the pc..... Surely that will improve performance as well as most of the problems we are experiencing? I am under the impression the game only uses 1 core? I am sure it's a large job but surely worth it?
  14. I was on combat box the other night with 4 teammates. We attacked bridges with lots of AA guns around. I was in VR and the stuttering was so bad I got quite ill after it was over. I have a i7 6700k and 1080ti so my pc is not too slow. Its such a beautiful game but the stuttering is so bad it murders the experience.โ˜น๏ธ
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