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  1. I do have 1946, loaded it and it works fine. The reason I stopped flying was because I like Pacific theater rather than European.
  2. Guys, forgive me for not searching the forum but I just do not know where to start. I have not played IL2 or Pacific Fighters since I purchased all three games NEW when they were released!!!!. I still have all three boxes and I am interested in getting back into the game. I tried to install Pacific Fighters stand along in my new Aleinware R7. After all these years I think I finally have a comuter that can run the game in full effects BUT the game is old and I cant get it started. DirectX is out dated and I don't know were to start. I am starting from ground zero and I can not remember the steps to get everything updated. I am even still going to have to use the CD rather than the auto run code for now.
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