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  1. What firing range missions? Where are all these missions shared?
  2. I tried MP. Right now, TC is just cheap meat for the planes. One of the missions I played, I was obviously the only tank around, and had to move to an area of the map where I was supposed to capture the flag and possibly shoot at something. But to go there, I had to cross several open terrain locations with several planes preying on top. My life expectancy on the server was about no more than 5 minutes, sometimes I didnt last not even enough to turn the engine on cause planes were already buzzing on top of the spawn area. Very bad.
  3. My background is from playing and modding (map and mission making) sims like Steel Beasts Pro PE, DCS A-10C, Arma 3, Armored Brigade, Command: MNAO and car physics development for Assetto Corsa. Why I came here? In the hopes that this sim, which is in its early stages, can ever become a WW2 Steel Beasts with VR SUPPORT! This is my main expectation. My first and foremost opinion is that devs need to realize what they really want with this sim. Do they want to materialize the full potential of a tank simulator, or they want to keep it as compromised tank option on a flight sim world? This answer is of utmost importance right now because it will delineates the path of development and decisions throughout the sim's life time. Why? A tank sim differs from a flight sim in its environmental complexity and simplicity at the same time. Tank warfare is land based: it reads the land, therefore the complexity of the terrain will most of the time change the outcome of battle. As stated recently in Steel Beasts forums, with the addition of the new terrain engine that is about to be released, existing battles will probably have a different outcome, closer to reality, in that a more detailed terrain simulation will result in more hits to turret while a less detailed terrain, the old, did result in more distribution of hits between hull and turret. So more than ever, battles are likely to end in unresolved outcome. Right now, as a map maker, I see that the terrain is optimized for its brothers and sisters flight sims IL2. You see, flight sims on the other hand see the terrain from above and afar, so concessions could be made, primarily in the compromise between terrain detail vs size = performance. That my friends, is why on a top level simulation, tank sims and incompatible with flight sims: One of the two worlds must make a compromise. Either the flight sim sister will have to play on smaller, more detailed and performance hungry maps made for tanks on a dedicated, fully standalone sim, or tanks must make the compromise and simply become mere playable targets on the flight sim environment. The second most important aspect the complexity of the environment. On one hand a flight sim can go well with a simpler mechanics, like some ground targets pretending to fight in the general location of the objective, like it was in Longbow 2, is already enough. On a tank sim, on the other hand, coordination is key. Instead of writing and explaining, I think the best explanation is steel beasts manual. That's how it should be done. That includes the mission editor. It must be possible to create intelligent complex ground warfare missions and AI management while at same time it being simple enough that anyone can try. This also includes the controls which I don't need to say, are currently awful. So the question is: Are you devs going to make it a stand alone fulfilled potential tank simulator, or a mere tank option on a flight sim? https://www.steelbeasts.com/files/file/1095-sb-pro-manual-english/
  4. Its still very early. It has tremendous potential there, but the devs need to materialize.
  5. I would prefer to have a proper sim first, then more content later.
  6. If its a feature, than how do you reset it when you dont want it? I think I may have been misunderstood. I understand that the feature to have an autodrive activated when you look at the map is nice, but the problem is different. Its when you turn off the map and the controls are stuck. What happened was that I was driving forward and opened map while still pressing forward. Then I closed the map and the tank continued accelerating. I tried to stop and reverse, but it wouldnt reverse. When I then released the brakes/reverse, it started to move forward without any input. Stuck and no way to reset it back. Had to restart the mission.
  7. I found a bug that happens when one's driving the tank (accelerating or reversing) and simultaneously opens the map ("O"). When you closes the map, the control becomes stuck either forward or reverse.
  8. Im having some problems while playing in VR and operating the Commander' station in the Tiger. I feels like the head tracking is very clunky and the vision keeps like snappying up or down whenever I try to keep focus on the vision blocks. Very disturbing.
  9. This is how it should be. With the addition of Oculus Touch or Vive controls support to work as a "hotas" + mouse pointer, one could manage the tank easily. The difficult part would be when the hierarchy is implemented and one controls a full platoon of tanks, or maybe even a tank company. I'd suggest a UI similar to Arma 3's ACE^3
  10. I think Oculus Touch would do the trick if properly integrated.
  11. Besides the awkward control scheme, Im really impressed with the sim so far. It has do much potential. And in VR, it fells so amazing so immersive, making me wish that Nils at eSimGames would change his mind. But there are a few things that for me personally makes the cut. Are there plans for a mission editor? How about map making tools?
  12. First thing I noticed about this sim. HOW AWKWARD ARE THE CONTROLS?!?!?!?! Couldn't it be just something simpler and more traditional of the sorts of Steel Beasts? Cmon...
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