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  1. Hurricane also affected, I can see in slowmo (single player) 8/12 brownings tracers passing through doing no damage / minor cosmetic damage. No smoke etc from hits but pilots / gunners can still be killed.
  2. The problem it causes for me is the flicker that occurs in the game gives me headaches, I had 200 ish hours in the game and had no problems before the 4.5 update- when this started to get bad since then every time I play the flicker gives me a headache. I get that it might just be an issue with me, but it would be nice to know exactly what changed to cause this - even if it did mean I had to stop playing the game. '...The distant LOD scaling system has been adjusted, their lighting has been made full, atmospheric haze option and an increased MSAA level have been added..
  3. I'm still seeing flicker / shimmer even on the initial loading screen when you start the game after the latest update. Its almost like the 'il2 sturmovik' white text is flashing very fast. Im trying now to turn off all the addional graphics settings to see if it helps. Also trying the startup conmfig change: land_anisotropy = 16 land_tex_lods = 7 Worried my 1660 super may be faulty. Tried two different monitors. Will buy a new HDMI cable to eliminate that as well but its also doing it on my 1060 laptop so it is the game
  4. Auto scaling doesnt work for me, setting it manually seems to help. Still hit and miss if the game starts 'zoomed in' though.
  5. It doesnt scale back on 1.78, I've set it and rebooted but doesnt want to work, just zooms in on the game - this is on the 16:9 monitor as well. Auto scaling doesnt work for me, setting it manually seems to help. Still hit and miss if the game starts 'zoomed in' though.
  6. It 'works' on the 1900x1080 at dsr X2 2715x1527 and 30ish % smoothness but the the game still looks slightly wrong, everything is a bit too small and ive got UI scaling on auto, doesnt work at all on the ultrawide. Could be my GPU maybe isnt strong enough and ultrawide resolutions still cause a lot of games to fall over. Seems to help a little with the shimmering and jaggied edges but they're still visible. And going from ultrawide to 'normal' is difficult, miss that extra view.
  7. Hate to make more topics but I'm on a mission to sort out all these jagged artefacts and aliasing flicker issues I've been having. Native resolution is 2560x1080 DSR is enabled, override scale is set in control panel. Everything else default apart from prefer maximum power / performance setting. When I select a higher resolution in IL2 it sets that resolution, it doesnt downsample so everything looks wrong. Is this an issue with IL2 or an issue with me being on an ultrawide? Also just tried on a 1900x1080 monitor and game wont even st
  8. I've updated my drivers and reinstalled the game again, still flicker and shimmer. How do I use DSR? - native im 2560x1080 but whenever I enable DSR and change res in the game the resolution is 'wrong' it doesnt seem to scale back. Does il2 not support DSR?
  9. I'm getting the same drivers now. I just dont understand how you dont see the level of flicker in the game since the latest update / the staircase effect; and it was not doing it like this before. Even the text on the menus is aliased / 'jaggied' now and I've re-installed the game. Still flickering. Default settings everywhere. AA does not work!
  10. I seem to have lost the 'bubble' since my 4.501 update issues began. I used to see blurred pixellated landscapes and thought it was normal, they're more clear now but the bubble effect is gone and I have shimmering and flicker even on pause. I'm still playing with my settings though. Might copy yours as I also have a 1660 super but I have a Ryzen 3600 CPU. Is your 1660 super a Gigabyte OC edition one by any chance?? Edit: external camera makes things worse for me, in cockpit its much better. Im still not seeing a bubble though but maybe is map /
  11. I've reinstalled the game and using MSAA X4, LOD thing set to CLAMP and MFAA set to ALLOW in nvidia and the 'jaggies' and flicker are slightly better, not perfect as I remember it before but much better. Game looks different now, sort of 'smoother' like a filter over it?? I'll keep testing and hoping I dont have to buy an ATI card! even a 580 is expensive and apparately worse than my 1660 super! Edit: Its still flickering..... Edit 2: landscape is still flickering, but its worse on external view....need more testing. Now on MSAA X8
  12. Is there a way to disable this haze setting in the single player campaigns / career? Im also looking at changing my negative LOD BIAS to try and stop the flicker / shimmer
  13. Is this (or at least the issue I have problems with, flicker) 'negative lod bias' - read somewhere else on here about it 'some applications use negative LOD bias to sharpen texture filtering. This sharpens the stationary image but introduces aliasing when the scene is in motion' That seems to describe my issue as I see the lack of AA as flicker, Nvidia only has options to global setting (allow) / allow / clamp Guessing Clamp is OFF / reduced????? I've tried reinstalling, so I'm going to stop trying to find a 2nd hand Radeon graphics card and see
  14. I have a 1660 super and I pretty much see everything that you do, flickering and shimmering, ground being fuzzy and changing and AA doesnt seem to apply to everything. MSAA is better than FXAA but nothing seems to sort this out for me - although I havent tried to mess with my config files directly thats my next step. Also have a 1060 and it is same there.
  15. Yes I see what you mean there, it is sort of like that. Also, what is going on with the text in the game? - Its all blocky for me. I'm on MSAA x4 here and all my geforce settings are default. This is the AA not being applied again I think?
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