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  1. All aside, I came to my conclusion, I think we should hit North Africa next, makes sense with the aircraft, Bf 109s, 110s,, Macchis and Tomahawk/Kittyhawk action Hans Joachim Marseille
  2. Right now, anything I can fly can suit me, but we're stuck on this big old patch of ice! We need hotter weather..
  3. Ki-61? More like Japanese MC. 202, kidding, I prefer IJA planes to IJN planes, why did IJA even have more planes than their Navy?
  4. Sorry for late replies, been at school and such. Just checking in.
  5. Yeah, Northrop Grumman are greedy. I bet Roy Grumman wouldn't mind using his aircraft in a sim. Grumman had signature aircraft in the pacific, welp if this gonna be a problem, I would be okay with Med battles, agreed on the S.M. 79 "Sparrowhawk" and maybe JU-88s and Stukas? Not really a bomber pilot but StG can be fine, question: did the Spitfires during 1942-3 had carbuetors?
  6. When I said people don't like PTO, people lashed out on me and it was nuts. Before you use your pitchforks and torches, I am not a big fan of the ETO, I rather see P-51 vs FW-190, P-47 vs tank. The Eastern Theatre is interesting, don't get me wrong, I love the snow, but I never gotten around flying wonky VVS planes Edit: That's why I always like flying German planes, they are clean and simple (at least to me personally) I better start buying Battle of Moscow Premium if I wanna do Fall Edition..
  7. Sure they might have been outgunned, but pilots always use their planes to their best advantage, remember, in world war two that the japanese flew in 15-20 planes formation, against four wildcats or so. Again, like I said, the man that is smart with his machine can down anyone. Like Hiromachi said, they had 2 or 4 20mm cannons which are pretty devastating.
  8. I'll be okay with a Med theater, and I agree that it has not been done before, also the area is unique but may seem bland to others, just desert. The pacific campaign seems doable, I would like the carriers far but not close. It's a unique area and I know it's been a subject of many games to come with it. It's a perfect place, USMC taking off in their trusty corsairs on the crushed coral runways! This is merely a suggestion, it's on a wishlist, but still a suggestion. We'll see how things pan out in the months to come. We'll start our way with Eastern Theater, then work our way down.
  9. Come on men, you don't want to be a Butch O'Hare? Also I would love a MTO, also adding on to the New Guinea, yeah that'll be interesting, I know it's cliche but what about a Pearl Harbor map or would that not work?
  10. Picture this: Your plane is rattled with bullet holes strewn in your tail section and fuselage, you have to return to base, but surprise surprise, you have to lower your landing gear and flaps, and oh crap, you forgot to pull down your tailhook because you're a naval aviator!
  11. "it cleared the server faster than yelling cops at a underage drinking party" That was a sensible chuckle but it made me frown because it's true, the pacific theater is so undermined, yes I know carrier landings are difficult, and dangerous, but I loved them, Hellcat anyone? What's with the disdain of the Pacific Theater? People just don't like water?
  12. I know some of you don't like Pacific Theater of Operations. But I think we should consider it, the starting planes can be F4F Wildcats and A6M2-21 Zeroes. Starting bases can be Land and or Carrier. Also, carrier operations are more sketchy but bring more excitement to the battlefield. I proposed a mission: Americans start on the USS Saratoga, Japanese start on the islands and have to destroy the carrier and supporting battleships or it could be strictly a main battle group of 3 carriers, SBDs, TBFs, and F4Fs. For me, the Pacific Theater is important to me because my father was in the Navy, and so were my great grandparents which were pilots. The Pacific Theater may be just water and sand with palm trees, but has the best memorable legacy of the war in 1942-1945 Also-- Add in D3A1 "Val", B5N "Kate", and also the A6M2 "Zero"
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