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  1. Yeah well, that is why I hope that API rounds will get the M2.50 on par with the UBS and so on. Same for me with the Jug, the P-47 really needs some careful handling -> Both joy and hatred :D
  2. Interesting contrast, thanks for your insights. Yes, I have also experienced the cases you described, but at the same time there are these situations where it seems to take dozens of hits to do some proper damage. With the other .50 cal armaments, that seems to be less of a problem to me. In Il-2 1946, I only encountered the issue you described with the Fw190s, the other opponents usually stood no chance. But as you pointed out, there are probably more factors at work here.
  3. The P-40 or the P-47 sometimes seem to lack punch despite their 6 respectively 8 M2.50 machine guns. This is in contrast to my experience from Il-2 1946 where both planes mentioned above can usually send down most opponents with a quick burst. In Great Battles, I frequently hit enemy planes multiple times in the engine, fuselage, wings etc. and they just keep flying with relatively little (visible) damage. Also when looking at the plane customization, the M2.50 only has blue (AP respectively solid) rounds available, while the other .50 cal machine guns (UBS, MG131 and Breda) are loaded with blue and orange (HE or similar) bullets. I know that the M2.50 usually fired Armor-Piercing-Incendiary (API) rounds, which were also modeled in IL-2 1946 as you can see a flash and sparks when the bullets hit their target. My question is now if these API rounds are modeled in game and/or in which way this has been done. If they are not, these rounds would be a very important addition to the Bodenplatte module, as most Allied planes in this expansion have the M2.50 as their primary armament. It would also affect the P-39 and P-40 which have been in the game for a while now.
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