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  1. Thanks for your outstanding work! There are some nice Soviet P-40s in there - Maybe you can do some of them in the future :)
  2. In hope we also get detailed, realistic ammunition choices such as incendiary and explosive bullets for the rifle caliber machine guns e.g. for the RFC . Each side made a lot of interesting inventions during the Great War and this should be a good opportunity to represent them.
  3. Interesting P-40 alongside the Hurricane:
  4. More suggestions: https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-E_hMtZhpkAI/VQWEWOfRqtI/AAAAAAAAtQ4/wnqwG2bAF5A/w1200-h630-p-k-no-nu/dftgrhtht_1.jpg
  5. Interesting, have to try again for more conclusive results. I completely agree on the ever-present issue of bullet sponge 109s as long you use machine guns...
  6. Having incendiary .303 rounds like in Cliffs of Dover would help with that. But at least in the Hurricane's case you can just switch guns and instantly toast literally any foe...
  7. Yeah, that is the single most problem at the moment. Hurricane also misses incendiary rounds for the .303 Brownings. Apart from that - I'm super impressed by the great work delivered today! Yeah, because this was historically the only way to shoot down one of them - Finding the only weak sport in their impenetrable armor by aiming for the thin wings from dead six...
  8. Always great and exciting when developers miss deadlines they set themselves without outside pressure and even fail to acknowledge that, let alone apologize for it...
  9. I hope so too, especially because the British introduced incendiary rounds for the .303 during Operation Dynamo (Battle of Dunkirk) and later the US copied these bullets for their AN/M2 .30 and AN/M2 .50 machine guns. (Anthony G. Williams/ Emmanuel Gustin: Flying Guns of World War II) Currently we have none of that and this has not been addressed by the developers in any way. For the .50 there is now a mod that can be used as a workaround, but not for the smaller calibers. The Spitfire MK Vb is using AP only in its .303 Brownings that will also appear on thew Hurricanes..
  10. Is there any chance to be more specific about the release day/week of the next update?
  11. Related problem: AI does not break off the attack after suffering serious damage (smoke, fuel&coolant leak, unstable flight behaviour due to wing/control surface damage) but instead continues to attack you at all cost even at the cost of imminent demise. Combine that with the insufficient damage modelling of the .50 and you end up having to do attack run after attack on already crippled foes just to finish them off, because this is the only way to make sure that they do not keep attacking you. If the AI would, like a normal human being, fly home after their plane ha
  12. Slightly, off-topic , but correct. At the moment, flying AN/M2 armed planes just sucks hard while (Axis) HE rounds devastate anything in no time. Couple that with the one-sided Bodenplatte plane selection, it is a real pain in the ass...
  13. Like probably most people around here I know about these workarounds and I'm not saying that you cannot win with the Brownings. But no number of weird jokes can hide the fact that the American-made aircraft are currently fighting at a noticeable disadvantage because the Brownings require considerable more precision and/or time on target to be effective than any other aircraft armaments, including those of the same caliber. As this can sometimes be hard to achieve in a fast-moving engagement, you have an unjustified disadvantage in American-made planes at the moment that
  14. Probably like most people here I know about the workarounds you can/have to employ to make the Brownings work and I'm not saying that you cannot win with them. However, even weird jokes cannot hide the fact that American-made planes are currently fighting at a considerable disadvantage because the Brownings require noticeably more precision and time on target to be effective compared to all the other aircraft armaments, even of the same class/caliber. As this is sometimes hard to achieve in a fast-moving dogfight, other planes with different armaments have an edge where they simply
  15. Couldn't agree more, we urgently need API for the American Brownings - You put bursts of up to a second or more at convergence into a 109's or 190's wing or tail and way too often nothing happens except maybe some fuel or coolant leak, which does not even make the AI return to base ASAP and even the damage to controls/aerodynamics is magically compensated in a perfect way. All the while even one UBS does quite a good job...
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