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  1. Double posting just not to mix information up: Played some more, I think I was just seeing stuff before. I'm not yet sure how radio frequencies are managed, and if they are used at all by the AI in the QMB. Initially I thought I was hearing messages directed to the enemy planes, especially as I was hearing flight leads replying to tower (without any sort of input from me). In the last few tests no radio communication was ever done by anyone and I still noticed planes disengaging and going for the deck. Similar QMB configurations give similar results, albeit with a minimal range of variation (engagement length etc). Still, the AI definitely is not a "one-trick pony" all the time, and this is good. Sometimes it manages to be quite challenging as well. Change in skill seems to have an effect (better aim / awareness / coordination with teammates). I will keep playing and report again if I am sure I am seeing something. I'm interested in feedback to my observations nonetheless, so thank you if you give any.
  2. Hello all, Just bought BoK following the news of the improved AI. Been checking the forums every few months to see if it was finally worth taking the dip as a SP-only player. While there are still many things that need to be ironed out, it definitely shows that what was promised by Jason and the team is getting closer and closer with each update. Thank you for your work, looking forward to buy more of your products! Now, a few observations after playing for a couple of days with the QMB. I tried a few combinations, mostly 1 V 1, even trying "Red V Red" or "Blue V Blue": - Against German planes (Regular to Ace), it usually devolves in them going for the deck right away and engaging in the infamous steady-turn thing. This happens independent of terrain type and of starting altitude. - Going against a Yak-7, I can say that it is definitely more aggressive and does not stop engaging, does not waste altitude, trying to regain some whenever it tries diving. It is also hard to shake off when it gets on your six. - While listening to the enemy radio frequency, I noticed that the "Mission Accomplished, RTB" message gets spammed quite a lot, often right after reaching the meeting waypoint. I am suspecting that this is what leads the enemy to just go for the deck and keep turning. I tried disengaging and the enemy usually does not try to follow. When I heard the message while fighting a Yak-7, it immediately started going for the deck and started turning as well; this happened as I was flying a Yak-7 as well and could disengage a lot more easily, allowing less opportunities for the AI and making the fight last longer. I just tried a Historical Mission and I crashed on take-off. This stopped the rest of the flight from taking off and the planes that were already in the air just kept circling, waiting for the others to join them. I was flight lead but as soon as I crashed the lead role was correctly passed down within my flight. I remember a similar issue being present even in Il-2: 1946, before TD patched it out. Not game breaking but worth having a look I think. I am particularly interested in testing the QMB RTB issue. I did a quick search on the forums for anything related but could not really find anything. Did I miss any existing thread about this? Could you point it to me if so? If not, am I seeing things or could this really be happening? I will be learning how to use the sim in the next days so I might be able to provide track files or to design simple missions myself, but for the moment I can only report in writing.
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