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  1. It will be modern day Warbirds
  2. Well it says work in progress......maybe they wanted to show what they are doing and will fix it.
  3. Last time I played it was 15 years ago, there were around 300 people on the server, the biggest 'fight' I was in had like 80 planes and they were all visible, i think they solved the 'visibility' problem and if there would be 200 planes around you, you would see them.
  4. One thing I would like to notice...... it is a MMO, meaning there need to be thousands of planes at once, MMO always had because of this worse graphics, because they send so much data to your PC and back.
  5. Giving them benefit of the doubt, I've read on their forum that the plane is still a placeholder and the terrain is work in progress. The screens are from May, so how much they can improve them in half a year? I don't know.
  6. There is no footage from 2020 version yet.
  7. https://techraptor.net/content/microprose-returns-to-publish-warbirds-2020-coming-fall-2019 First Microsoft and now this..... what year is it
  8. Flight simulator is ok, but Combat flight simulator will be the real deal
  9. Pilotz

    Racing Sims

    Looking through the key hole
  10. Are flight sims returning ? :)
  11. Pilotz

    Racing Sims

    Racims sims are ok, but flight sims are much more fun
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