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  1. Bill Stealey is the original founder of MicroProse from 1982, he was the president of MicroProse from 1982-1993, and he is in the 'new' MicroProse.
  2. While true, he single handledly built Titanim and real life military forces around the world are using it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvR1HU1IHcY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SLduhu5wclM
  3. I found a real life 109 emil cockpit...... and it has the bulge outside, and the instruments are like in the picture for the most, it can be a different version from the linked pictured so some instruments are different, but for the most part, it is accurate, so it's some version of emil they created cockpit. https://www.flightjournal.com/luftwaffes-bf-109e-emil/
  4. They are old screenshots, this is newest one, the game will be on quality of that 109 cockpit.
  5. Newest update, starting to look great !
  6. If I will want to play with all planes I will get a sub, If early planes will be enough for me, I won't pay anything, and no it's not a 'trial', because trial ends and you cannot play, here you can play forever. But i won't be talking about this anymore because I see you have made up your mind even before the game is released and we don't know at this moment if the game will be good or crap, I will wait for the game first.
  7. mobile is a different version..... they already have a mobile version of current game, the new one is releasing a year after the PC version, so they are working on it separately. As for payment.... people are paying for 'World of Warcraft Classic' which is the same game that was 15 years ago.
  8. 262 is limited even for paying players, a 262 is very rare. In racing you cannot attack other cars by climbing down on them from 2km higher that gives you total advantage even in a spit 1 over any aircraft, so it cannot be compared to cars... flying is different. Pay to win? I wouldn't call it that...... a good pilot in a early war plane that knows how to fly a plane will still have an advantage over a so-so pilot with subscription. Flying is specific....it all depends on the situation, if you are in spit 1, 2km higher than a 190d..... he cannot outclimb you, because you will dive on him ;). And early war planes have an advantage in turn fights over late war planes. Great ! I'm loving this, i'm playing to have fun and not grind and unlock stuff.
  9. 1) War thunder is not a mmo, it is 32 vs 32 match room 2) This is a real mmo, 500+ players in a persistent 24/7 war 3) Grinding is not fun, I stopped playing war thunder because of the grind, here you don't have any grind because there is 'rolling plane set' and planes get unlocked according to history 1939-1945 Yes -real- mmos still keep it, and this game is also a -real- mmo. Don't forget when you are flying spit 1, there is someone else who is also flying a spit 1 or 109 e, so it's not like you will be only facing late war planes at end of the war. It's understandable because it's on old engine from 20 years ago....... the 2020 will be a 'new game' because it's being remade on unreal 4. They don't have to pay anything if they will be flying early war planes Because they are not MMOs and do not offer persistant 24/7 war like Warbirds, they only game that does this is WW2ol but its different. So your question should be, why I should be playing this and not WW2ol? Because this one is being remade on a new engine, and if you are a flight sim fan, this one is much more for flight simmers than ww2ol (also ww2ol have no f2p elements anymore) You are sure it will fail? ok, but I am sure it will be a success.
  10. f2p + subscription, you can play for free with early war planes ( spit 1, 109e, etc), subscription can be purchased for 1 day, 1 week or 1 month. no lootboxes or paid unlocks, its a simulator and not arcade, so even in a spit 1 or 109 e you can bring down a late war plane, and you don't pay anything. I think that not paying anything and playing the game is a great deal.....
  11. Well I can't wait to see it now.....
  12. Well can you show it to us? lol
  13. However, those are early screenshots.
  14. Graphics is not everything, there is gameplay, flight model, damage model etc. I guess most people are forgetting that this is a MMO, so the graphics HAS to be worse, because there are possible 200+ planes in the air at same time.
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