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  1. I have same controller. I found it best to assign keys to my need instead of learning someone elses. I started with default controls, parked on runway in expert mode. If you can takoff fly around and land with using the keyboard then that's a good start. From there add a enemy AI bomber/ground target and set up the weapons. Point is, keep your hands on the controls and off the keyboard as much as possible. Good luck
  2. Tired of the winter maps. Tired of white out conditions. Tired of ground looping. Tired of bouncing on landings. Tired of rubber band/yo-yo aiming.
  3. ~S Hey FourSpeed, What triggers the AI planes to spawn on the Training server? I flew into both circles and nobody spawned. Thanks. Jaeger55
  4. Jaeger55


    Five players on a Saturday nite in Chicago's time zone. I cannot belive that there are that many people not wanting to play this sim. We need some sort of lobby, with a chat, to hang out in. when I want to play the game. I log in. See that NOBODY < GHOST TOWN, is playing. So I log off.
  5. I'm sure a pacific map and pacific planes would look great, but whenever that pacific map loaded up in Il2 1946, it cleared the server faster than yelling cops at a underage drinking party.
  6. Whatever, enjoy your eternal winter. Bye
  7. Thirty plus servers running, more or less the same map. All EMPTY but one , maybe two servers. same mission , same planes, same map, same winter, and all paid a premium for it. Come on really? I want the game to succeed but there is very little if any variety. How many people have the game and every time I look there are 20 or 30 people maybe 40 people playing?
  8. At this point, I don't care anymore. Just way too many negatives add up and ... Whatever. Yes
  9. Sigh, so summer could over by the time we got a summer map? make s no sense
  10. How long will a BOS owner have to wait to see a summer map?
  11. Yea! I was able to get in and play! Thanks for the server. When will online stats be here?
  12. Try dead zone the end the of the throttle setting so it maxes out to where you want it.
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