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  1. II/JG17Jaeger55

    StCompare [WIP]

    Nice little tool.
  2. II/JG17Jaeger55

    Saitek X52 Controls

    I have same controller. I found it best to assign keys to my need instead of learning someone elses. I started with default controls, parked on runway in expert mode. If you can takoff fly around and land with using the keyboard then that's a good start. From there add a enemy AI bomber/ground target and set up the weapons. Point is, keep your hands on the controls and off the keyboard as much as possible. Good luck
  3. II/JG17Jaeger55


    Effing A right!
  4. II/JG17Jaeger55

    Poll on New Maps

    Tired of the winter maps. Tired of white out conditions. Tired of ground looping. Tired of bouncing on landings. Tired of rubber band/yo-yo aiming.
  5. II/JG17Jaeger55

    New Wings basic training?

    Now I see this post, thanks guys
  6. II/JG17Jaeger55

    New Wings Servers

    ~S Hey FourSpeed, What triggers the AI planes to spawn on the Training server? I flew into both circles and nobody spawned. Thanks. Jaeger55
  7. II/JG17Jaeger55


    Five players on a Saturday nite in Chicago's time zone. I cannot belive that there are that many people not wanting to play this sim. We need some sort of lobby, with a chat, to hang out in. when I want to play the game. I log in. See that NOBODY < GHOST TOWN, is playing. So I log off.
  8. II/JG17Jaeger55

    IL2 Sturmovik: Battle of Guadacanal/Midway

    I'm sure a pacific map and pacific planes would look great, but whenever that pacific map loaded up in Il2 1946, it cleared the server faster than yelling cops at a underage drinking party.
  9. II/JG17Jaeger55

    Summer Map

    Whatever, enjoy your eternal winter. Bye
  10. II/JG17Jaeger55

    Summer Map

    Thirty plus servers running, more or less the same map. All EMPTY but one , maybe two servers. same mission , same planes, same map, same winter, and all paid a premium for it. Come on really? I want the game to succeed but there is very little if any variety. How many people have the game and every time I look there are 20 or 30 people maybe 40 people playing?
  11. II/JG17Jaeger55

    Summer Map

    At this point, I don't care anymore. Just way too many negatives add up and ... Whatever. Yes
  12. II/JG17Jaeger55

    Summer Map

    Sigh, so summer could over by the time we got a summer map? make s no sense
  13. II/JG17Jaeger55

    Summer Map

    How long will a BOS owner have to wait to see a summer map?
  14. II/JG17Jaeger55

    -DED- Server's. From Russia with Love ;)

    Yea! I was able to get in and play! Thanks for the server. When will online stats be here?
  15. II/JG17Jaeger55

    61 People Online on a Saturday.

    Why not expand the multiplayer info to tell people how many people are logged Into their game. If a player sees that , oh I dont know 200 people are playing single player, they my be more likely to jump to mp. How many of us log into our game, take a glance at multiplayer, see a hand full here or there and say screw it I will come back later?