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  1. Hello BP_Lizard, here are some pics This above is a Trumpeter static model, which I made for radio-control running with powerfull robot-motors and Impact metal tracks ! Here you can see the original Colour of "dunkelgelb nach Muster" - later RAL 7028 ! This is an IMAI Elefant built as a "Ferdinand" - I hope the next great german tank in the theater ! Here it is in actin at my exercise field
  2. Hello, a little second mission with the new Panther tank - against the boredom and the crappy television program - although I, as an enthusiastic rc-tank model maker (1/16 scale) , may not be bored - only too little time and too many construction sites! Lapino Herbst Erkundung.zip Good Luck ! Guenther
  3. Hello TC-friends, my first little panther mission - this is an armed reconnaissance to protect a supply camp, which can only be cleared later after an orderly withdrawal. Generalfeldmarschall von Manstein showed in 1944 that an orderly retreat made sense and had to be organized well, by ordering the retreat of the 1st Panzer Army and thus preventing its destruction - contrary to the command of the "Gr├Âfaz" (greatest general of all time), Schutz Versorgungslager.zip Good luck Guenther
  4. Hello and good morning, many German tank commanders used a scissors telescope (Scherenfernrohr) to determine the distance for the shot better and faster. For this most tanks had an attachment on the inside of the commander's cupola. Greetings ­čśÄ
  5. Moinsen, Panther 2.zip Gru├č
  6. Moinsen, ich habe noch einmal etwas "├╝berarbeitet" - ist jetzt die aktuelle Version ! Gr├╝├če
  7. Moinsen, ich teste mal ! Moinsen, bei mir geht`s = zip-datei als Ziel unter data -Mission speichern - mit explorer ├Âffnen und Dateien ausschneiden und in "Mission" speichern - denne funzt es ! Gr├╝├če
  8. erst Befehlsausgabe (lesen) - denne los und viel Spa├č ! Lapino Schutz Versorgungslager.zip Gr├╝├če G├╝nther
  9. Hello, I would be very happy about this panther skin from the Wehrmacht ! Best greetings Guenther ­čśÄ
  10. Hello, and old - but good - video Best greetings Guenther ­čśÄ
  11. Moinsen, jo - Recht hat er ! Viele wundern sich auch, wieso sp├Ąter kein MG 42 installiert wurde ?! Liegt daran, dass beim MG 34 der Rohrwechsel bei hei├čgeschossenem Rohr von hinten am Geh├Ąuse erfolgte, w├Ąhrenddessen beim MG 42 das Rohr vorne seitlich aus dem Geh├Ąuse getauscht wurde. Somit h├Ątte ein MG 42 erst komplett aus der Halterung entfernt werden m├╝ssen !
  12. Hello, no problem = or this naturally in combination with I still have one Best regards
  13. Hello, of course I add - make love - not Schrott ! ­čśÄ
  14. Hello tankers, so I would not mind if you could buy a "dream skin" and version of your tank from TC for a reasonable price - it would be very individual and a possibility for everyone who is not graphically gifted. Best greetings Guenther
  15. Hello tankers, who ever needs a few suggestions for tank skins https://pinturas-sgm-tanques.tumblr.com/archive Here are my suggestions since over 50 years - the first is the tank-art from the BANDAI 1/24 King Tiger Box the next is very old - from the beginning of the www - I found it on a japanese Side = it shows a plan from the german 1943 tank program and is also described in this way. Defective Tiger I chassis should be equipped with a casemate body and the long 88 mm cannon - the name was "super heavy self-propelled gun - SSSFL". I myself suspect that the plans for the construction of the casemate were later used for the "storm tiger" Best greetings Guenther
  16. Hello from an old tanker, it will be a nice surprise again, especially if - the king tiger also gets the Fla-machine gun (remember = it is the removed tower machine gun!) - the mud splashes off the tracks as you drive and the tracks dig into the damp ground - which you can see for a longer time - when it is dry, it gets dust behind the tank more and longer than now - the muzzle smoke first comes out of the muzzle brake on the side - and then also at the front - the commander finally gets his binoculars With the Panther I now noticed that when driving after the shot the muzzle smoke reacts very nicely and is shown - congratulations. Moving the heads of the swapped crew also makes the game very realistic! I am still thrilled ! Best wishes Guenther
  17. Hello developers, First of all, congratulations to the you = the Panther was excellently implemented and the behavior of the suspension when turning into a curve is excellent. Even the smoke from the cannon muzzle after the shot - just great. As with the real tank, it makes shooting observation difficult. "Lowering" the commander to a lower position is finally possible - great! It remains to be hoped that the latter functions will also be used for the other tanks.Nevertheless there are a few comments =- Unfortunately the commander's binoculars function is still missing - a function with which the commander could assign the gunner a target with a click of the mouse would be ideal - the panther has only one speed when reversing and is too slow- The smoke from the shot on the muzzle brake should not only go forward, but first out of the side from the muzzle brake, because that is its functionBut overall I expressly say "thank you" and keep it up! Best regards Guenther
  18. Hello friends, For me as an old tank man (10 years with the Bundeswehr) and an old model maker (tank construction for more than 50 years and for 40 years 1/16 rc with its own outside area) the game is already great - despite the EA version! If you value fast "shooting" and want to spend a lot of money, you can stay with WOT or warthunder. Apart from the poor internet connection in my country in Germany, which make online games impossible anyway, I am particularly attracted to the possibility of playing my own single missions with the editor. True to the idols read so far, such as Otto Carius (Tiger in the Mud) or the history of the 503 th schweren Panzerabteilung - this will be implemented as well as possible and personal experience as a former tank platoon leader with the Leopard 1 now with the Tiger, Panther or then also with the "Ferdinand" taking into account the respective weather and the terrain. It's just a shame that the developers still seem to be in the east and overstate the powers of observation and the shooting ability of the Allied troops - especially the Russian ones. It's good that the enemy tanks - unlike the game "Iron Front" - can't shoot while driving. Otherwise I try to make up for this shortcoming by using tactics and using the terrain. f the development of the game this year continues as in the last half of the year, you can still expect some positive surprises. I think the challenges of designing your own missions will grow and there will certainly continue to be campaigns for quick fun or a career. Good luck Guenther
  19. Hello Crashbangwallop to get the low position you have to go to > Settings > Key assignment > Head control of the pilot > Move the pilot's head up or down! I do this with the number keys 8 (up) and 2 (down). So I can see, it is in this time only possible for the Panther tank ! greetings Guenther
  20. @ addi Genau - das meinte ich ! Man kann ja nicht alles haben = abgetauchter Kommandant auch in der Au├čenansicht - aber schaunmermal und warten auf den n├Ąchsten "Hammer" in 2020 = - anbei mal `ne kleine typische Panzermission ! Lapino 02.2020 Panther 2.zip Gr├╝├če G├╝nther
  21. Hello, it is true - the Panther tank was implemented very well - the suspension reacts accordingly when turning corners - the commander can dive so that he only looks over the cupola edge It remains to be wished that the commander finally gets binoculars and that all German commanders can dive down and do not look up to the waist from the cupola . However, the Panther commanders should make sure that they have sufficient flank protection - for example through P IV - that was the great weakness during the first missions during the Kursk operation - and also later - while the cannon "cleared everything". Best regards Guenther
  22. Moinsen, was auch sehr gut von den Entwicklern umgesetzt wurde, ist das Verhalten der Federung beim einlenken - der Panzer neigt sich vorne etwas zur entsprechenden Seite ! Man muss wissen, dass die Federungswerte des Panthers mit einer Doppeldrehstabfederung erst wieder nach dem Krieg durch den Leopard 2 erreicht und ├╝bertroffen wurden Nachzulesen hier = Weiterhin wird dort aufgef├╝hrt, dass auch der K├Ânigstiger ziemlich gute Werte hatte - etwas hinter dem Panther auf "Platz 2". Durch die Doppeldrehstabfederung je Schwingarm und die Anordnung der Laufrollen war der Panzer eine ideale Waffenplattform - aber leider dadurch auch schwer zu warten ! Es wurde daher auch sehr gro├čer Wert auf eine gute Ausbildung der Panzerfahrer gelegt. Gr├╝├če G├╝nther
  23. Moinsen, @6FG_Big_Al = Der Panther hatte noch nicht das selbe Lenkgetriebe (mit Lenkrad) wie der Tiger I oder II - obwohl er fast zur gleichen Zeit wie der Tiger I entwickelt wurde. Damit konnte der Panzer nicht auf der sogenannten "Hochachse" - also mittig - wenden. Die Lenkung erfolgte also - wie bei den meisten Panzern in dieser Zeit - mittels abbremsen der entspr. Kette. Leut`s - was auch endlich umgesetzt wurde, ist, dass der Kommandant so "abtauchen" kann, dass er nur noch ├╝ber den Lukenrand schaut - Gratulation und einfach "goil" ! Diese Funktion sollte denne auch f├╝r die anderen Bagger eingef├╝hrt werden ! Es fehlt leider imer noch das gute alte Fernglas - schaunmermal ! Was ich mir noch w├╝nschen w├╝rde, dass beim Editor die aufgerufenen Funktionen (MCU etc.) etwas g├Â├čer eingestellt werden k├Ânnten - man(n) ist ja keine 20 mehr ! Bei Iron Front kann man das entspr. voreinstellen. Weiterhin w├Ąre mal ein User-Guide f├╝r den Editor empfehlenswert, wie man einzelne Aktionen aufrufen und bedienen kann und was die Funktionen auf deutsch bedeuten ! Ansonsten Danke an die Entwickler und weiter so ! Gr├╝├če G├╝nther
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