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  1. Hello tankers, a few notes to make your own game tinting even more interesting using the editor - there are no individual single trees and bushes with which, for example, positions could be camouflaged against enemy sight - camouflage material made of branches of various sizes would also be very helpful - other available camouflage materials (for example boards and hay) were also used in localities to camouflage the vehicles against enemy sight - there are no single camouflage nets to camouflage single vehicles and positions Furthermore, it would
  2. Hello freaks, Yes / Yes - - Gentlemen of the Air Force - Navy men - Army soldiers what is not can still come. You pilots did not initially think that TC would come onto the market as an offshoot. Good luck Guenther
  3. Hello tankers, here for examplee and plaese don`t foget the right tank-versions of 1944 !! Good luck Guenther
  4. Hello tankers, as an "old armored platoon leader" I still have a few suggestions for further orders or measures. On the one hand, there would be the function of switching to another tank in the platoon as a deployed train driver if the tank fails, so that the commander there stays with the tank that has failed. An attack would not continue without those in charge - the whole thing would only have to stop briefly before it could continue. Another function via the command rail would be to halve or double the distances between the tanks by sending a command. This command is applicab
  5. Moinsen, man kann die Reparatur beschleunigen, idem man - sofern möglich - z.B. einen Opel Blitz oder ein Sd.Kfz. in der Nähe hat, welche entsprechend präpariert (z.B. Reparaturradius) sind. Bei einem Kettenschaden geht das nicht. Leider sondern sich dann auch die anderen Panzer ab, so dass z.B. ein begleitender Munitionspanzerr III auch nichts nützt. Hoffentlich ändern die das noch. Feindliche Panzer werden so ab 2000 m angezeigt meine ich. Good luck Guenther
  6. Hello, Germany: Tiger I mid or late, Panther A or G, Jagdpanther G1 or G2 and Königstiger - Porsche version Soviet Union: KV2 or T34/85 and IS2 USA: Lee and Pershing Great Britain: Sherman Firefly, Cronwell and Churchill Good luck Guenther
  7. Hello, in which file i have to unzip the at-file please ? Best greetings Guenther
  8. Hello tankes, For a meaningful use of the tanks in the communication between the commander and the gunner, it would be desirable if there were a keyboard command to turn the cannon to 12 o'clock - even when using the external camera. Furthermore, it would be nice to be able to rotate the armored turret using the keyboard, joystick or mouse while using the external camera and also to be able to show the position of the target with a small crosshair (or a triangle). These possibilities are available in the game "Iron Front - Liberation 1944" and offer the player the possibility of re
  9. Hello tankers, I've had the bug with the "blue screen" for a long time - great if it can now be eliminated. But it would also be nice if the EMG had an additional function that would leave the enemy tanks shot down on the field (don't "delete after death") - that would - at least for me - increase the fun of the game. Good luck Guenther
  10. Hello tankers, it is a characteristic of the human species that most are not satisfied with what they use - provided that these products are improved and are available in newer and improved forms. I think this applies in particular to weapons and equipment among us men, who we have (had to) go to war or have been sent to war for thousands of years. That's just evolution, without which we would still live in caves. Since I've been building tank models for over 50 years, I can also say here that the model builders always particularly like the tanks, which are getting bigger and b
  11. Hello tankers, As a former armored infantryman, armored platoon leader and tank model builder, I would also like to add "my mustard" to this, especially since I have been playing all tank simulations for decades - even if only as a single player, who attaches great importance to realism, tactics and use of the terrain. For me, TC is the "non plus ultra" in its present form and it seems to me as if some of the critics here need the "egg-laying woolly milk pig" in order to have fun that catapults them onto a battlefield and can prove them to themselves and others what kind of gu
  12. Moinsen, wie schaut`s eigentlich mit der Normandy-Karte aus - könnte man sie nach einem Kauf auch für TC benutzen ? Grüße und viel Glück ! Günther
  13. Hello Freaks, I'm really excited - the developer’s checkout work and an early Christmas present! Thank you - just as the chains fall on the Tiger I when driving, you don't want to have your fingers in between! Also the movement of the sloping towers - wonderfully implemented! Good luck ! Guenther
  14. Hello freaks, I also think the work on the various Tiger I versions is quite good. However, I am of the opinion that it would be nice if the various tank variants were also offered in good form by the manufacturer in the near future. With the Tiger I it would be the current version without Zimmerit paint - but with the additional chain links on the tower and the corner mirror view for the loader. Then the execution with Zimmerit and the additional chain links etc. should take place on the tower - everything still as "Tiger I - early" with the cylindrical commanders dome.
  15. Hello tankers, Tiger I shortly before the mission target = Pak 140 - Mission Kharkov 1943 from Tigre88 Good luck Guenther
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