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  1. Hello, oh happy day - thanks from an old tanker ! If you could regulate the speed of the Ferdinand better now - it really wasn't good as a racing car! In addition, a few good and loud track noises (squeaking) when driving and all hatches open with the crew - heart, what more do you want ?! Good luck Guenther
  2. Hello Freaks, I think there is little to complain about about the representation of the grass. What I think would be worthy of improvement is the representation of the buildings. They actually look like the "Potemkin villages" - like canvas facades or film sets. The representation in the game "Iron Front - Liberation 1944" is a lot better! But there are some other shortcomings - the trail of dust from the moving tanks on the Russian roads in dry conditions should be much larger - the cannon smoke has unfortunately lost a lot of representation since the last update - the negative directional angle of the Tiger I cannon is too small - in my opinion, it could also be a bit of a "civilian life" such as people and farm animals - or smaller treks on the run - Mines also posed a great danger to tanks - either open or concealed. These inhibited the advance or forced the tanks to take other routes For me, however, there are only minor flaws that do not detract from the joy of this game. I would therefore like to take this opportunity to thank the producers and those responsible, and I wish you continued good ideas and their implementation. God luck Guenther
  3. Moinsen, da ich seit gut 30 Jahren - fast - alle Panzersimulationen durch habe (keine online-Spiele) bin ich doch sehr zufrieden u d hoffe, das die "kleinen" Mängel im Laufe der Zeit auch noch abgestellt werden. Als Modellbauer des Maßstabs 1/16 bin ich natürlich über die Detailtreue immer wieder verwundert - schaumermal ! Vielleicht haben die Entwickler ja ein Einsehen und trennen TC vonne Fliegers - ist aber unwahrscheinlich denke ich, da solch ein "Vintage-Spiel" bei der heutigen Jugend - ohne Ahnung von der Geschichte - nicht so sehr ankommt. Grüße Günther
  4. Hello TIGRE88, - a wonderfull work - good to play and not easy ! Thanks ! - un travail merveilleux cette mission - c'est amusant à jouer et stimulant! Merci beaucoup ! Good luck - bonne chance Guenther
  5. Moinsen Freaks, das Spiel wird immer beser finde ich - besonders gut ist die Verwendung der Taste "F 10", mit der man(n) besonders als Kommandant eines "Baggers" den entspr. Blickhorizont fixieren kann und so eine schnelle Beobachtungsmöglichkeit zur Gefechtsaufklärung bekommt - das Ganze funktionukelt sogar mit dem DF (Dopelfernrohr) ! Was mir noch fehlt, ist die Möglichkeit per Mausklick (rechts- oder links) dem Richtschützen quasi ein Ziel zuweisen zu können oder im Feuerkampf dem Richtschützen ein gefährliches Ziel zuweisen zu können. Schön wäre eine Kombination = rechter Mausklick für den Richtschützen und linker Mausklick für eine Richtungsanweisung an den Fahrer ! Weiterhin ist zwar das schnelle erfassen "Ziel zerstört" durch den Richtschützen schön - ist aber in dieser Geschwindigkeit unrealistisch. Ich hoffe, dass im weiteren Verlauf dann auch das gelände - z.B. nach Granateinschlägen - realistischer mit Kratern gestaltet wird. Was mich immer noch stört - man kann trotz Realismus Einstellung die Treffsicherheit der Gegner nicht beeinflussen - die treffen fast immer mit jedem Schuss - ebenfalls unrealistisch ! Ansonsten "good luck" und "Panzer Hurra" ! Guenther
  6. Hello Freaks, look Good luck Guenther
  7. Hello DraconusDragonus, that sounds good and captures some details that have been lacking so far - especially the mud when driving and the vehicles in bad weather - what I still lack as an old tank man are the earth poses when cornering off-road ! Good luck Guenther
  8. Hello Freaks, the facts mentioned about "Ferdinand" and its improvement "Elephant" are of course objectively correct. The widespread phenomenon of telling everything to ruin it obscured the fact that the crews of these "forts" used as tank destroyers felt very safe and superior in the tank. This can be read in the combat and experience reports of the heavy tank destroyer departments 653 and 654 used. Despite all the adversity (noise, heat and tightness with a 6-man crew), they told of the superiority of the 8.8 cannon with the L 71 caliber length. You have to know that the tank destroyer units were initially equipped with the 3.7 cm Pak - pulled at the beginning of the war by confiscated commercial civil vehicles. The deployment of the "old" soldiers at Ferdinand was a kind of quantum leap and "knighthood" for the units - so I think the motivation was accordingly. The challenge naturally also applied to all other supporting units - such as the pioneers (bridge reinforcement), the supply (fuel and ammunition) and especially the rescue teams, which only later received Panther chassis as a means of transport and had to act with the 18 ton Famos beforehand. Depending on the terrain, 3 to 5 of these half-track vehicles had to be used to pull a "Ferdinand"! That requires coordination. After the Kursk disaster (the German plans were known for a long time!), Division 654 then handed over the remaining Panzerjäger to Division 653 and was untrained for the Panzerjäger "Jagdpanther". Department 653 is generally known to have had a super harness master. T-34s were used as salvage means and were used as anti-aircraft tanks by means of a self-constructed structure (quasi the preliminary stage to the "whirlwind"). Furthermore, a Panther recovery vehicle with a Panzer IV turret (permanently connected) was used as a tank destroyer. Last but not least, a "Porschetiger" with a turret was used as the command vehicle - this tank was one of the few with a petrol-hydraulic drive - instead of the petrol-electric version at the Ferdinand. Towards the end of the war, the remnants of division 653 were used as the basis for the first Jagdtiger units. Good luck ! Günther
  9. Hello Freaks, Another negative point found is the immediate missions.I myself can not find any grading in the classification of hostile abilities in the "quick missions". Even a "newcomer" shoots as quickly and accurately as an "ace" at the highest level. Good luck ! Guenther
  10. Hello Freaks, but as the saying goes: where there is a lot of light - there is also shadow ! = With the new update, at least the "nice" cannon smoke seems to have been left on the track after the shot!Please correct this error - thank you! Furthermore, the negative directional angle of the tiger cannon still seems to me to be incorrect (too small) and that would be nice if the tiger commander looked out a little deeper with the hatch open. Good luck ! Guenther
  11. Hello Freaks, for me the game and the performance is getting better and better! When you stand in the tank tower, you literally wait to hear the rustling of the grass and perceive the scent - just amazing!The game gets more and more into the phase where it is addicting an old tank man!When the Ferdinand appears - Thanks to the developers! I think if the testers and "founders" are then listened to, nothing can go wrong! Thanks and good luck ! Guenther
  12. Hello Tank-Freaks, for me as a former tank soldier (and RC model maker for more than 50 years), the game is already great in the access version. It is a mixture of "T34 vs Tiger" and "Iron Front" - you can sit on the tank with "Iron Front". At TC you really feel like you're back in the tank! The game is outstanding in terms of the required behavior of the playable tank crew - the "workplaces" are shown in minute detail and the operation is visually visible. They are not modern tanks and when shooting you also need manual work - don't just click - laser and "boom". Combat-like behavior pays off with "Iron Front" - with TC too! I find the predominant control over the mouse in "Iron Front" also better - but with TC you can find your own keyboard assignment - good! For me it would be nice if you could change some basic attitudes - for example the skills of the respective "groups". I'm particularly looking forward to the "Ferdinand" and I'm curious to see if the developers don't even have the courage to separate this excellent game from IL 2 itself in order to create better opportunities. Good luck Guenther
  13. Hello "moustache", You have to change the "Realism" setting at the bottom right of the game when loading the mission! - or load the game in the editor and remove the tick from your tank (right mouse button - attachment) at "Invulnerable". I take this attitude, because unfortunately the fighting ability of the Russian opponents cannot be reduced - they shoot me too quickly and too accurately. this does not correspond to historical reality. Good luck and keep healthy ! Guenther
  14. Hello Freaks, by me too - when I get started shooting against Russians. Good luck Guenther
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