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  1. All changes to the description of the campaign.
  2. Campaign updated for version 4.006. All changes to the description of the campaign. Link https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Yizo/3antsa9ki Have a nice flight! P.S. Spanish translation will be added a little later when it is ready.
  3. wonderful. it will be possible to include both translations (French and Spanish) at the same time. See the link to the campaign in a private message.
  4. Yes you are right. link is lost. work on a new version of the campaign. I’m waiting for the French translation to include it in the new version. I can share a link to the version that is in work. the campaign itself is working at the same time.
  5. I sent a link to the working version 2.04 to each of you on a personal page, here on the forum.
  6. yes, of course, we will. @DN308 , please tell me when the translation is ready.
  7. Yes, the link crashed. There is only a working version for 4.005d as I wrote here. German and English translations are present. Campaign version 2.03 was replaced with 2.04 without saving the old one. If you wish, I can give a link to the working version 2.04 on a personal page here on the forum. The campaign works, I’m going through this version myself now. Or wait a bit and by this time French translation will appear.
  8. Hello. I went to see the news on this forum and saw activity in this thread. I am now re-running this campaign in the new version of the game (4.005d). I found a way to exclude the waypoint for the player’s flight (which was added in the previous version of the campaign) after completing the main task. Now the mission will switch to the next one without this waypoint. Also, but so far only in the working version, added the ability to land a damaged plane in Tormosin. If this is acceptable, then the campaign can be released in this version. It will be possible to include your translation in the new version of the campaign after a while.
  9. Passed the campaign in one breath. It was very interesting to play the role of a fighter-bomber. Thanks for your work. With best regards.
  10. To JG4_dingsda. I sent you a private message with a link to the Russian translation of the campaign
  11. To Juri_JS. I sent you a private message with a link to the Russian translation of the campaign
  12. Good day Juri_JS Can you post the version of the campaign somewhere else? From the specified place I can not download. Many thanks!
  13. Here I am talking about the same. The campaign is excellent. But something there does not work as it seems to me. Neither at 2.008 nor at 2.009 nor now does not want to switch from mission to mission. Very sorry...
  14. Thanks for the comments. I will try to do as you said. When after the mission I decided to see the "flight route", it broke off at the point "Our position is about 20km to the homebase" 4) I'll just send you the loose missions.- it would be nice. I would like to finish the translation into Russian
  15. Good day, JG4 dingsda. I tried the new version of the campaign (1.02). The problem is still the same. Do not switch from the first to the second mission. What do I need to do to switch? Tried it three times. It does not work... P.S. In the Russian forum wrote that you need to run the campaign in the "no authorization" mode
  16. Good day, Haash. Sent you a private message with a link to the Russian translation of the campaign. Passed the campaign. It was interesting. Thank you.
  17. I confirm this. I have the same problem. Twice passed and on the second mission does not switch/ When translating into Russian in text files such as "01 Chir Front.rus", etc. there is no "End of Mission" line. Maybe it will help.
  18. Good day JG4_dingsda. The archive accidentally got files of type "info.locale=xxx.txt" from the campaign "JG51 over Velikie Luki". I will play and translate this campaign into Russian. In the previous version, my first mission was launched only from the view from the camera. I hope now everything will be fine. Thank you.
  19. That is, this campaign can not be downloaded and played?
  20. I address to the Veteran66 - clean please your mail box. I have an important message for you. I translated this campaign into Russian.
  21. Place please somewhere else. Link does not work for some reason. Thank you so much.
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