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  1. Now A-20 version 2 and my fav: He-111
  2. I forgot add that I am currently using 4k cockpits from @Oyster_KAI (my photos are in low quality). I figured out that unfortunately some aircrafts use the same file (with gauges) as template, so it's not possible to do with all aircraft. Another example: Now Pe-2 and La-5FN
  3. It's not a mod yet, I would only like to know what do you think about this idea to colour the scales a bit to simplify reading some important information (characteristic speeds, max temp etc.) If I have some other parameters (fuel/oil pressures, carburetor temp.) I will mark this also. Personally I find this very useful when I fly (and also nice looking) so that's why I started experimenting with it.
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