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    Game Engine?

    Hi Team, A question I have, what is the game engine used for this please? I am a Director for Bohemia Interactive Simulations, and also a keen gamer so am interested in the game engine. https://bisimulations.com/
  2. Finished the skin, pretty happy with it also Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1PZPUdoRvYg9kjSyFC65vTUlOP2qK1EEN
  3. Thanks Vapor, much appreciated, I am learning a lot here, and the mission is coming on well. One annoying thing I have noticed in game - is the Player and object icons above? I know you can turn of all the HUD by pressing H, but as I am a novice, I want to keep most of the HUD but get rid of the mass of red and blue icons ingame .... is this possible?
  4. on it now, thanks ok it works now when all 4 planes are set to flying. However they don't seem to be in any formation, is that possible?
  5. Ok, I understand that, but shift O does not allow me to select a plane and a plane
  6. Great set of videos, One thing I am stuck on, I want to create a basic SP mission, just to fly around, and can do that. However I want to add 3 AI planes that simply follow me, so its like flying in formation. How can I do that simply?
  7. Would be GREAT to see a very iconic and rare skin for the VB if possible? So I made a start: My Question now is, what do I save it as, as in which DDS Format? (I have the plugin etc), for a 4k skin? ie, DXT5 etc, and do I generate mipmaps? psd - flatten image - save as DDS (5 I presume?) is that for a 4k skin? This plane has some history, as it is the 'Borough of Barry' .... a town in South Wales. W3234 P, Spitfire Vb "Borough of Barry", 1943 Flying Officer EG Powell I even made an Airfix model of the scene some time ago
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