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  1. CanadaOne, you can look into TrackIR from this place based in Saskatoon. I got my TrackIR there a few years ago with no problems. It's listed at $225 CAD and add on for postage. ExtremeGamingDevices
  2. Same as Bernard_IV. I've used the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro for years and it's a very good joystick, but the rudder twist tends to go wonky after a while. I bought the Gladiator Mk.II last year and it's wonderful. No regrets at all. When it goes, it will be the Gladiator-K with no second thoughts. I like the Gladiator so much, I bought the VKB T-Rudders Mk.IV pedals. I still use the Logitech for Wings Over Flanders Fields though as it does very well for that game's flight models.
  3. Just an FYI that the new VKB Gladiator-K is available for ordering on June 4th. VKB Gladiator-K
  4. Thanks for that info, Sokol1. That makes it cleared about the Gladiator.
  5. The VKB Gladiator Mk.II with the VKB T-Rudders Mk.IV pedals is a great combination for me. No regrets at all with buying either. I combined that with a cheap Flashfire Cobra Accelerator throttle and I have everything I need for every flying game. If there is going to be a Mk.III, color me very interested! But I think it's only the Gladiator Pro Mk.II that can be used with other grips. The plain Mk.II is not compatible to switch grips from what I've read, but I could be wrong. I agree that the Logitech 3D Pro is a great entry level joystick, but with all of them I have owned over the years, the rudder twist slowly goes on it even after a few months.
  6. I bought the Gladiator Mk.II back in July and loved it so much, I bought the T-Rudders Mk.IV to go with them two months later. No regrets buying either. Then I added a cheap Flashfire Cobra Accelerator throttle which does the job. I drew up some cheesy diagrams for the games I use this HOTAS for and which buttons do what.
  7. Have had an i9-9900k since September and it's been overclocked stable on all cores to 5 Ghz right from the start with HT turned off. No issues and I don't think I could get the same overclock with HT turned on. So I think I'll stick with the overclock and not worry about HT.
  8. I bought Razer's Nari Ultimate headset and love it. Though I use a cap for TrackIR and not the clip.
  9. Once you get the Mk.II and enjoy using it, you'll be like me and think "Now I need a good set of rudder pedals" and end up buying VKB's Mk.IV as I did. They are expensive, but the build quality is excellent. I also thought too expensive, but I bit the bullet and I'm glad I did. VKB T-Rudders Mk.IV
  10. I am using the VKB's T-Rudders Mk.IV pedals which I really like, but for those of you with the MFG Crosswinds, how is the movement of the pedals on the floor? Just curious because I was just watching this video about the Crosswinds and the reviewer mentioned about an issue with the pedals balancing on the floor and his fix for it. MFG Crosswinds review
  11. I use the Gladiator Mk.II for almost all my flying games. It's well worth the high shipping costs. I used to use my Logitech 3d Pro for flying, but as others have mentioned, the twist gets to go on it after a while. No regrets buying the Mk.II.
  12. I got the Gladiator Mk.II to replace my Hotas X back in July and it's a big step up. You'll love it.
  13. With the poor exchange rate, it's pretty pricey for some hardware here. I looked at a RTX 2080 in September with my new i9-9900k build, but decided on the RTX 2070 Super as it was about $240 CAD less and supposedly is only about 6% slower than the 2080. A 2080 Ti would have been another $600-800 CAD which would mean my build would have gone over or very close to $4,000 CAD.
  14. I bought the VKB Mk.IV about a month ago and enjoy them very much. The pedals don't slide on my carpet like my previous pedals did and I like the movement which is super smooth. The only thing I did change was the tension which I thought is set too lightly so I moved the tension screw to the more tense setting. Before whenever I put my feet on the pedals, I got some slight unwanted rudder movement. That can be offset by some dead zone setting in-game though. No regrets paying the high price for them. Combined with the VKB Gladiator Mk.II, it's a winning combination.
  15. For my recently built system, I went with a NH-D15 and have my i9-9900k overclocked to 5 Ghz with no issues. Can probably go higher if I really put some effort into it. I bought two NVME.m2 SSD's for the new system and added two SSD's from my old system for a total of 4 SSD's with 2.9 TB. Once you have stuff running on SSD's, it's hard to go back to HDD's. At least it is to me. I also got the Phanteks Enthoo Pro and it's a wonderful case. Good choice! I went with the Gigabyte Aorus Master because of the supposed better VRM's on it. I am still debating sticking with the Aorus' onboard sound which is pretty good or buy a dedicated sound card. My old Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme wouldn't fit the new motherboard.
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