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  1. Why there never is a Tiger waiting at my gate....
  2. Solved, turns out you do not need a config.ini file like on the forums/manuals is stated (or I misread it) but a conf file. Now graphics are very nice (not BOX nice but pretty enough) and now colors are great. Probably other things too because the conf file that was originally there also did not list mods.
  3. Regarding tanks, I only know the WS-19. (They modeled one in the Sherman) This uses a VHF band to communicate with other tanks but I can not remember the mode. The HF bands could do only 3 modes: 2 types of CW and AM. CW (the non modulated one) has an advantage if it comes to range. Every keystroke gives full power carrier, while in AM you waist a lot of power (50%) in the carrier and in the "extra" sideband. The HF bands require a very long horizontal antenna to be effective for long range (like 100's of kilometers and very long antenna as in 1/2 a wave length and mounted as high as possible) The vertical tank antennes limited the range to 10's of km
  4. Thanks, very nice mission. Very difficult, I haver not won yet. ATiger eats T34's as breakfast but a Pz III has a hard time killing them (and the KV1 even harder)
  5. A lot of radio communication in WW2 was through CW (morse) But I know more about the working of the radios as about how they were used. 10 years or so ago I restored several militairy radios (I am a HAM) like a T1154 R1155 radioset (used in WW2 bombers), I used to have a Racal navy set (transmitter, RL17 receiver, SSB unit, filter, etc), a real WW2 used USA collins receiver and a 101 airplane "homing"-receiver with the rotating fishbowl antenna. But I gave most away to friends because I had not enough space (or to much electronics measurement and calibration gear) I have a website with my collection, there are also some pictures of the radios on it www.pa4tim.nl for those interested in electronics and radio)
  6. Is there a way to get some color in the water of seas and rivers. It is a rather unnatural pitch black. (My hind chopper does not look like a pink mole rat ๐Ÿ™‚ since I installed the 2nd DLL file and rest of colors look great) I have installed it yesterday so not had time to look at all maps. I installed all official expansion packs and nothing else. Only changed resolution to that of my monitor using 32bit color and open GL driver (the game crashes if I try the other option (directX or something)) It is a very good designed and documented install proces, compliments for that.
  7. Thanks, I did not know. Is there a way to switch in game between Dawn of flight, golden age, world at war and jet age ? Because now I do that through the selector. Yesterday I did a fresh install but now the complete BAT package and all expansion packs. A lot of data but a very pleasant proces thanks to the very good instructions and very well designed installation proces. Thank you, that must have been a lot of work. Only thing I think I have to do is installing some skins because I think they are (partly ? ) missing. I am impressed by the huge number of maps and planes. It was worth it.
  8. At this time controlling the tanks (and how they react on certain things, also increased by lacking an instruction/user manual) is a real, I dare to say, a huge, problem. I hope they are going to adres that and for most, let us know what there opinion regarding this is and if they are planning to do something about it. I played a few serious Tiger missions tonight and that was just one frustrating experience. All problems seem to come at the same time. Things like: - getting blocked by an invisible "something", - not willing to drive over a small pile of sand, - Shot to pieces by a tank while tracked, that could hit me, but I could not hit him thanks to a bush in between that blocked only my shells. - Stopped by a fence pole. - Waiting for nothing on a repair because it seems that you not only have to shut down the engine but also must open a hatch. (I think, or it was coincidence, I so want a decent user-manual) - The bloody black screen of death if you try to rotate the turret to fast. And because my motor was not on it took me more as 3 minutes to find the visible part again but by that time my gunner was dead and because you can not rotate crew positions my gun was useless and so my tank. - the turret that auto rotates to the start position because you switched to an other crew member. And there are a lot more control issues that needs attention. I so hope they give this some priority or at least communicate about this. I do not mind waiting at all, as long if I know what they are planning to do. Now it is only causing more and more frustration. TC can be a fantastic tank sim, it is already pretty good in many things and I know it is a work in progress but cripple controls spoil a lot of fun. Please Defs let us know something
  9. You can use the pilot head controls to let him go higher. I do not know the default keys for it but it is the pilot head control keys that let you move the pilot up/down/left/right/for/after. The same keys you use when your commander or driver has to look to the visor.
  10. A nightfighter with working Liechtenstein radar (if I have the name correct, the planes with the antenna array on the nose) For the rest no clue. I have to recover first and am in need for professional mental help because I just found out I love the spitfire Mk IX more as my beloved German planes Edit: a waterplane would be cool
  11. I played it 2 times tonight. The first lost, the second we won. No problems, very enjoyable and indeed the AI are now a bit less active. That is an improvement. Thank you. Still love the smoke effects, I used the smoke as cover. No bridge problems either. But I do not know why we lost or won. We do not had to kill'm all because there was at least 1 enemy alive. There was a pole with a German flag in the village, is that a base we must conquer ? (sorry if they are stupid questions but I am still a bit green regarding missions and campaigns and often do not exact know what to do. ) I noticed a very nice effect. I drove against a tree, it flexed and then suddenly broke, that felt really realistic.
  12. Looked up turn-fighting and I read the Spitfire is good for that, so I took it out for a spin. I flew it before but tried to kill tanks with it. But that thing is brutal against Yaks. It can do handbrake turns. First flight they killed my engine (Yak's favorite hobby ? ) but I killed one before it died. Second fight I crashed it while I followed in a Yak in a dive down and compleet blacked out (I did not know that was possible in the sim) Third flight I killed all 3 Yaks in the first minutes. Then took out a train and 4 arti. It completely ripped of a wing of two Yaks. This is the first plane I flew that stays rock-stable while shooting. Turns out I like turn-fighting. (Upto now I was for most into ground striking, hence my love for the Duck, Bf-110 and in general planes with big cannons) What are other planes that behave a bit as the Spitfire mk IXe ? Upto now I liked the bf109-F4 and K4 the most (for non-ground-striking things)
  13. If I choose the Yak 1 as enemy in a quick battles and select novice I am happy if I survive 30 seconds. (only me against 3 Yaks and 3 PE-2) I get shot from behind, front and below. I start at 1500 m they at 1000. If I survive and isolate a yak 1 I can not follow him. I have to fly on the top of my newby skills and if they not get me, I crash trying to escape. (the only plane that works well is the BF110 because I can do the most spastic escape manoeuvres and fly close to the limit without stalling it or loosing control) The damage is often the same. The first salvo is engine damage or they set my plane on fire. Sometimes the pilot is killed. And I am always dead in one salvo. If I choose the IL-2 and A20 all planes only fly in circles, almost never shoot me and I am seldom killed (if so I crashed it myself or am hit by an AI plane or parts they loose when I am on their six shooting) Most times I can kill all 3 A20 in one go. They always fly together. Non of them tries to escape, they are sheep to the slaughter. The IL-2 however are also easy to hit but pretty hard to kill. (made of Stalium metal ? ) So I thought, instead of my favorite Germans I fly the IL-2. No succes, the yaks still kill me as fast. The Spit, I can not escape, the yaks get me. A Yak-1 to see if it is the plane, my lack of skills or the AI. Still killed in 30 seconds. I am not complaining, I love it. The IL-2 are great for target practice and the Yaks to learn defense. But I am just curious how the "AI + plane = skill level" mechanism/relation works. This so I can make the right combinations to practice things.
  14. I have so many that I can not really choose. Oh, I am totally not German biased. It is pure coincidence that I for most play German planes and tanks in WT and TC 1) Tiger , the love for that thing dates from the early 80's when I was building WW2 tank scale models. The rest not in any order: - BMW R 75 Sahara (side car) - HD Liberator (I have restored one 20 years ago and still wished I had not sold it) - Tiger II, - Jagt panther (same reason) - Fully dressed Pz IV-H, good looking and all Pz IV's are my favorite lower rank tanks in WT - jagtpanzer IV, - Stug III - Wirbelwind - Sturmpanzer - M24, indeed the prettiest WW2 tank - any half track (The looks, I always wondered why any (non-British) country would want to add wheels to a tracked vehicle) - Super Pershing (with the spaced armor) - Mathilda (in the 90's I used to have an English Bulldog with that name) - Crusader (the proof of alien existence) - Kettenkraftrad HK 101 As a long time biker/triker I just love it but I still have no clue why they made a motorcycle-halftrack. And I know, I need help, I kinda love the Churchill ๐Ÿ˜Ž This video featuring one is hilarious. and if I am really honest I must say I like the looks of the T34-85.
  15. I can read German and fly for most German planes. The reason I do not often fly the Russian planes is the same as his. I like to use the instruments in the cockpit for the best immersion. All cockpits have a different layout and a lot of meters. In a German or English labeled cockpit I must also search for the meter I need, but I can do that quick because I can read in a flash what is labeled or printed on the scale. Often you only need to see the global position of the needle. But if you are imperial in a non labeled metric cockpit. it is harder. For the metric pilots like me. If I see an imperial scale that does not have "end of scale is bad" I first need to think if it is in (back or front) yards, (man or woman)feet, (sea or land)miles, inches, Fahrenheit, stone and did they use knots too ? (and then the alien scales for things like pressure and the weird stuff like "the plane is 2/3rd of a yard, 5 feet and 4+1/8 inch long" ,things they like to do. ๐Ÿ˜‹) But most important, most times hugging the end of the scale is bad. So if I read Celsius or Fahrenheit and the needle is in the red I know it is some temperature and it is bad. Not all planes have labels so for many non-German planes you have the same problem. If you need the labels you only need to learn a few German words (for oil, water, fuel, pressure, altitude, speed) But often you can translate it indirect. If the scale is Celsius and you can not read the label it will be oil temp because water is the same in German. ) If it is km/h it only can be speed, if it is km it must be altitude. Many meters are easy recognizable without an external label. In Russian cockpits I do need something like the picture above. I can not read anything and that is indeed totally killing the submersion for me, if I want to fly it as manual as possible. On Cyrillic scales I do not even know what unit it shows. But it must be metric so scales numbers and things like colors will help me there. And I rather learn the location of the instruments that show metric values as that I can recognize meters in a flash but then have to convert values to mean something to me. Also, I think, Russian planes have not as much meters as German planes. But I know it will be almost impossible to redesign all meters and scales printed on them in Cyrillic, Metric, Imperial and all possible languages
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