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  1. Whats up for tommorrow 11/22/20 ,Askin for a friend
  2. Had a death in the family Ill be back when I can fellas
  3. Status for wednesdays 11/4/20 Tank an Spank?
  4. This was done prior to going into the keymapper and attempting to designate the turret controls to my joystick(a Virpil),its strange my rudder pedals and warthog throttle it was not an issue at all, either way its(Joystick turret control) working just fine now.
  5. Theres a trick to getting it to work at least on my end(joystick turret control)in keybinds it has to replace the default axis to work(default column), I tried to get it to work in the non default column and it was a no go ,funny thing is my rudder pedals and warthog throttle worked fine in the second and 3rd columns in the keybinder for driving the tank, but Turret control absolutely refused to work on joystick anywhere but the default column. Im new to IL2 GB and TC ,so correct me if your aware of a better way ,But joystick turret control is vastly superior to the mouse option and Im glad I
  6. I dont at all regret buying TC ,it is unique and has alot of potential and it works well in Multiplayer for VR guys ,I highly recommend it.
  7. Personally there are to many issues(for me) with trackir and TC its easier to just use the mouse IMHO, Maybe after some more experimenting but initially not impressed to hit or miss and its been my experience with it it always goes wonky right when you need it
  8. checked out you tube vids has one on sound in TC , PZ kinda sounds different in the vid than Russian stuff but who knows. I just wanna make it harder to sneak up on me in the trees............
  9. Lol ,what I meant was with the 50 on the sherman I want to be able locate air baddies(directionally) by sound but also enemy Armor directionally with the engine off of course.so the same sound is used for both axis and allied armor? either way thanks for the help men.
  10. just wondering if good sound gear would help locate the bad guys in the air and on the ground?
  11. Was an interesting back an forth, Ive hooked up my track ir for better situational awareness, see you on the battlefield......................
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