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  1. Anyone else getting CTDs since patch today?
  2. Is this new deffered shading going to disable the multi gpu support?I ask because DCS uses this and it supposedly doesnt support Multiple gpus?
  3. Historically the 47 was a tough SOB
  4. DUH LOL,Sorry I couldnt help that ,this aint my first rodeo I know youre tryin to help, Sli works fine on a monitor and in the Air IL2 beats DCS hands down in VR, But TC just sucks in VR, its ok out to about fifty meters after that its a blurry mess even on my Index (which aint no slouch) and the Super man AIs vision and its no fun at all.like I said Ive given up on TC and VR till they fix it which may be a long way off unfortunately.
  5. I Have forgotten how thats done, (turning off AVX I mean),but my I7 9700k runs @4.9mhz at all times, also Ive noticed in VR TC is quite blurry at distance making target spotting and identification next to impossible but in the air this is not an issue.............Strange
  6. I ping to euro servers at 125 ms, it does put you at a slight disadvantage guys, Im not knew to computers or online gaming. I just noticed its slim pickings for servers that allow tanks as well as aircraft,I personally like the challenge of being hunted in a tank by both aircraft and enemy armour☺️I wish combat box allowed it as I ping at less than 50ms to the US one
  7. I mostly did NVlink in anticipation of Vulkan in DCS and other DX12 titles as muti gpu support is native in DX12
  8. NO Tanks in combat box is the problem with the Combat box otherwise great
  9. Any US servers?(euro servers are laggy for me) thanks
  10. So far the results are disappointing id say realistically it may have gained a slight boost but whats odd is it works fine outside of the campaigns(still testing)single quick missions are good to go the campaigns are murder on FPS
  11. NVLink is different much more bandwidth , click on the link above its straight from Nvidia ,Also the Limitation is it only works for RTX 2080s and 2080tis and above
  12. I wouldnt be doin it but after seeing VRFPS in Campaign mode Im sure itll help I used to run triple sli back 8 years ago it does work depending on the sim some scale better then others and Il2 does have multi GPU support In the Air .
  13. Im already overclocked and my specs arent low I7 9700k @5ghz(9700k doesnt have hyperthreading BTW) ,RTX 2080 ,64gb @3200mhz NVME SSds the Air portion of IL2 runs fine on my rig in VR, no problems what so ever, its in a campaign in Tank Crew where it turns into a slide show, also Ive used VRfps from steam(good program I have an index) to monitor Tank Crew in campaign mode and its the GPU(it maxxing out the GPU) for some reason ,either way Ive ordered the NVlink and another 2080 and Ill let you know how it does.I was hoping a Dev would chime in and either reassure me or tell me not to go that route before I spend the $$$$$$$.
  14. Im considering buying another card and trying NVLink/SLI, but Ive read some posts on the net that say it wont help fps in VR which doesnt make sense . My question is mainly aimed at the devs since I need a solid answer(not just someones opinion or speculation)before spending the money.It would be nice if I could get the devs to chime in. https://developer.nvidia.com/vrworks/graphics/vrsli
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