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  1. Jesus, I saw more people complaining lately that congratulating the team for what they do. Gentlemen you can nitpick every little detail, about loadouts or whatever your history books depicted but looks very unpleasant(from my point of view) some attitude on this regard. The team must keep a consistency between every aspect of the product and If they can't go deeper in some aspects further than they go is because they made a meditated decision about that particular object and there is always a reason for it even if we don't know. Sometimes looks like some people think they know better than the
  2. Awesomeness again. Great DD. Keep the excellent work. Regards
  3. Hi, Sorry to be this late but as always an excellent dev diary. One question for you guys regarding Flying Circus: Is the new WWI pilot model compatible with those flying scarfs on ROF? Will be very nice to see that movement along the neck of the pilots, I love how they start to level up with the wind and go down with their own weight when the aircraft is stopped. Thanks for all your effort, you are truly an amazing group. Best regards, Pedro
  4. Does the 262 had ejection seat or only the later models were equipped with such exotic device? Excellent DD as usual.
  5. It is a good one, Mike has another one of a dogfight between a Storch recce plane and an American grasshopper, in which the American pilots shot down with their official issue pistols the Fiessler on a drive through pass, crazy lol.
  6. To be honest Jason, you and your team are one of the best developer teams I saw in the game industry, with not so many more. I can't talk for the other folks but I really appreciate the passion, effort and dedication you all throw everything day on it.
  7. Hi folks, Here are two plane pack ported from my previous La5 skins. Minor changes from previous skins, mostly removal of unnecessary stuff. Removed heart and arrow from nose of no.14 due to poor quality. See u around. La5FN 12 and 14.zip Hi all, Another two plane pack ported from previous La5 skins. Minor changes from previous skins, mostly removal of unnecessary stuff. See u around. La5FN 81 and 97.zip
  8. Hi folks, I'm looking for UV-2S skins/skin thread. Does anyone know if there is any? Can't fin it with search function nor any skin around, quite strange. Cheers
  9. Hi all and sorry if this is a silly question or has been asked before but, Is this T34 going to replace the existing in the game or is a different one? Another question regarding Tank Crew and Flying Circus, do the planes/tanks have 10 skins per model as per the other Great Battles modules? Currently the only plane with less available skins is the UV-2S(Unless is going to be updated with more skins) Great job so far, beautiful planes, tank interior, cities...etc Quality in your products is rising up like a Komet!!! Regards, Pedro
  10. That's the Soviet RDS-220, the Tsar Bomba. 😀
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