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  1. I want that Lada with a 75 on it, Lol. Other question: is there possibility of the tank crew to bail out, abandon a damaged/burning vehicle? Very interesting progress. Well done. Regards
  2. 216th_Peterla

    Neat Bf109 G6 reversal on a Yak-7B

    I can guess that your heart rate was higher that that clouds lol
  3. Yeap, very interesting. Thanks for the info and great blog.
  4. 216th_Peterla

    Developer Diary 214 - Discussion

    Loving the tank crew. Just a couple of questions. Can you switch to the camera to see the whole crew on the tank like in your pictures or is only a developer camera setting to show us the crew? Can you Bail out of the tank? Excellent everything guys. Well done.
  5. 216th_Peterla

    FS Expo Post Mortem report

    Nice to see that was a positive showoff for you. All the best and there will always be rude and unpolite people. Regards
  6. Looks amazing, excellent work. I'll try it as soon as I got back home, but we'll be in April, what a bummer!!!
  7. 216th_Peterla

    Jason's "Battle Of The Dogs"

    Dogs are always loyal, people...
  8. 216th_Peterla

    Flying the Po-2

  9. I was thinking that with the new operation Bodenplatte we will get a new pilot model of the allies being American or British, not the Soviet we were using until now. Did the Germans change the uniform in late war?
  10. 216th_Peterla

    Where are the bombers?

    We're going to have modeled an allied pilot(not soviet) for all those American/British planes, do you rec?
  11. I'm in. Everything ordered and waiting for the rest. Flying Circus...oh yeah. Tanks...perfect for lone confinement. Keep up the show. Regards,
  12. 216th_Peterla

    Major Announcement Friday November 17th at 12:00 GMT

    Nice one Jordan.
  13. 216th_Peterla

    Developer Diary, Part 179 - Discussion

    I'm really surprised about the new pics of the winter graphics, quite an upgrade of the good current graphics. Good work to all. Regards,
  14. 216th_Peterla

    FNBF's VVS paint shop(includes some Luftwaffe skins).

    I will be out of action for a couple months, so any change will take more time than before; real life shit folks. So see you all one day, hopefully sooner than later. Regards,