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  1. I like that i16 a lot, a quick turner. But i am not a dogfight fan, gets me dizzy, al them turns ...
  2. shaking gun view with tanks, when the boogieman is shooting at you; can you at least reduce that?
  3. Thanks Bro! PS had it figured out except for the takeoff and timer added ... It works !!
  4. Of course it's simple, but i cannot get it right. I want a player plane to activate and start a group of enemy planes on a runway .. using a Check Zone obviously, but f.i. do i need a Mission Begin too? What about a Take Off command? Saw this M-Begin used a lot in various activation situations of starting trucks etc, but i still cannot get the proper sequence with planes and formation with a flight taking off
  5. Thanks; now I wonder if Confucius is part of the dev team, or that of Oleg Maddox ... Now what is FAC? To to with MP gaming?
  6. For some (stupid me?) reason i can't figure out why the blue and red dots and plane icons won't appear in the game (M on for pilot map) with my home brew missions. I looked at some existing mission files in the ME where they work fine, and i don't get why as such, though some times they appear a little late it seems. (The black player plane is there of course as always). Tried to find the AHA solution in Jim's Magic Manual, but i must overlook something. BTW Spotter on (or off) in Advanced Properties seems to do nothing, and i still don't get what spotter is us
  7. Is it possible to buy FC1, which i already have, as promo, but then to be used as a gift?
  8. Yep, you're right, i threw out a few things, and after doing that with a set of activation and deactivation blocks, related to a dogfight going on, solved it ... Gonna let the Ai suss it out in stead .... I am still messing with Check Zones, player plane triggering 2 trains. One set works OK, but for the other another i still can't find why the train suddenly reverses .. Guess there must be some waypointing fault. 2 separate trains runing down the same track, starting separately far apart, but i want them to stop some 200 meters from one another. at a station,
  9. Yep, guess that IL2 P51 is shooting .50 marshmallows mainly. That Spitfire MkiXe clipped is a mean alternative, pity it shoots rockets per two in stead of one at a time as with the P51
  10. Wouldn't dare comparing that, is my wife's name ... Oops, you're right, a spitfire is not always the same as anothe r spitfireplane, like them UK Jaguar X-type sports cars LoL.
  11. Been comparing a P51 and a Spit MkXiv clip-wing especially regarding strafing. Latter is far easier to pull up from a dive.
  12. Check Zone .... i placed one somewhere hidden in the hall, object linked to the wife in case she sneaks up on me shouting: 'hey, gaming' again ??, do something useful instead ..." As experiment i put 3 trains, one fighter set, one set of ships, and about 5 ground units all triggered by the Player plane via CZs. Well quite an CPU overload, though most of the sets were not activated ....
  13. Thanks Oden for all your work ...... Slowly all them 3rd party efforts make Cliffs even more worthwhile ...
  14. Well, i've been looking at it, and started triggering active MCUs like trains, ships etc with a CZ and Activate command instead. Was always a bit weary of using CZs cause someone mentioned they use a lot of processing power. Doesn't seem so however, with a quite busy Rheinland affair i get 8x time scale LoL. PS- Regarding your ships convoy group i found another one with 4 ships to be triggered by a plane via a CZ, created by the ever so clever QMB, seems to work OK: - Ship Spawn Group.zip
  15. You mean Syn-Vander's Easy (TC) mission creator? Don't think so But in the Quick Mission Builder you can ... i just created one, but haven't played it, it's with a lot of tanks LoL. PS; loaded it in the ME, wow, that QMB has some balls ! ADDED: But i could not load it in the game !, only in the ME, Can someone check it out why? I set it to single, re saved it, no go ! BTW I had another QMB generated plane player mission that imported OK. Example: Moscow Map QMB test.zip
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