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  1. I still can't destroy a T70 or T34 (linked entry) tanks with a Hs129's 103 guns, or APHE. Tried, and i get really good at targeting by now. (4.008 game). Other vehicles get destroyed OK.
  2. At least it''s handy for some basic grooming while you fly ...
  3. Thanx, a real pity ... I know IL2 is basically a Russian game, but my interest in buying the whole caboose was when they announced Bodenplatte ... Even invested in a better PC etc. Got my doubts about Normandy now, been there a few times back in the 70-ies as a geology student hunting fossils. But the rest is fun too nevertheless.
  4. Any experience creating Ardennes Offensive missions with Sherman and other tanks when you own both TC and Bodenplatte? The lack of some important towns, roads and railways might obstruct a decent historical like mission ... https://warfarehistorynetwork.com/2017/07/27/sherman-tanks-tiger-tanks-the-battle-of-the-bulge/
  5. Was that Ai controlled OnBingoTank?
  6. Them trees seem to be quite strongly rooted ... won't even move one leaf.
  7. A flying tank? At 1.44 Obi Wan Kanobi took controls in vain it seems ...
  8. So the main Q remains .. how do you blow up a tiger? Sedation arrows from a helicopter?
  9. It's a great one, i bought it. Feels like a flying chicken pen. Pity it's not in FC1! Looks a bit like that new public transport bus in Belgium; 20 meters wide and 3 meters long, so everybody can sit up front.
  10. As said the red circles on the pilot in game map i think is the only use. Not the little dots on the monitor ...
  11. Maybe some one knows more about this ? I guess us Single Players suffer from the Multiplayers who all want the same map.
  12. Yeah, you're right. It's all or nothing, just tried it. Maybe some clever mission maker can create a group file addressing that via the OnBingoBombs function. In real life a drunk stops vomiting temporarily when da police is coming ... why not an A20?
  13. The (white) programmable ones (FC only?) i found obey wind direction and height (- 80 for height .f.i. lowers altitude), but they will not move once wind direction is set as in real life. Balloon hunting with moving targets would be nice. Would be even better when connected to a moving vehicle. And yeah, Zeppelins, when oh when?
  14. Talking about spotter settings in the ME advanced (plane) property settings, i never really understood what's the use, Other than displaying a circle on the pilot's map. Spotting above is a game view experience, i saw some mod addressing that. but never got to try them out.
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