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  1. Winter maps have too much light with the streetlamps MOD when moving close, but it's surely enlightens a city by night:
  2. Saw this in the Objectviewer and cannot find where it came from and what it is. It crashes the ME when loading .. Any idea?
  3. Fingers crossed ... but i am still learning the ME, slowly progressing. Now with TC vehicles on the new Vluki map ... Found no issues really there, other than with waypointing, and sometimes intern collisions in columns with some settings i cannot explain. Under attack (from a plane) there are some surprising Ai movements like half of the column getting stuck, for a while or so. F.i with tanks, and an in-between tanks (ai only vehiclea) AA truck stopping and shooting at those planes. They also shoot at some unseen ground targets too, and the all of a sudden they start moving again. For TC controllable objects Dense, Safe or loose etc seems not always following the command formation settings. A relation with a waypoint's high, med or low settings there? Vluki summer scenery BTW looks a lot better than making TC stuff for the Rheinland map as it's now. Details and and so for especially the vehicles are worth while as you see more of them than in a plane dogfight. Any way, re- organizing all the objects in the ME's object viewer might me a wise move, as it's getting more and more confusing.
  4. Thad, ever tried USBdeview? Rarely needed, but JoyID comes in handy to change Joystick ID## ordering.
  5. Well, i fixed it at last ... windows 8.1 to the rescue. Good thing is that most bloat ware from microsoft is easier to remove than with windows 10 PRO ...
  6. Shopping for a monitor better suited than my current samsung s27450 1920x1080 monitor was looking around, the luxury of so many possibilities and brands available ... 1) First Q coming up: what is a recommended pixel rate for IL2 anf TrachIR? Most gaming monitors offer 2560x1440. Is 3840x2160 (4K) a better option? 2) and then there is 27 or 32 inch .... 3) Is G-sync recommendable with a Geoforce Aorus NVDIA RTX2080ti? BTW As i occasionally do video editing is adobe RGB compatibility a pre? Most monitors that handle that are 4ms, probably less suited for Il2.
  7. Fully agree, bought TC a bit out of support first, and trying it out i realized only then the totally different view from the ground is something else. The details you see you'll never notice from the air ... Vluki summer among one of the best 'touristic' maps since the update. And now the two new player controlled flak-units. Immediately bought them, but actually i was hoping for Willys versions with or without armor. Well, you can't have 'em all, but i keep my fingers crossed ...
  8. Bought, as TC in support of the whole darn IL2 game ..... may the force be with them !
  9. PS to tanks in general: I noticed a buggy thing with 4.501, seemingly not before in 4.009: a K1vs player tank easily gets stuck on a ground object, like a static sitting bench that seems indestructible, a crate at a munition dump, and a static lamppost can't be overrun ...
  10. Point 1: i noticed something was different, thanks for the notification Pity to see you go, as in fact your tank stuff missions got me interested in TC in the first place ... thanks ! As for TC generally; i think TC is officially 'not finished yet', and we might see improvements in coming updates. PC hardware: i bought an upgrade kit last year, noticing that my old set was no longer suited for IL2, with an old overclocked AMD radeon GPU. The kit had a RTX 2080ti included at quite a fair price then ... still quite a bite deep digging into the wallet, but what an improvement that was. A year later now, and it seems already obscure LoL. NASA; the Apollo trip to the moon was steered by probably a simple computer system compared to what we use for IL2: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apollo_Guidance_Computer
  11. You mean on the Campaigns selection page at game start? Bought a few officials, and have quite many user made ones. I did the same, mainly because of tile size, IMO a little too large ... there's no 'overview', only in the mission folders ..
  12. This tanking controlling key business is still kind of confusing to me at times. I use a warthog set, and used Thad's TM1600 mapping chart and made this adaption:
  13. No, i had a request from a forummer who only works with 2k & skin making, asking for a 2k template for a La5N. i reset canvassize 4096x4096 do 2048x2948 in P-shop, and trimmed the lot. Sent him the new PSD template, but haven't heard back yet.
  14. Can you convert a 4k template to 2k with Photoshop CS6? How? Is that maybe possible with Gimp too?
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