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  1. I bought a Corsair h150i because of the longer water hoses. and with my non overclocked i7 9700K the processor runs at 37 degrees Celsius. A tip for water coolers: i have all fans blowing out, and put an extra dust filter on the bottom (intake) roster. No dust sofar for about a month now.
  2. There seems to be some serious bugs to do with Ai bombing in v 4.002 ... probably the IL2 -mission editor. But i am curious if your older 3.102 (?) times PWG missions run OK in game version 4.002.
  3. Just saw this, i mentioned it before too, but a multi UNDO a few steps back or forwards would be even better. And yes, like in Cliffs the mission editor NEEDS a test mode while running the game at the same time. i really get fed up with this exit and restart business for both programs over and over again just to test some little changes.
  4. Sometimes i get really annoyed with software companies when we as paying customers are used for beta testing. Software producers seem to think that that's normal these days; ' Hey man, you bought a car from us with no brakes, sorry for not telling you earlier. But please don't worry, in a month or so the brakes will be sent for free as emergency fix version 2.07b ... !' Or a worse policy: IL2 releasing unfinished business knowing that it's not OK. To boot wasting user's time doing so ...... I spent a lot of time trying to get Ai bombing scenarios working, thinking you must be doing things wrong, and now it seems that the cause are new bugs IL2 knows about. At least they could have warned us. Just a statement is enough, ' Hey lads, the Ai bombing in the FMB is still buggy, so please wait for the next update." And more: Rhineland and Arras seem to be not really finished again after 4.002. I prepaid for them already in August, and now they announce Normandy? I am willing to pay for a good product, but for now i had my fill for a while. There are companies BTW doing it right: Example: PGmusic sells their new flagship stuff now at 50% off a month long. Probably some bugs as usual, but users can report about them, and the fixes take them usually some three months ... 50% is a nice compensation.
  5. Guess y'all are working with 4.002? Just been trying an Ai level ground attack job with a J88a4 flock, and the same setup (differing attack MCOs} as a dive bombing mission with a bunch of J78 planes. Think i had the waypoints, timers and heights set right as used before, but couldn't get it going. Cycling and not bombing anything. Experimented with heights and distances, no go. Wonder if all existing Ai bombing missions and campaigns are affected ..?
  6. Thanx, that fixed it !. However i feel the graphics are a bit less now??
  7. Well, i thought by now there must have been some fixes towards no-man's land. Those explosions and similar timed explosion light flashes are quite unrealistic ...
  8. If the map has all of this would make Normandy a better buy. I'll buy it if i can fly a C47 over Paris and drop flyers over the Arc de Triomphe.
  9. Get Blitz, only 7 euro's now, has the same map as Normandy it seems ..
  10. Yep, the whole caboose seems a bit overpriced, also considering the map: it's already in Cliffs of Dover Blitz. Besides the long wished for C47 is Ai only, and still NO B17, or Avro Lancasters; two quite important ones at the end of WW2. Too many similar planes also present. For now I'll let it go at 79,99. Bodenplatte was quite a thing, prepaid for that, but still a lot important seems missing like far too many old towns.
  11. Back in the early 60-ies it was still quite dangerous to drive on French N routes (not many motorways yet). This after lunch time, swaggering lorries etc. Saw it as a kid then. Now i wonder if there was some reason also for the lack of French escadrilles in WW1?
  12. Windows (10) update on is always risky, and the ONLY way to shut it down is with a tool called ' Windows Update Switch". Windows itself keeps turning it on. Sometimes there are important security updates, you can always download these manually. Also found that the latest Windows Defender screws up things that normally install without probs ...
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