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  1. Must be Polish pilots, not following RAF orders, and why the British won the Battle of Britain. British conservatives used to be very grateful towards the Polish, before Brexit.
  2. yep, had that too recently, and IMO the fix has to do with reloading the maps and seasons. Press Terrain Presets, select season and the Apply. Occasionally a few times. Check the mission file for the season prefix as mentioned above too ... I think it has to do with the terrain levels addressed in the maps. An in my case the Velikiye was always the trouble maker here ... Also had problems with passive (non-linked entities) train wagons floating above ground . Planes behave in this zip, unfinished mission however. A20b Attack Vluki Railway Yard v2.zip
  3. BUMP ... this post was from 2015 ... it's friggin' 2020 by now. 2 things really fail with the FMB (still). Un- and Redo functions AND running the editor at the same time as the game. For the game a save-reload function of a partly finished mission situation would be very useful too. Why this isn't seen as a must have beats me.
  4. Opening this in the FMB shows a blue fence around quite a few icons and groups, seems related to Translator Icons ... What's this then? Running the famous Integrity Check test shows that some bikes are missing: i know the Nazis stole all the bikes in Holland when the Allies were chasing them out in '45, but are they in IL2? too??: Nice! Object(1007:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\bike.mgm Object(1152:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\bike.mgm Object(1250:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\bike.mgm Object(1300:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\bike.mgm Object(1350:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\bike.mgm Object(1510:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\bike.mgm Object(1558:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\bike.mgm Object(1878:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\millitarytower1.mgm Object(1890:Block) >> no model file! : graphics\blocks\millitarytower1.mgm Max airfields with entity number exceeded! max: 8, actual: 16 Max vehicles with entity number exceeded! max: 40, actual: 115 Max planes with entity number exceeded! max: 20, actual: 38 Max effects with entity number exceeded! max: 12, actual: 25 Max total entity number exceeded! max: 80, actual: 212 Max total Complex Triggers number exceeded! max: 10, actual: 30
  5. Just followed Icky's advice to set Flak on train wagons to low instead of high. Now they shoot at bombers, but when set to high they don't ... An FMB programming fault then?
  6. Also with a lot of blocks and buildings there are no images in the selector ... could be helpful if they fix that too !!
  7. yep, and using set to ground on a linked entry plane on the runway also can solve these issues. Sometimes using apply terrain presets (again) also might help.
  8. What i meant is, have a dropzone on the IL2 servers, instead of all those occasional ones. Only Mediafire seems stable for a longer period ...
  9. Saw both, thanks, Jim's manual has an offset in my Sumatra PDF reader, 252 is what you mean i think about the light switching. What i am trying to do is have an Ai bomber follow along a route, and bomb 3 sequential atackarea CMDs, with moving trains, and bridges. I got it partly working, a stop command after each area with a coufter and 2 timers. , but got too much cycling after the force complete command targetting the following waypoint.: PS PS your tips about the low settings for the train WPs: flak now is perfect, works like hell and they shoot like mad. Plane set to vulnerable, and latter even crashes with wings shot off etc. LoL. Amazing piece of software, this FMB for Il2 ...
  10. Hi Icky, can you, if you have the time, explain those 2? When trying to get the beast to do what i want, it seems to have a mind of it's own, just like our English bull-terrier. Tell that one to come a long, and she stands stiff with four legs glued to the ground, or turns around for some route she wants on her own, especially homewards if it rains. Being only interested in edibles and cats killing. Quite like the Force Complete command maybe?
  11. It's some beast to ride, but i am really impressed that once you (in my case begin) to understand it, the possibilities are very impressive .. This FMB is like a musical instrument, as learning to playing a violin. And then once started, you really need to find out about this fiddling style's specialties, as the bowing needs a different technique than f.i. excel does. Takes IMO quite a while to master it. I just found out that working in groups is a must, and next week i might find yet another trick making life easier. This time how to add MCUs to an existing group. And the there seems to be the occasional bug you will need a workaround for. Even more fun?
  12. Very frustrating is when you think you found some downloadable interesting file here the links 404 (not found). Google, DropBox and some others mostly. Mediafire seems stable for a long time. Now with all that current server power, can't Il2Sturmovik.com organize something more stable for user interaction?
  13. I had them on high alright, and yep about the Translator 'waypoint" icons, they're for map-showtime ... The Waypoints, first on high: i tried to medium and low, because in another post i read that the Train flak does not shoot at the planes when set to high. Quoting you Sir!: ( but maybe you meant low for the train icons only?) ... ==> ADDED EDIT: set plane WPs to high, Train WPs to low. Train flak fires at the planes, thanks for the tip. Another one for Jim LoL.
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