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  1. Hello Gambit, after finishing no6 i must say i like it. Compliments that there are almost no stutters with my old (overclocked a little) i7 920 PC, and Radeon r7 360 OC 2GB GPU. I've been trying to ' compose' a mission or two, but constantly have graphic issues when shove comes to push. And yes, sorry, i used autopilot up and down the long haul up and down, drinking coffee .... This as there were no ships, trains or other goodies underway to keep me busy, and yes, i cheated a little with unlimited amno etc at the target zone, quite necessary with all the enemy stuff you threw at me there .... Any plans for Flying Circus?
  2. So it boils down to this ... Understandable that in a game with an already large map like Rheinland in IL2 it's nearly impossible (?) to put in all the airfields. for a commercial Russia based company selling a quite nice game. I also miss a lot of towns and villages too, and railways plus roads i know existed in my area .... Maybe some wizz-kid 3rd party programmer can do something about it?
  3. Hi supporters. One out of 10 times on closing the FMB, 3.201c, after saving my mission file the FMB hangs. Can this be something to do with DirectX, Visual Basics or DotNet? Win10 LTSB 1916, 64bit, I7 920, 16GB RAM,, ASUS R7 360 AMD OC2GB.
  4. I have been trying to figure out how to bomb a city area with a lot of damage shown permanently after the action. . I made building blocks active, used Command Attack, set a timer and target linked to those blocks, and 2 flocks of Ai Stukas and Ju88s indeed drop their eggs with a very mediocre (temporary it seems) damage result .... Occasionally they just fly over the area without dropping, but I'm not sure yet about this. Tried to find a demo or some tips in Prangster's setups, and JimTM's. Should be a piece of cake LoL. Has someone maybe an example MCU layout how to organize this properly? I am looking for a bombing action fro about 1 minute, and from entry until exit waypoint , with as much target damage as possible ... I saw some demo-ed bombings of factories and other ground targets using counters, and other MCUs. Tried to figure out what functions they were used for, but a good example might enlighten my troubled mind. Thanks, J.
  5. Hi FMB-rs. I really tried to find this; What are the functions? I've never seemed to be able to activate the 1, 2 and 3 buttons:
  6. Thanks Jade, always enjoyed your missions, alas i haven't found enough time to play all the nice stuff you and others bomb us with ... Now dev's, we really need torpedoes ... or maybe a totally new type of Tempest: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Tempest_(N86)
  7. Makes me think of Kelly's Heroes .....
  8. Alles geht beina nur mit den Maus denke ich schon ...... Vielleicht gibt es ein Ubersetsung von JimTM's Handbuch, notwendig fur den Editor ...
  9. Well, there's 2 explanations, and a Storch has been suggested before: http://onlineslangdictionary.com/meaning-definition-of/u2 or already with 60 years of service:
  10. Hi again, finally i got bombers drop bombs on a target, a city with buildings imported via the default Rheinland template group scenery stuff. Now you see some small fry fire works when a bomber hits it's target , but the buildings don't show any damage. Must i covert those building blocks to linked entry maybe? Set them to damage?
  11. Hi FMB users: Slowly getting there LoL, but i cannot figure out this one: Unnecessary Cycling. I've noticed that some times a set of planes move a wee bit around in circles after either take off in the air, or from the runway. Is that a Waypoint issue, like the Area too small (BLUE circle), or something else. I think i fixed it once with a flock of fighters taking off successfully after being parked, by increasing the waypoint distance from the airfield runway, or doing some thing with the Y position (RED circle), but i am not sure what causes this cycling business ....
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