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  1. You'll have more time even, when they are around 14-16 blocking the bathroom for many hours ..
  2. the release ...when? i miss torpedo shootings as with 1946 ....
  3. well, must ne a bug; couldn't drop anything, or open the door ..
  4. Steam gets my ears to blow off steam: especially their privacy policy annoys me 😒
  5. I did the same, and saved 01.mission as single player instead of campaign, so i could load it as 'normal' mission. I was told that the media MCUs disable time scale ... Starting it in the dark & rain was also something without lights showing a runway, so i modded some things and added a bunch of waypoints for an autopiloted route. Some like long flights, but an hour at the PC screen or so gets boring. I grouped some items like towns and blocks. Maybe that speeds up loading? Saldy, if you want a copy to mess with PM me and i'll mail a link. It's your idea so i won't publicize it here ...
  6. Yeah, looks like a plain shooter game, but some zeppelins in FC1 would be nice ..
  7. Sad to hear that, especially in regards of those killed and wounded. Those B17s were terrible weapons, only to be used in a flight sim game maybe ... I remember an accident with a C47 (Historical Dakota DC3) full of passengers in Holland, crashiing in a fog due engine failure and probably lack of modern navigation equipment . .. https://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19960925-0
  8. or a modern Japanese toilet with electrickery and a water spout?
  9. During gameplay i get an occasional horizontal band moving from top to bottom. Due a GPU settinG?
  10. I don't dare that height, but in dogfight turns i got the feel that them boogiemen are not always marked right when you got them cheater arrows active .. definitely different behavior than in version 3.001 etc times.
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