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  1. Hi Guys I have tried so many times to update but it keeps saying update failed. I have posted this before but its been over a week and I can't access the game. Matthew
  2. Hi Yankee_One thanks I know how to install skins but there is an issue at the moment with this one as its new. I can't get the beautiful skins to appear in the game despite following the procedures. Matthew
  3. Hi I just downloaded your skins and followed these instructions but can't get the skins folder to show up Matthew
  4. Hi This is Matthew from www.asisbiz.com I have been following some of your comments and love some of the historical information you have included. I'm not sure but I thought that they did alter some of the paint schemes for this mission.
  5. This is a JPG version which you can paste over the template and save as a dds file if the download does work. I don't know how to do the spoiler part. Can someone help me on that. Hi Guys Spent the day shorting out the differences from Cliffs of Dover skin template and the BOS template and have now got most things aligned. This is my first skin for BOS and as you know I have done numerous skins for Cliffs of Dover. Messerschmitt Bf 110E 7./(F)LG2 L2+AR Mariupol Ukraine 1942 However I'm also having display problems within the game using the new maps as the light reflection affects the skins and gives a greenish haze near the white part of the crosses. The spinners also look like there giving off steam over the propeller. If this is a unique error can someone help me resolve the issue? Matthew https://www.asisbiz.com This is the download link: https://www.asisbiz....kraine-1942.zip If you have trouble downloading the skin please let me know.
  6. Sorry guys I forgot about the swass sticker if you have to pull it down I understand I'll edit the photo's next time.
  7. Thanks I managed to download this time round.
  8. Hi Guys Being trying to download from 'mediafire' and just get a lot of span pages and miss direction pop-ups does any one have copies that they can put in say 'dropbox' or something that's not so un-user friendly! They look great skins but impossible to download. Thanks Matthew www.asisbiz.com
  9. Hi Guys I've read that you have a Ju 52 aircraft in the current version V 1.011 Can you please post the template? Thanks Matthew
  10. Hi Guys I've recently done a lot of CLOD skins including many from LG1. I tried to send you a message on your site but your email process is not user friendly. Anyway your welcome to use them in anyway. Matthew http://forum.1cpublishing.eu/showthread.php?t=41851
  11. Hi ImPeRaToR I can understand your frustration too. I'm sorry but I have never used the dds mode before. Don't have a clue how to use it. Anyway I have purchased the ROF game via Steam and trying to get use to it's quirks. Hopefully this will give me a change to work with the dds files as I have been trying to work with CLOD dds files and I don't believe it's the same. I have seen articles about the cockpit mode is there a way to get ride of the cockpit and just have the gauges similar to CLOD? What I like about the sim's most of all is trying to get great screen shots. I love aviation art and that's why I skin aircraft to create nice action screen shots. Being a pilot also having flown many aircraft when you stick your head out the window you can look around the controls in the game can't react like the human eye and for me that's why I like having the ability to have a full screen view. I'm still in the set-up process and once I get used to the game I will study more on the dds structure of things and try to do some skins. Sad to say I'm a creature of habit and expected it to be similar to CLOD but it's like having to learn things all over again. And it takes time which could be better used in just playing the game. These are just my opinions. Thanks for your help though I do appreciate it.
  12. What would be nice is a U-tube video on how to do this in Clod and ROF. I guess until then I'll have to stick to JPG and let the game sort things out. I did have a look at the manual, but found it wasn't that informative, so I thought there must of been more to it! I'm not sure if I need to get Revit or Autocad that also allows you to work with 3D models but the price put me off. Anyway I haven't done anything with the template yet and have been concentrating on getting Clod skins done. I'll work more with BOS when it come's out and I can see what skins have been done and which one's haven't. No point in doing things twice. But I remain very curious on how to improve the skins I produce and appreciate everyone's help so far.
  13. Hi ImPeRaToR One of the links doesn't work BTW and the manual is uploaded to a paying download service can't you put it up on a free one? I went and did a file search and found a lot of .dds files so obviously the game creates .dds files every time you use a skin so it builds up quiet a catch. I don't know if this would slow game play down or not but I had over 3 gig's of files. I can't quiet get my head round this and wished I could get a proper manual or better still order a book. That's one thing that is missing is a decent manual on the games. Is there any U-tube video that explains a step by step process?? What I have noticed is that each aircraft must be given a template that allows for ware and tare and damage and it would be nice to see and make changes to this. In the Mods that came out recently they have changed the skin shading on a number of aircraft giving a bleached affect so this must be in a dds file I'm guessing. Matthew
  14. Hi Guys I have been doing some Walrus skins for Clod and I was trying to get a Aluminium shade and i noticed the skin has built in Aluminium shading that reflects. Basically like the real thing. Is there a technique that I can create a skin using an all over Aluminium effect in CLOD or is it too complicated. If you could help as I guess you are using the same 3d modelling engine. I know you this is not technically the right place to ask as you are concentrating on BOS but you guys are the experts after all. I guess that means you must be able to use the same technique in BOS so for scratches and ware and tear you can create some amazing affects!! Matthew
  15. Interesting when I opened the BF 109F4 that was previously uploaded. Nvidia DDS read properties Load using default sizes Convert Images to 8 bits, 16 bits or 32 bits then it has optional Load MIP maps and/or load Flipped Vertically I checked them out but stuck with the default option and could see the channels which had RGB, Red, Green, Blue and a unchecked Alpha 1 which when viewed gave a reddish tint. I couldn't see the above example posted here. I guess you can treat the opened image similar to any jpg image like that in CLOD but if say I make changes then save it as a DDS which folder would I put the DDS file in to test. Will it be like CLOD where the game add's the ageing and panel lines? Because in CLOD I let the game do that and just put up a nice clean jpg image and let the computer do the rest. Will that be similar in BOS?
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