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  1. Thanks for the reply. I have been screwing and unscrewing my peddles and im getting sick of doing that
  2. Just wondering how you guys with rudder peddles use them with carpet. Im looking for an alternative to screwing them down. And for the x55, does anyone use those two turn dials on the throttle for trim? If not, what do you guys use for trim on the x55. Judt trying to get some ideas.
  3. thought this was screen shot worthy
  4. Can any of you fine gentleman post a link to the facebook. I cant seem to find it
  5. HerrMurf, i realized that the population wasn't changing! so i figured some sort of problem was occurring. The server I usually play on is DED normal fresh meat. Today it said it was 28/33 players, but every time i tried joining it kept sending me back to lobby.
  6. Hello, just a quick question. Has anyone else tried joining a server but keeps on sending you back to the lobby? I tried searching the forums and such but didn't really get an answer. Thanks.
  7. AWESOME! I had to watch it twice! LOL'd for a good 5 mins.
  8. hey thanks for the help and input! your set up seems pretty good.
  9. Oh man the stucka and Il-2 combo pack would be awesome! F5 all day
  10. Ah okay, I was looking at their website and couldn't find the forum. .. no wonder Haha
  11. Thanks! I will be looking into this. \ by the way,I assume you have built one yourself. If you dont mind, maybe post a pic so I can have a better idea
  12. Hmm, i understand how that board works, but i cant visualize what plugs into those ports, and whats connected on the other end of the wire.
  13. I have the thrustmasters flight hostas x, and im very pleased with it. Just like anyone here, I hate having to memorize keyboard bindings. So a separate stick would be great for a button bay. Any suggestions on what would be a nice addition? Nothing to crazy expensive, I just ordered the trackir5 , which im very excited for! :D
  14. Well you guys helped me before with my track ir question. Now I have one more. Would it be possible to have a second joystick for other controls for maybe flaps, landing gear, or even trim control for pitch? Thanks!!
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